Ice-Cream Man Playpen
Salvia divinorum (20x extract)
Citation:   Sweet Tooth. "Ice-Cream Man Playpen: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) (exp32623)". Aug 23, 2005.

0.25 tsp smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
Date and Time: 04/02/2004 12:10 PM.
Location: U.S.A, State of New York
Dose Method: smoked, in an empty pipe made from a 0.5 liter clear-plastic juice bottle with a bowl head screwed into it and a small hole cut out for ventilation.
Dose Quality: 20x standardized salvinorin-A enhanced leaf pieces, via online supplier.
Dose Quantity: roughly 0.25 teaspoon, or about half the volume occupied by a standard metal pipe bowl.
Dose Hits: 1 deep and smoke filled hit held for 30 seconds, then 1 deep and smoke filled hit held for about 20 seconds.
Session Intention: Experiencing Salvia with a female sitter.
Setting: My small apartment room, only low ambient light, all the shades are closed, it’s a quiet and cloudy day outside.

Set: Excited about this first session with a female sitter, though nervous for her safety. Immediately prior to this session, I executed an “examination of conscience” by basically spilling my guts of all my fears and worries about the session potentials. Afterwards the sitter and I smiled and sat in short meditation.
Weight: 200 pounds.
Height: 6 foot, 1 inch.
Gender: Male; heterosexual; Caucasian.
Sitter Present: Yes; one female sitter; about 120 pounds, 5 foot 3 inches tall; heterosexual; Caucasian.
Room Specifications: bedroom dimensions are 10 feet long, 9 feet wide, and 8 feet high; two windows with shades; small furniture and shelving unit; one mattress on floor as bed.
Prior Meal: 04/02/2004 9:00 AM.
Duration (peak): about 20 minutes.
Duration (session): about 60 minutes.
Shulgin Rating: +++

I have humbly built a relationship with Salvia over the last three years; my first “session” was in the Spring of 2001. I have tried many forms and strengths of Salvia. I have dosed via small and large quids, had oral tincture, smoked plain leaf, smoked enhanced leafs of 5x, 10x, and 20x, and experimented with combinations of these techniques. I have never taken Salvia with any other psychoactive compound aside from the alcohol in the Salvia tincture. I have also created, though rather pitifully, 10x extractions of Salvia via isopropanol for personal use. I have dosed Salvia both indoors and outdoors, with and without music, and in many lighting circumstances (e.g., silent darkness in a bedroom, morning outdoor walk in woods). I have also been a sitter a total of three times for friends dosing Salvia. The first sitting experience was using smoked standard leaf, and the second and third were with 5x standardized salvinorin-A enhanced leaf pieces. Also, I have experience with many other psychoactives.

This session was the first I’ve ever had with a female sitter. The woman who sat for me is a great friend and also my lover. She is many years younger than me. Our relationship is very passionate, child-like, imaginative, explorative, and healing when either of us is ailing. She brings to the session her knowledge of the Wicca tradition, Polish folklore, and personal experiences studying animal behavior with particular focus on domesticated cats. She has never experimented with any psychoactives other than drinking ethanol and is curious about trying Salvia with me.

(Please note that it’s so hard for me to describe this high-dose experience in detail. Very often, words fail. Though, I will try my best).

I position my mattress leaning against the wall as a large back support for when I sit on the dark-blue carpeted floor. I lay a beige bath-towel flat on the floor, centered with the mattress. The sitter (lets call her K) sits down cross-legged on the towel. All she is wearing is black sweat pants, a beige/white/leopard printed blouse with no brassiere, and her eyeglasses. I place a white towel next to her and the pipe, bottle with Salvia, and common cigarette lighter on top of it. I then sit cross-legged in front of K, about six-inches away, with my back to the mattress. I’m wearing only dark-blue sweat pants and a light blue t-shirt. I discuss with K my intention for this session, conduct my examination of conscience, briefly meditate with her, take several deep breaths, and then signal to her that I’m ready. She replies, “Okay, I’m ready too.” I take the pipe and Salvia bottle, load the pipe bowl halfway with Salvia, give K the Salvia bottle, and take the lighter. I take two deep breaths, pushing all the air out of my lungs with each breath. Upon pushing the second time, I light the compound and begin to inhale the smoke. The first hit is perfect. I did not waste any air and got all smoke! I’m very pleased. I hold the smoke for 30 seconds. I exhale, pushing all the air out.

I begin to take the second hit, and while doing so the effects of the drug begin to start. My left hand, which is holding the pipe, begins to shake. I stop taking the hit when this happens and pass the pipe and lighter to K. I hold my breath for only 20 seconds or so. I exhale. The effects begin to come on very strong, so I decide to lie back against the mattress.

