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Fractal Understandings
Citation:   Vivicas X. Strom. "Fractal Understandings: An Experience with Ketamine (exp31634)". Dec 26, 2018.

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Whenever one is looking at trying a new drug, one always wants to know exactly what it feels like, they want to feel the experience by being told what it feels like. To me, ketamine was like BUT not like having 10 cones of weed and a whole can of Butane at once... Let me explain...

I went to a Rave last night with a group of friends that I was familiar with and comfortable with (an important ingredient when doing new drugs in a group). We had brought along 29 pills of Ketamine as we were unable to get hold of any MDMA.

I was so curious to try these little purple pills and I questioned my friends ad-nauseum about the effects but no one could give me definates. So, while we were sitting down (which is a good idea!), I popped a half pill (about 10mg) and swirled it around in my mouth. It tasted awful and pretty quickly my mouth went numb.

Within about 2 or 3 minutes I felt my limbs disappear and I no longer felt that I even had a physical body attached to my brain. I sensed falling backwards and forwards at the same time! I tried to talk to my friends, begining by exclaiming 'Whoa!..This is...' and that was all I could get out before my vision froze on the railing I was looking sentance stopped halfway, I was unable to say anymore, I was stuck. I didn't even need to focus as objects far and near in the same area of view were equal in visual quality. Then in an instant, like some sort of complex machine, everything kicked back in, whirred into action if you will and I got up, stumbling around like a drunk.

All my friends looked different...their faces ghostly in appearance...their eyes were hollow but I wasn't afraid because I knew it was them. That's one thing I have to say. When smoking pot, I always get a fairly high level of paranoia but with Ketamine I experienced none. I didn't care who was around...the crowd appeared like a bad background in a dodgy cartoon...with around every second moment of vision simply not there.

Since I only took about 10mg, the effects wore off rather quickly (in under 30 minutes). So I took a full pill but I didn't swirl it, simply ingesting it whole. This time it was different.
So I took a full pill but I didn't swirl it, simply ingesting it whole. This time it was different.
There was no sudden onrush of effects at all. I should mentioned that all I had eaten was 2 sandwiches around 8 hours earlier. Ingesting it whole instead of dissolving it, caused me for the next two hours to follow my friends around like a little lost puppy. Everything they said didn't make sense, and I kept interrupting them with very obvious questions because I simply couldn't grasp what they were talking about. The world felt like it kept bobbing around like the bubble in a spirit level does. The music everywhere seemed so were hard, sonic sounds were inaudible. I would keep freezing occasionally, particularly mid sentance, where I would literally hear everything just come to whirring grind...again like a machine.

When that wore off, I became bored (I could easily pop these pills all day if not careful as it's not self-limiting like other drugs) and popped another full pill but this time I swirled the whole thing. All of the things that happened the first time happened again, except that this time when I looked at my best mate's girlfriend...well. As I stared at her eyes, my head began to rotate and I could literally see the skin on her face die...before my very eyes she became a decaying corpse that had died with it's eyes open! I wasn't scared but I was definately freaked out.

All in all, it was great night but I wont be doing K very often as I know I would get carried away with it. I've noticed muscle twitches all day since last night also. I had no difficulty breathing. I also have a heart condition but I felt no adverse heart rate or chest pain (I monitored all night and I never went above 90bpm).

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31634
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 26, 2018Views: 2,516
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