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Rush Sigma
DXM & Cannabis
by Croc_HunterDM
Citation:   Croc_HunterDM. "Rush Sigma: An Experience with DXM & Cannabis (exp3185)". Dec 23, 2001.

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T+ 0:00
300 mg oral DXM (powder / crystals)
  T+ 9:00 300 mg oral DXM (powder / crystals)
  T+ 11:00 400 mg oral DXM (powder / crystals)


Subject: Male, 20, 155lbs, good health, three years after cancer treatment. 9 months prior experience with high-dose DXM use.

I love DXM! Anyone who knows me or knows of me will tell you this; it's merely a part of me now, something which I feel is key to my existence. Though I feel that I can't and won't totally rely on one substance to give me guidance, etc., in my life, I also feel that DXM has many things to teach me .

DXM use differs depending on dosage, manifesting various effects on 'plateaus,' broadly defined perimeters of DXM effects. Plateaus range from a first plateau, the lowest, to a fourth plateau, which is a very dangerous and near-anesthetic experience. There are rumored to be even higher plateaus, though accounts are sketchy on this. Between all plateaus however, exists Sigma, a strange and rare experience often reported by DXM users. Plateau Sigma was defined in regards to the mathematical symbol sigma, S because one takes many doses to reach a final result, which can't be placed in any one unique plateau. I did not intend to go to Sigma, though I didn't fully reach it, either. I think my experience in skirting Sigma was educational enough, and before I try a full and dedicated attempt, I know I must be prepared and ready to face a jaw-dropping experience. Here is my account.


I had just managed to get a fresh supply of DXM powder, nothing but pure! To celebrate, I journeyed to a friend's house and we worked together, putting DXM into gelcaps. I had eaten little for breakfast, so I had a very empty stomach. I took 300mgs in a modified version of Psychedelic Booze, intending to have the trip last only a few hours. I won't go into full details because P.Booze is a very complex thing, and should be read up on fully before it's used. I began tripping very rapidly, while my buddy M. took 700mgs of pure by gelcap. Soon we were both pretty much gone, smoking reefer and being launched fully into Tussin Space. I feel it's still appropriate to use terms like 'Tussin Space' even though we were taking pure powder; I think this is more a part of DXM culture than of specific terminology. The powder was a little harsh on both of us, though I experienced less nausea than M., who had to purge before he felt better. Both of us, however, had very satisfying and intense trips. My trip wore off within a few hours, though I'm sure M. was still going after I left.

I had stopped tripping completely and had lots of time to sober up before I got behind the wheel of my car and drove back, but I was ready to simply pull over and not make an attempt if I felt too intoxicated to drive further. I do not recommend attempting to drive on DXM or even after the effects of DXM have worn off, but on this day I had planned to drive back with a few lingering effects, so I was ready.

The trip back was uneventful, I smoked a little more herb and made it back to my college in time for dinner. Please don't take this lucky chance I had as recommendation to drive while on DXM, it's just insane to think that anyone could drive WHILE tripping.

My stomach was still aching and my head reeling from exhaustion as I began to eat, and I ate very little of my dinner, which was basically pizza. I ended my meal around 7pm and waited two full hours to allow the food to get out of my stomach. Around 9pm I made my way up to my room and took another 300mgs in a gelcap. This didn't kick in right away, and just around 11 I took my final dose, 400mg in a gelcap. In addition to this final dose I took one Actifed allergy pill, which contained 60mg pseudoephedrine and 2.5mg triprolodine, and generally makes me very sleepy whenever I take it. Though I had been fighting extreme tiredness around dinnertime, I knew I would need a sleep aid because DXM, like acid, keeps me up the whole night if I allow it.

