'Everything in Its Right Place'
Citation:   Jamshyd. "'Everything in Its Right Place': An Experience with 4-Ho-DiPT (exp31901)". Erowid.org. Mar 16, 2004. erowid.org/exp/31901

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8.0 mg oral 4-HO-DiPT (liquid)
  12 mg rectal 4-HO-DiPT (liquid)
The original plan was to take 20 mg of Iprocin (4-HO-DiPT) rectally in a solution, the reason for the high dose being that I am a Tryptamine hardhead. So, I added my regular amount of water that I used to dissolve similar amounts of other drugs (usually less than 5 ml). None of it dissolved. So I added more water, and kept adding to find that most of it did not dissolve yet. So now I have about 20 ml of solution with some residual Iprocin at the bottom. I decided that I will drink some of it (20 ml is a bit too much for rectal administration). I would say this made me consume ~8 mg of the drug orally. It tasted like Iprocetyl (4-AcO-DiPT) but much less bitter. The rest (~12 mg) was loaded in a syringe, and administered rectally. Hydraulics where good enough to transport the undissolved powder into the syringe and from there to my system.

I then washed and sterilized the syringe and went on to take a shower. The shower lasted about 15 minutes during which I got my first alert. Interesting. I am “hearing” alien noises. The only other drug that does this to me during the onset is cannabis (though the effect is much more intense with it). By the end of my shower (T+00:15), I am feeling light-headed and body feels nice (Identical to Iprocetyl). Bt T+00:30 I was feeling exactly as if I had plateaued on Iprocetyl, save the alien noises. From here, however, things get radically different.

I look in the mirror (naked) and, for the first time ever, I see myself as sexually attractive. I typically have a negative body image, but I never really worried about it. However now I was seeing myself as attractive, and it sure did boost my confidence. After that I put on some clothes and moved around the house. This drug felt very bodily – more so than any other I had taken. On my desk there is a copy of Gray’s Anatomy which I had been reading and on the cover is a labelled diagram of the human face musculature. Very fitting for this drug! I am climbing up quickly. Something tells me to go and lie down. By this time, there are the usual Iprocetyl tracers/trailers/colour enhancements. Unlike Iprocetyl though, the grainy ceiling was bubbling (I wouldn’t use the word “rippling” because “bubbling” is more appropriate). There is definitely some sort of auditory sensitization.

Around the half-hour point, I was at a definite +++, but the uncomfortable body-load quickly (and rather suddenly) develops to a nearly unbearable degree. There are some significant GI disturbances, and I think that if I kept moving I would have thrown up. There is a very peculiar vibration… it feels like some old-model motorcycle engine. It radiates from the solar plexus, and so probably increases the nausea. It was rather stimulating as well. I was in a quite uncomfortable place physically, in spite the great tactile enhancement. And then came something I only experienced on 4-AcO-DET before: Jaw tremors – and I hate them.

These where probably due to what I call “the Olfactory Hammer” – this is basically a negative effect that some Tryptamines have on me. I experienced it with this drug, and 4-AcO-DET, and with 5-MeO-DMT (which I hate) it actually seems to be the MAIN effect. It also happened once for a short time with DPT. This is basically a sense of heavy throbbing in the area between the nose and the ears, extending to the throat, jaws, and head. It makes up for half of the physical discomfort for these drugs, the other half being the GI disturbance. Using personal vocabulary makes life much easier :).

So far, I was thinking this is a horrible drug. This uncomfortable state lasted till T+1 hr, where things got radically better.

I was, around this time, listening to music to try and distract myself from the body load. There where some abstract CEVs that went along with the music, which sounded very “solid” and alive. At some points there was a “solar burst” effect like the ones I experienced with 4-AcO-DET. On my mp3 player there where many tracks by many different artists, and now it started playing “Everything in its Right Place” by Radiohead. Now I only have recently discovered that I like Radiohead, and this was the first time I ever hear that song in an altered state. I was completely blown away. I felt the music in my body. And I mean this was synaesthesia at its best! CEVs matched the music, which matched the solid sensations that ran through my body. These are not like the nice vibrations on the 2C’s that match the music. This felt like abstract physical “objects” running through the body – and it was orgasmic.

And speaking of which, now that the body load is quickly subsiding, I am at a VERY erotic +++. I continue to listen to music, and think about current issues in my life, with the “Everything in its Right Place” theme permeating through it. Very therapeutic. At this time I could move with only residual nausea, and no Olfactory Hammer. I took my copy of TiHKAL and had a hard time flipping through to find the 4-HO-DiPT entry. I read it all over again and realized that a body load is in fact one of this drug’s negatives, I just never realized it before. I was feeling increasingly horny, and could not resist the temptation to masturbate. As I did I found that looking out the window – the sky, clouds, grass, and trees, though barren, where actually EROTIC. It felt at times as if I where having intercourse with the world. I can also identify with the “Rubenesque” eroticism mentioned in the TiHKAL entry, even though I am gay. It is more of a bodily sensation, possibly one connecting to the mother-goddess archetype. As a note, I usually do not find my reactions to be the same as those mentioned in the P/TiHKAL books, but this one was almost dead on.

Orgasm was intense, with CEVs of what seemed to be two horizons continuously splitting. I can’t really describe it better. Anyway, not too long after the orgasm, my body decided to rebel, and I was struck with Diarrhea, which ruined the mood while it lasted. However, I then decided to go for a walk, and I was extremely euphoric. Movement was very strange. It felt like I was not really moving, but somehow continuously changing position with everything around me. This, too, is also hard to put into words. I soon realized, to my surprise, that I too, was playing with an unexpected ++++ with this compound! I felt like I was not walking at all – as if my movement was a constant part of my existence. (no disorientation though). I also FELT everything around me IN MY BODY. I felt the trees inside me. I was also able to temporarily feel how others where feeling in their own bodies. I could feel the birds and the cars and the grass all in my body. I seem to have been in a physical ++++. It was truly amazing.

When I returned home I had a meal with my parents. I was starting to come down, and had somewhat of a hard time interacting with them. I then went to take a last look in the mirror, this time my body was telling me what was wrong with it, and what needed fixing, and then I lay down and meditated on all that I have learned. By the 4th hour I was almost baseline but there was a euphoric, dreamy afterglow which lasted till I went to sleep.

Wow. This was a total surprise. It is NOTHING like I expected it to be, and it was very different than (and superior to) Iprocetyl. There are similarities, but the differences are much more significant. It is also totally different from DiPT. However, I am still enchanted by DiPT. I would explore mixing Iprocin and DiPT in the future. However, other than that, I will wait till I have a partner to experience it again by itself. The biggest problem here is the body load. Otherwise this one is a definite winner. Not a lot of direct insight or introspection, however there is this physical ++++ aspect and I know of no other drug which can do this. It is special because this is the second time I had ever experienced a ++++, the first being the opening of my 3rd eye during an idiosyncratic reaction to cannabis.

The first ++++ opened up my mind, and now this one with Iprocin opened up my body, so to speak. It had inspired me to repair it, and preserve it, because it is the tool to survive the harsh reality of the Demiurge’s world, and something to keep in good shape in order to surrender to a loved one. I am sure my reckless attitude towards my physical body will be replaced by a more careful one after this experience.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 31901
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 16, 2004Views: 21,987
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