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A Delightful Evening
Citation:   Misfit. "A Delightful Evening: An Experience with 2C-I (exp32035)". Oct 29, 2004.

T+ 0:00
200 mg smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 3:25 14 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)
Prologue: This was my first experience buying research chemicals online. I ordered 100mg of 2ci from an unnamed internet vendor, and it arrived in crystalline form in a glass vial. Good prices and I am pretty confident in the content of my order. I have done 2ci once, about 5 months ago, at 20mg. I understand this is rather high, so I decided to take a very low dose to see how the low feels.

State of mind: I have had some trouble the past several days (I lost my job and have been very stressed out about final exams the past week). I am, as always, a little worried about my very ill father. However, this weekend holds special significance because I am taking a trip to Colorado to see one of my closest friends. Final exams ended today, and I have little to no responsibilities for the next several days. I figure it is probably the best time for me to go on a psychedelic voyage. I have been thinking about everything in my life a lot ever since my last trip (5 months ago), and am ready to further explore the reaches and capabilities. I go into this experience barely still under the influence of a bit of pot – a couple of bong hits smoked with friends a few hours earlier at our beautiful plateau venue. I am listening to the chill Dr. Octagon – aka Kool Keith. The smooth hip-hop is a very gentle and accepting background that is easy to ignore should the need arise.

Previous intoxicants:
approx. 200mg Cannabis – via water pipe several hours previous (around 7pm)

10:25 PM
*Ingested ~ 14mg 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Iodophenethylamine (2c-i) via gel cap
I washed down the home packed once-anti-diarrhea gel cap that I had emptied of its contents and replaced with the phenethylamine. I had just eaten a quick meal of pizza, and was reasonably full.

10:40 PM:
T+ 0:15
I am still pretty much at baseline, save for the anticipation. I have the “butterflies” in the stomach that I know all to well from my stage career. My body is filled with adrenaline, and although I am a bit tired, I will be refueled by the majestic butterfly. Anticipation will probably continue for the next forty five minutes or so. Towards 10:45 I am beginning to notice the focus in my eyes to be more pronounced. I feel that magic eye would be extremely easy at this point.

10:55 PM
T+ 0:30
Almost unchanged – I am “flowing” a little more now.

11:10 PM
T+ 0:45
Feeling slightly more disconnected than before. I feel an urge to leave the computer, so I am going to do that. I see some flickering, and a little patterning on the wall. So far almost a +1 I would say. More in a couple of hours

11:30 PM
T+ 1:05
I am feeling a rush of euphoria and happiness. The people I live with have given me tremendous joy and it is now that I appreciate it to the fullest. Ecstasy seems to flow through my brain and down my spine, tickling waves of sense flowing through me gently. I am so very thankful for the people in my life. The human race is truly a beautiful thing.

12:30 PM
T+ 2:05
I have totally relaxed into my childlike state of total amazement. We took a walk towards the amphitheater to journey and smoke pot. I did not partake, but the journey was nevertheless quite beautiful and I saw “levels” – the trees branches in groups according to their relative height on the trunk. This reminds me of the data-structuring that I learned about earlier this quarter in Computer Science. I feel like at this point I truly understand conversation and human interaction. Nothing surprises me because I know everyone I am interacting with and can predict them. The corners of my vision seem more vulnerable to “suggestion” – that is to say that a quick movement in any corner of my eye could result in me thinking something is falling on me or that something is moving when in fact it was just an unimportant bleat of memory. I feel that at this point I am merely rambling, and must continue on with my journey. More later.

1:11 AM
T+ 2:46
Computers. They have re-entered my consciousness in a very big way. I was mindlessly chattering on in the triple as usual when Jai came in the room talking about screwing over his OS and overclocking. Immediately, I knew something had to be done. The drug makes the computer feel more “precise” and “purpose oriented” is the only way I can think to put it. In process of helping Jai out I noticed certain things that would have caused me to react in a certain way… didn’t. however, while I sit here typing this description, my brain can no longer assemble coherent thought in the way I am accustomed to doing for writing. These words coming are a result of my unconscious mind still typing away. I am not really thinking about moving my fingers or anything, they just seem to do this themselves, and I basically “think” along what I want to say, and the computer types it. Amazing. I am pulling back from reality, the words on this screen swim back and forth if I do not watch them closely. It is very pleasant and not at all frightening.

A recurring thought throughout the evening has been the focus on ecstasy and happiness – and how this low dose seems to be perfect for enjoying people and situations. It is not deeply introspective or personal, but rather allows me to see my life for what it really is, and lets me see just how much I have to be thankful for. My miniscule problems like losing my job do not really seem that important. I know that I will have to find a new job and that money will have to be earned etc etc… but I am not worried. I do not fear, and I am sure things will work themselves out in the end.

This does seem to be a common thought process for me. Re-iterating through all my thoughts – whenever I begin to think about the true meaning of things I always go back to the Buddhist saying “everything is as it should be”. This is so very much the case. Life IS as it should be, and we merely have to have the humility to realize that we cannot understand everything. This invalidates so much of the worrying that people do in their day to day lives, and I can actually begin to “feel” the “weight” of your brain constantly questioning everything you see and hear. It’s exhausting. My own perception has become lost in this seemingly endless void of disconnectedness. I have been staring at the screen for the past ten minutes, typing total stream of thought, and I am amazed at the translation between my thoughts forming coherent words and sentences eventually coalescing into my fingers actually moving and typing the words on the screen. All of this requiring absolutely no coherent thought whatsoever – thus proven by my bizarre psychedelic state…

* Forgot all about the journal – tripping nice and hard *

Next Day
T+ 16:00
I wake up at 2pm the next day after sleeping at about 3am in the morning – not too bad for an average Friday night. I recall the night after my last entry:

After a long period of listening to hip hop and other forms of “weed music”, I was re-united with my housemates, as they had disappeared to various points in town to do their tasks. When they returned, the house seemed alive and well again, whereas it had been cold and lifeless when they had been gone. I was extremely happy, and this uplifted me nicely until about 2am when I started craving some pot when I realized it would silence the incessant nagging that 2ci leaves in your brain when you start to crash. And so I smoked two small bowls – and it did totally calm me out, and I was able to happily sleep.

I awake rather pleasantly, not feeling hung over or anything, but rather “distant”, like the morning after a savage evening of bong loads lasting the whole of the night. Regardless, I was offered a couple bong rips to start the day out with, and I happily accepted the kind offer. After smoking, I said goodbye to my friends, showered, and went about my day.

As I sit here at 1:30 in the morning – about 24 hours past the peak of my trip, I realize how much the human brain has to offer humanity. We only understand such a small portion of our brains. These psychedelics provide the capability to “crosswire” your brain – that is make certain regions process senses that had not been functioning on this basis before. Thus, the brain is sending information all crossways, and you have to build all kinds of new connections and mental links to understand it all. When you finally do, you have all that much more knowledge about life and the power of everything inside your head. This is to me the calling of the psychonaut. I will strive to honor them.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32035
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 29, 2004Views: 26,095
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2C-I (172) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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