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More Than Visuals
by Pychotropic
Citation:   Pychotropic. "More Than Visuals: An Experience with 2C-I (exp32056)". Erowid.org. Sep 3, 2004. erowid.org/exp/32056

15 mg oral 2C-I


I’ve had three experiences with 2C-I since I received 100mg in the mail from an online vendor. I have tried to be very responsible, in that I’ve been as cautious as possible in my experimentation. My first dose was at 5mg. This dose gave me a fairly good idea of what 2C-I was all about. The effects at this dose were very mild and several waves of a tingly body buzz were the main subjective effect. The only visual phenomena were a mild brightening of my surroundings. There were little to no mental effects, with only a hint of unbalance. As a note I was under no prescription medication at this time, and was struggling with Panic Attack Disorder on a daily basis. Do not let that convince you it is ok to ingest substances while under mental stress.

My second try was at a 12mg dosage. This time having a little bit of a gage of what was going to happen, I first prepared myself mentally. I read a good portion of “Be here now,” a very spiritual book I use to guide myself in to a peaceful state of mind. Followed by 15 minutes of light meditation, geared mostly towards ridding my mind of miscellaneous thoughts. This attempt at T: 00:45 after ingestion I was already sensing the unbalance, and mild brightening of my surrounding, with no mental effects. Gradually into the 2-hour mark I peaked, with LSD-like visual patterns being the most prominent effects. The prior meditation proved to be valuable in that at no point was I ever scared, or concerned as to my state of mind. At the 12mg dosage their seemed to be no mental intoxication at all. I seemed to plateau for around an hour, until slowly coming down to baseline by the 5 and a half hour mark. Overall I was pleased with the experiment, and was anxious to do further study.

My third attempt has proved to be the most enlightening and successful trial. This time I chose to use 15mg, and as well dosed a good friend and fellow pychonaut whom I’d tripped with on several past occasions on drugs from LSD to Mushrooms, and beyond. I was very curious as to what type of intellectual conversation and ideas would spring from this chemical. We chose to listen to Progressive House music most of the experience, as we both believe it to be soothing to the hard tripper. We both dosed the 15mg at 8:30PM, and by 9:50PM we were both feeling the slow onset. Make a note that the common 1.5 to 2 hour onset most people experience did not affect me on none of my three experiences, but came on much sooner, always noticing effect by at least 45 minutes.

2C-I made the music very warm and deep. It wasn’t distorted and unintelligible, as some psychedelics tend to be. We both felt very close to each other, and felt as if we were sharing the same exact experience, and the world was actually behaving in this strange manner. The visuals came on very fuzzy at first, and the warm buzz was stronger than ever before. I found that if I focused on the body sensations it became very pleasurable. By the one and a half hour mark we were hitting the peak. It became very hard to sit, or stay in the same place, as we felt very speedy. It was more of an MDMA speedy than pure methamphetamine speediness. I noted no recognizable increase in heart rate even at the peak of the experience, blood pressure also remained well within bounds, as I checked them both several times.

As I came out of the peak around 12:30 the patterns and visual sensations became very clear and almost liquidy. It was easy to ignore them, but they were there nonetheless. We engaged in deep conversation for most of the trip, finding it very easy to grasp philosophical ideas. The most profound realization I had was in regards to the Senses. I noticed that we as humans rely so heavily on sensory input. And with the simple removal of merely one sense we could be thrust into chaos. We go through life not seeing each other…but more so sensing…and experiencing each other’s actions. Action and reaction. The concept was very clear. It is said there is no change in mental state, and that you remain clear headed throughout the trip. I beg to differ, whilst in control, it was all too easy to drift into a psychological wonderland.

Overall I found the third trip to be the most profound and interesting, as well as the most visually satisfying. Even though I think the visuals are just a side story to 2C-I, there’s much more to get out of it than that. I would recommend it to anyone. My fellow pychonaut also commented to its effectiveness and said he would definately be using 2C-I again. My advice is to approach it cautiously, and even though it seems to be one of the safest 2C’s, there is always potential for danger. Use meditation to aid you. Taking the occasional break to be by yourself during the trip, taking a minute to relax, and explore your mind. It can be a great tool if you so wish it to be.

Until next time happy trails, and remember, it can be what you want it to be.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32056
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 3, 2004Views: 45,258
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