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Gate to Hell?
by Narcolepticpug
Citation:   Narcolepticpug. "Gate to Hell?: An Experience with 5-MeO-DMT (exp32032)". Aug 23, 2004.

10 mg insufflated 5-MeO-DMT (powder / crystals)


I got some 5meodmt for the first time today and I desided to try some... So I put a bit in a speed pipe and took a rip.... It felt like being extreamly stoned. To the point of uncomfortable mental shit.... But the come down was very very nice... Infact the comedown was very enlightning and eye opening...... That evening I decided to snort a little to prolong the effect... I had allreay done one hit... And I had forgoten that it was 5 lines worth and I made up 10 equal lines out of it.... Theoreticly then this would mean I would have a 10mg line. HA! It looked a little big for '10mg' but I did it anyways.... I heard it would burn alot.. So I figured it would burn like speed.... But I did the line and it stung my nose then I felt the drips and it was like burning acid dripping down my throat... Very uncomftorble... Then my nose wasy still burning and slightly numb...

I went out to my couch await it to hit me.... I expected it to be instantanis like a toke. But it took a minute and right as I figured I didnt take enough... I started to feel myself come up... Up up up... Then I was right at that perfect comfort level. Very nice... Then.. Up up up up up up..... Holy shit im fucked... My throat was burning and the simpsons on tv made no sence... And the music was fucked as hell... Then I turned it all off and ran in the bathroom, feeling sick as fuck... Trying to throw up for who the fuck knows why.... My tactile sensations were overwelmed and I felt every molicule of air touching my body and it was horrible.... I was laying down with my face in the floor watching it spin and fade in and out of consciousness.... I felt in so much pain I was sure if I let myself close my eyes I would die. I was in so much pain at one point I just wanted to give up. I couldnt stop thinking about my g/f and my family and my future... I thought I was going to pass out and not wake up....

Then it finally started to fade away and the comedown was once again very plesent... But I was still shaken up about the whole feeling about to die and the pain. Overall this is a research chem that should be left for the scientists. Fuck tryptamines!

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32032
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 23, 2004Views: 14,358
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5-MeO-DMT (58) : Bad Trips (6), Alone (16)

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