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Solar Mint
Citation:   Jamshyd. "Solar Mint: An Experience with 4-Acetoxy-DET (exp32417)". Mar 31, 2004.

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12 mg rectal 4-AcO-DET (liquid)
It seems like there is a pattern with me where psychedelics that I find interesting on paper tend to disappoint me upon trial, and those that I don’t tend to surprise me. I try not to judge anything before I try it though. However, 4-AcO-DET was certainly a compound that never interested me yet I was shocked when I tried it. I received 100 mg of this material as a gift from a friend. Here is a report of my first experience with it. Keep in mind that I have not yet had the chance to experience Psiloc(yb)in, so I will not be comparing 4-AcO-DET to it as most people seem to do. Apparently, a lot of the “unique” things I experienced with this compound are pretty customary with mushrooms. Keep that in mind while reading if you have previous experience with mushrooms.

A solution of 12 mg 4-AcO-DET dissolved in about 5 ml water was loaded to my trustworthy sterilized syringe and administered rectally. Everything was then washed thoroughly and the waiting game began.

To waste time, I talked to my friend on MSN. Only 7 mins later I was already off baseline! At a +. Here is a quote from my real time notes: “(+) Flushing of skin. Tingling extremities. Already seeing trailers. Body is happy.” This developed to a concrete ++ in just 3 minutes!! The speed of the onset is alarming. There was a definite body energy that did not seem to originate from anywhere in particular that became apparent during this swift come up. Within the next 3 mins there where even more developments. Everything started to ripple, and this was the most intense rippling effect I had ever seen on any psychedelic. There was also a hint of nausea, but nothing too disturbing.

At this point, as with most Tryptamines, I decided I better lie down. (Interestingly, I would normally go out walking during this period on most Phenethylamines). I just lay down, trying to keep myself from being overwhelmed negatively. The energy and the speed of the onset caught me unprepared. However, the trip seemed to be heading to a good direction. I spent quite some time simply staring at the grainy ceiling that never stopped chaotically rippling. I noticed that, with this drug, light was extremely intense. I am sure it was NOT that sunny 15 minutes ago.

By T+00:30, I was starting to get used to the effects of the drug, and I went with it. I closed my eyes – there where bright, chaotic visuals, mostly yellow, orange and white. I opened my eyes, only to be overwhelmed all over again! It seemed like I could trace the light as it entered the room. It was as if the sunlight reconstructed everything it touched all over again. I am trying to describe this because it was truly spectacular. I blinked many more times, and each time I opened my eyes the sunlight redrew the entire room all over again.

After enjoying this aspect for about 10 mins (around T+00:45 – there was some time dilation, btw), I decided I will listen to some music. I was still climbing. I also became aware of something that will remain throughout the trip. It was a curious feeling, as if peppermint was going through my nerves. It was a sort of sizzling coolness in my nerves… a couple of months later (today) I was reading PiHKAL and the last entry for 4-TASB did not seem to be far away from what I felt. It was not a very bad feeling (pretty interesting, actually), but it got me concerned about the neurotoxicity of this drug. This was enforced with occasional jaw tremors, something that I EXTREMELY hate. Anyways, the music produced many CEVs, most notable of which was what seemed like bright orange geometrical brambles that twined themselves around whatever image I had on my mind. There where also fractals of extremely bright yellows and oranges and pure black and white. There was a very “solar” aspect of this drug… there where bursts of extremely bright light with both my eyes open and closed… and I have no other word that describes it better. Solar. And this aspect seemed to relate a lot with the “mint” in my nerves. There was also a skin sensation of what I called “Psychedelic Jizz,” as if I was feeling the visuals as slime on my skin. This was more consistent with the bright orange CEVs.

At about T+01:00, I had plateaued at an extremely powerful +++. I Walked around the house. There was definite disorientation, not unlike that produced by alcohol. I looked in the mirror, and it SEEMED like one pupil was larger than the other. Every time I blinked, the change sizes, but they are never equal. I am not sure if this was physiological or an actual hallucination, but my eyes where certainly “playing tricks on me!” :). The disorientation (which caused waves of manageable nausea), plus the previous sensations (which where now even more intense), produced a noticeable body load that challenged the trip. Psychologically, there was a powerful, hazy, “solar” psychedelic effect that had many EXTREMELY insightful twists and turns. My head felt heavy (again, like alcohol).

I sat for half an hour and looked at a yearbook from elementary school. That represented my past, and I analyzed how I evolved. Then I went and took a look at the personal website of a very special person to me (which had many pictures) – and that represented my present, where I had arrived. I saw all the ways in which this person was so special to me and how he changed (and continues to change) my life to the better.

By the time I was done with this analysis, two hours had passed since I took the drug, and I felt like I was starting to come down (already!). I then took a walk to reflect on all that insight. It only made things better, and I was extremely euphoric, especially now that the body load was mostly gone. By T+03:00 I was back home and approaching baseline, however I never really reached baseline for the rest of the day until I went to sleep. Interestingly, by the time I went to sleep there was no stimulation whatsoever (this lasted a few hours after the trip ended).

However, after many hours of sleep at night, I was suddenly startled awake with a burst of abnormal physical and mental stimulation. This lasted about 30 minutes and then faded away and I was able to sleep again. This was further indication that this material is not the gentlest on the nerves.

There was nothing to note the next day.

I found this material EXTREMELY helpful. I would endure the body load for the mental rewards that can be achieved here. Perhaps next time I will try an oral dose to see if there is any less body load? Perhaps a lower dose, too. Very interesting, very weird material. The only other time I was overwhelmed by a psychedelic (and that includes 110 mg insufflated DPT), was the time when I took 300 Morning Glory seeds. In fact, there is some similarity between the two, but only a little. I would be interested in experimenting with its 4-HO cousin and comparing, sometime in the future.


As a side note, I personally think this compound would most appropriately be named “Ethocetyl” in the same manner that 4-AcO-DiPT is known as “Iprocetyl.” It seems like many people refer to it in many different ways, including “Ethocin,” “Ethocybin,” and “Ethacetin.” I suppose this confusion originates from the report on the degradation of 4-subsituted Tryptamines. The proposed nomenclature in this report is not consistent with the traditional “-cetyl” naming of 4-AcO-DiPT.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32417
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 31, 2004Views: 18,072
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