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Various Uses of the Alertness Drug
by ximot
Citation:   ximot. "Various Uses of the Alertness Drug: An Experience with Adrafinil (exp31478)". Mar 12, 2004.

300 mg oral Adrafinil (pill / tablet)


I first started using a variety of cognition-enhancing substances (nootropics) when I had a lot of work/study-related pressures and felt it difficult to cope with these pressures. Of all the chemical ones (rather than proper nutritional supplements such as choline, ginkgo biloba, or L-Glutamine) I had tried, this seems to be the one that works best for me, and with the least side effects.

As I had to perform quite well and be quite alert from very early in the morning at times but am not really a 'morning person' I decided to try taking it within half an hour of waking and to see where the effects took me. And I think it was more than placebo, because it repeatedly did the same job for me:

ONE (1) 300mg pill would consistently make me feel considerably more alert, confident, talkative and eager to perform in front of a large audience within about half an hour of taking it. This effect would last for about four or five hours before dropping off to baseline. When taken with a good strong cup of coffee (and perhaps with some choline etc.) the effect could be slightly stronger than is comfortable if I wanted to be matter-of-fact and fully in control rather than over-the-top and a little bit jittery.

Taken in the evening, it helped boost energy for a few more hours, not unlike a taurine/b-vit/caffeine based energy drink but without the restless jitters (which are probably due to caffeine, to which I am quite sensitive).

I have, on one occasion, used 5 pills (5 x 300mg) taken within a timespan of about 3 hours, along with some kava kava and plenty of alcohol, in order to enhance a clubbing/party night. With this I had plenty of energy without any jitters like you would with, say, amphetamines.

I did, however, get several of the mental effects of speed/meth, including increased confidence, slightly compulsive and/or reckless thoughts and a tendency to talk gibberish.

After my return home, by the end of the night, I found it hard to fall asleep and felt some odd pressure developing in my head. Upon waking the next day, I found myself a bit headachy for a few hours, but I cannot say for sure whether this was alcohol/dehydration related or to do with lack of sleep or indeed connected to the adrafinil - probably a combination of all of these factors. Would I do it again just to party? Probably . . . I'd try to drink less but then this is difficult while you feel invincible and reckless.

I have since used it again on a couple of occasions just to eliminate tiredness with a one 300mg dose, once daytime to get some work done and once nighttime to be sociable. Both times it had the desired efects - subtle, comfortable, but definitely there.

I can see myself using this more often in the future when the need arises due to a demanding lifestyle. But I wouldn't do it daily, because I do have feeling that even after just one dose taken on a particular day, I tend to feel a little bit more tired the next day, even if I did get adequate sleep the night before.

It is available online from at least one nootropics vendor outside of the US, which makes it a very affordable little supplement to have on hand. ;)

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 31478
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 12, 2004Views: 30,570
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Adrafinil (216) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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