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Best Drug in the World
Nitrous Oxide
Citation:   Ayatollah McDeath. "Best Drug in the World: An Experience with Nitrous Oxide (exp3162)". Dec 22, 2001.

  inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
This is the best experiance in the whole world.

Let me start at the beginning...

In Australia, you can buy boxes of 'whipped cream' bulbs (similar to the carbon dioxide bulbs but a differant color)
at Safeway. $4 for a box of ten.

You can get a soda-syphon at op-shops for $15 or you can buy one new for about $100 at weird appliance stores. The bulbs are actually used for whipping cream (you put cream in the syphon and screw in a bulb).


I opened my syphon to get all the crap out (dust & water) and removed the hose to the bottom of the cylinder. Then I rebuilt, screwed in a bulb, and sucked. If I slowly push down the trigger of the bulb, (not too fast!) and inhale I get just over a lungful from one bulb. (This is just enough to knock me out if I hold my breath). Because I can only do 1 at a time, (or 2 if the seals on my syphon are new) I can't asphixiate. The worst thing that can happen is I will drop my syphon and maybe break the glass.

(I've seen a friend have a syphon shatter on his chest when he screwed in a bulb. Fortunatly there was a wire mesh around the edges and somehow the glass didn't come out and he didn't get injured.)

This drug feels like most inhalents, although it doesn't mess with my vision. Its an anaesthetic, however, and does reduce oxygen flow to the eyes/brain/body. I sometimes lose my periphial vision (tunnel vision) for 3 or so seconds. I also have my hearing echo, and my whole body may feel like its orgasming, and everything is wonderful. This feeling lasts about 13 seconds, but I can stay up there if I keep 'bulbing'.

This drug seems harmless, although it causes MAJOR depletion of vitamin B12 so I do not overdo this drug (monthly, a couple of boxes is good). Excessive vitamin B12 deficiecy will cause irreversable brain damage. Eat vitamin tablets and a steak. Legumes or something. This drug also depresses my body's production of white and red blood cells for a day or two. I sometimes feel unfit for 3 hours afterwards, or just a little bit shitty like a barely noticable hangover. Also I've heard people bitching about the fact that the bulbs are made of lead. We are not eating them, and N20 is fairly unreactive, so it is assumed that little or no lead oxide is inhaled.

Avoid cigarettes 10 - 15 minutes before/after/during bulbs as you will MAJORLY reduce the amount of oxygen in your blood and will feel shitty afterwards.

Whenever I have a bulb, and manage to enter that 'dream-like' state of unconciousness for a few seconds, (feels like 10 minutes to me), I always try to remind myself, to remind myself while im sober, just how much fun and great it is.

I have a friend who had 39 boxes in 6 hours straight. He didn't know about the B12 problem, but seems fine.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3162
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 22, 2001Views: 53,078
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Nitrous Oxide (40) : Preparation / Recipes (30), Retrospective / Summary (11), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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