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Unexpected Side Effects of Freezing Agent
Citation:   Hypersphere. "Unexpected Side Effects of Freezing Agent: An Experience with Lidocaine (exp31687)". Mar 30, 2004.

  IM Pharms - Lidocaine (liquid)
So I was at the dentist's office the other day, having a cavity filled. As usual, they injected my gums around the tooth in question with a freezing agent. I believe they used lidocaine (related to novocaine), but I'm not totally sure on that. After 20 or so minutes I was not suitably frozen for the dentist to begin work, so he injected some more into me. After maybe 10-20 more minutes, as I tried to ignore the shrill whine of drilling in my mouth, I began to get this strange sensation like I was floating. It was a bit like the floating sensations induced by weed or codeine. I was staring up at the corner of the room I was in, and the walls and ceiling lost their spatial relationships, seeming to flatten out in three triangles. This visual effect, a bit reminiscent of salvia or mushrooms, was fleeting and lasted only a few seconds. Later, when my cavity had been filled and I was getting ready to leave, I experienced a brief (1-2 minute)euphoric rush.

I can only attribute these effects to the freezing agent they gave me, as I had not smoked weed all day, and had not done any other drugs (barring caffeine) for about a month. I told my Uncle (who is an orthodontist) about this experience, and he said that all the freezing agents in the novocaine family can occasionally cause strange side effects. This experience was neither bad nor good, just unexpected. Oh yah, and because they injected me twice my mouth and face felt frozen for a couple more hours.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31687
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 30, 2004Views: 42,775
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Pharms - Lidocaine (124) : General (1), Hospital (36)

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