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A Typical Day At College
Ketamine & Cannabis
by Last Marine
Citation:   Last Marine. "A Typical Day At College: An Experience with Ketamine & Cannabis (exp31860)". Dec 18, 2018.

    repeated insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


I was flunking the afternoon of college, smoking pot in the park next to the college with my friend Owen. After a quick game of football we went back to his house round the corner.

A while later Andy and Gavs turn up. Andy (our college dealer) informs us he's just picked up an ounce of Ketamine GOLD. I wasn't hugely keen on Ketamine myself, been there, done that, got the T-shirt so to speak. Itís something I had done on a number of occasions before and found it to feel like being heavily stoned, or whacked out on cheap downers like Zopiclone or large amounts of Anti-histamine. Anyway Andy insured me this shit was the dogs bollocks. <--As with normal Ketamine is horse tranquillizer, apparently this Ketamine Gold was supposed to be elephant tranquillizer.--> Well I was interested, so I bought 2 grams and split it with Gavs and Owen.

We each took a large line of the powder. Almost immediately Owen was doing a second larger one. I sat back and carried on playing Soul Caliber. However I could definitely feel it working already. Soon I was finding it really hard to play the computer. Everything was slowing down. I remember giggling for a long time for no reason, which set off Gavs. We both giggled at the TV scene for a considerable time.

Owen took another line and me and Gavs both did a second also. Andy left leaving us with a few rolled spliffs as none of us where really capable of rolling. I could see that Owen was already beginning to slip in a K-hole. I tell you this shit was REALLY strong. After only two lines I was unable to move. And I donít mean in the stoned or Valiuum way where u can but its really hard, I mean I REALLY couldn't stand up or move left arm. I was really weird I could only move my right arm.

Owen was cracking me and Gavs into hysterics by now. He was very slowly sliding along the walls of the room, and kind of mewing like a cat, no shit, the boy was off it. Later he told us it was because he couldnít work out where he was (remember it was his room?). Time passed and Owen was long passed it. He was now hanging half in half out his bedroom door. Gavs had also zoned out into his own world. I was finding it immensely amusing to tap my forefinger and middle finger rhythmically against my nose. I must have been doing it for a good half an hour and it seemed the most interesting thing I had ever done.

I took another smallish line of the stuff, and sat back and simply zoned. Gavs was smoking one of the spliffs Andy had left. I smoked a bit of it, then was dumbfounded to see my hand stretch across the room when I took a toke on the spliff. I gave it back to Gavs, and started moving my hand around and sure enough every-time I moved it to certain point it suddenly stretched completely out of distortion with reality. It was fucking cool, like a light ray being bent with a spectrum (Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon). I must have played with my hand for hours, because I realised when next looked up it was dark outside.

I zoned back to reality to find Gavs standing at the door to the room, just opening and closing the door, opening and closing the door. I watched him for a while and then managed to ask 'What are you doing'. He didn't answer but I think he was trying to work out how to get passed Owen who still blocked the doorway. Interesting to think in Gavs's state his way of dealing with this dilemma was to simply close the door and open it again hoping the problem would have gone away.

The Ketamine was all gone, I donít remember finishing it and it certainly wasn't Owen so Gavs must have taken the last. However I didn't care I was fucked enough. I managed to work the effort up to put a Hardhouse CD into the playstation and play it (which I assure you was a real effort). As the music played, I again came over all euphoric and began to zone out. Soon I had one the oddest experiences of my drug years. I became detached from my body. Honestly I could see myself sitting on the other side of the room, and I felt I could see waves of music coming out of the speakers. I began to swim between the waves, and this became an serious entertaining game. I finally zoned back to reality once again to realise there that the CD had finished and Owen was lying on the floor by my feet staring blindly at the ceiling, Gavs had gone?

After this I slowly sobered up, and smoked myself stoned. Once back to relative normality, I tried to wake Owen up but he wouldn't move, I looked at the time and was shocked to see it was almost 2am. That meant we had been fucked for over 10 hours. But more worrying was that Owens parents must have come back at some point and seen us. Maybe they come back and Owen had waken up moved and I had spoken to them??? Maybe I had just sat here blankly while they came in and asked me to leave??? Fuck knew! But I guessed it was probably bad news that Gavs had left.

The next day Owen told me he dealt with his parents when they came back and just told them he was stoned and fell asleep half out his door. They apparently never sore me which was a good thing. I left vowing never to take Ketamine GOLD again, as that shit is simply too fucked up!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 31860
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 18, 2018Views: 958
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OBE (332), Ketamine (31) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3), General (1)

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