Around midnight I logged onto my favorite chat program and typed away as my final doses were kicking in. Though I had been feeling DXM effects the entire day, they suddenly came back in force and one word began to repeat over and over again in my mind: Sigma, sigma, sigma…

My world began to grow alien and strange. My thoughts leaped about from point to point, never going in any specific direction and never really converging in any one form. My vision began to get doubly as my eyes sent input to my brain and my dissociated brain treated each input as a feedback loop, skewing and 'scrunching' my vision. I turned into a blankly thinking robot, at one full gram of DXM coursed through my blood and began to show me things I never thought possible with such a 'loser drug.'

I have a spot in my dormitory which is located deep in our basement, and which holds my building's air-conditioning machinery. I go there occasionally to have a smoke and enjoy the DXM effects in complete darkness. That's another thing I haven't really mentioned; DXM likes darkness. The best visual effects are given in very low lighting situations, where there is still just enough light to get an image to the eyes. I go to my smoke spot mostly to enjoy a bit of solitude and have a place to really enjoy the open eye visuals which many say are hard to get on DXM, but which I enjoy on every trip, no matter what the dose.

The dirt-red concrete floor turned into a shifting bed of sand when I came down into the room, and the visuals for everything else I could see started up shortly thereafter. I lit the bowl occasionally, each hit sending me deeper into a space I suspected I would know little about. The ladders and machinery in the room began to sway, extend, contract, and do any manner of things as I shone my flashlight about. Soon a full DXM pattern began to emerge. The 'DXM Pattern' as I've dubbed it, is a fractal-like 'sheet' of purely abstract open eye visuals. Usually the main components take the form of simple shapes like circles, squares, and triangles, though shape isn't really needed because everything soon mixes and blends into other parts, making the visual one organic whole. I sat on the shifting floor and amongst the changing room as I smoked little by little, growing ever more dissociated and estranged. Soon I (though it wasn't really 'I,' of course) crawled out and made my way back to the computer lab.

My physical condition was nearly as messed up as my mental state. With DXM use comes Robo-Walking, a very altered manner of locomotion that makes a serious DXM'er easy to spot. I think that I've mostly overcome my robo-walking, but on a dose like this I had little choice. I mostly stayed on my heels, walking in a very 'drunken' manner. My vision was that of a funhouse mirror, skewed and scrunched. Normal people looked like trolls or ogres, and their alien appearance frightened me a little. I ran into a wing mate of mine who was talking to someone. This person had blood all over his arm and kept repeating, 'I should be dead, I should be dead, I totaled the car, oh man…' I thought that this may have been a very concrete hallucination, though I found out later it wasn't, I was merely far too gone to think it was a normal or rational event.

The Actifed soon kicked in and around 2am I went back up to my room to prepare for sleep. But as I was removing my contacts, it hit again- Once more I was put even beyond a kind of dissociation I thought I had known, and I was plunged into a further level of mindlessness. Completely like a robot in appearance and in mindset, I once more went back down to the computer lab. I chatted again as my vision became increasingly scrunched, my thoughts became more abstract, and my tiredness increased. Remember I had been up since early morning, with not even the equivalent of a single meal the whole day, and that I had taken the Actifed. Somehow I went back to my room and fully prepared for bed. My room was merely
another dark chamber, filled with spinning desks and furniture. I crashed on the bed and lay completely still for several minutes, being in pure bliss about the visual effects and listening to the flanging sounds of people outside of my room and outside totally. I woke up the next morning with a very decent headache and a lingering feeling of numbness from the DXM.


I didn't really hit Sigma. The Sigma Plateau is usually accompanied by full-scale hallucinations and a duration of days, not a few hours. But I feel that this trip gave me practice for the kind of motions and endurance I'll need to really achieve Sigma (let that day be far off…). Now that I've opened the door just for just a little peak, I know that I must return there someday. I'll be taking a needed break from DXM shortly, and when I return I will set the date for a full-blown attempt at Sigma, probably for next summer.

Although I'm pretty well experienced with DXM, I was probably delving into territory fully beyond my comprehension.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3185
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 23, 2001Views: 16,356
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