My first sensation, as with all other sessions, is that of a shift in perception where I feel/see subtle vibrations. The room begins to soften. The edges to my vision (peripheral) begin to blur and vibrate. It’s similar to the feelings of a “tunnel vision.” It feels very “deja vu” and child-like. The idea of “memory echoes” describes what I’m feeling very well. Strangely, my body feels both jagged and fluid and I’m moving with these vibrations. My body begins to get warmer. The feeling gets intense and I place my hand over my face. I close my eyes. I begin to get lost in a sort of swirling sensation, where my focus is up and my vision swirls into or from my head (not sure which direction). I don’t feel dizzy/nauseous. On the far edges of these swirls are patterns of objects that repeat over and over. These objects are so difficult to describe. They are so bizarre. Some of them look like parts of things I’ve seen like people (particularly body parts like legs, arms, necks, bellies, and not faces), trees, landscapes, urban streets, but there is no consistency. Random images? There is a greenish color to it all. It’s like a marching, swirling, mosaic of semi-emerald photo pieces I took while traveling that are merged with other objects. The quality of these images is similar to a mirrored reflection of said objects; they don’t seem like to original object, but like a reflection of it.

It’s at this point that my recall becomes zero and I flow with this weird, movemented, pattern-generating, semi-fractal swirling experience. During this I place my right hand over my mouth and mumble something. K can’t make out what I’m saying. It begins to slow down, and I settle back to the room. Again, I’m in this grip and I can’t even begin to describe it. This I find humorous, and I begin to giggle. I open my eyes. I look at K. She looks beautiful. There are no distortions to her body. She is as she was before the hits. She smiles at me.

Suddenly vision occurs. I see the clown again. This clown is a reoccurring character in my recent Salvia sessions. He’s not in the room with us. He’s somewhere outside the room looking inside. He’s a little hunched over and poised to do something. This time he’s dressed in a clean white suit like those worn by old-fashioned ice-cream men. I think to myself, “What! That’s so weird!” He has red puffy hair (with a bald spot on top), a small red nose, red-lipstick, light-green lines and patterns on his white face (face-paint). He’s always mildly scary looking; not a friendly clown, perhaps a boisterous troublemaker clown. I only see his side-profile. He looks more 2-dimensional than 3-dimensional (a lifelike cartoon figure). He does not look at me directly this time. He does not have a hat on.

I look at K, and then look behind her. Oh shit! The room begins to change! I get excited and anticipate something. The room we’re in begins to look like a tunnel. I look to my right and then left, scanning the walls and floor, and the mattress behind me. I look at K again. Oh shit! We’re in some sort of playpen… the kind that little kids are put in to play, while adults are doing something else. The bath-towel we are sitting on is the only surface I can see, like a platform, and to our sides are foam/sponge/carpet like surfaces/pieces. It also looks mildly smoky in appearance. I look behind K and notice that this playpen is in a very deep tunnel. The top of the playpen is colored red/orange. This blends with the sides that are dark black/grey. Again, I see the tiles. I commonly see tiles in my Salvia sessions. These tiles are this time on the sidewalls and are shaped like fingernails where the bottom is flat and the top part has the arch. The tiles are on my right where there is less ambient light (the windows are to my left). The floor of this playpen is white/brown/green in color (remember that the actual carpet color in this room is dark blue).

My eyes begin to strain from scanning so much. I close my eyes, and I don’t see much. I open, and the playpen is there. There is K. She’s so lovely. I say to her “My god, you have no idea!” This experience is very child-like and innocent, and I begin to realize how much younger she is than me. I think to myself, “Is she pushing the experience this way? Am I tapping into something inside her? Is this about her mind?” I begin to laugh quietly, with my right hand over my mouth. I often think that I am speaking too loud on Salvia, but in actuality I am speaking softly. She beings to giggle as well, and I say to her “don’t laugh” because I fear she will make me laugh more and louder. I don’t want to make too much noise. I continue to giggle for a minute or two.

I look at the playpen again in amazement. I look at K. I say to K, “You look fine, but everything around you is SO FUCKED UP!” Everything around her (including the platform we’re sitting on) is within the Salvia experience, and while I look at her I have an understanding between the differences of both these realities. I get this understanding that she’s in one reality and I’m inside another, one that she can’t see. Again, the tunnel vision idea pops in my head and it all seems correct. Is this a tunnel between both realities? I then look at her brassiere that she left on a chair next to her. The brassiere begins to shift and “grow” towards me. I’m not afraid, and very curious about this. Her brassiere is beige in color. I say to K, “Remember this… this… please, remember this… don’t forget this” as I point to this growth. Obviously she can’t see it and doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

I close my eyes. I open my eyes. I look to my right. There’s the ice-cream man/clown. He begins to underhandedly pitch ice cream bars, the kinds that are dipped in chocolate and have the stick, into the playpen. Some of them fall onto the floor and disappear, while some merge with the tiles on the wall (since they have a similar shape). I begin to say, “My god, I was worried about this. How can I. This is so different from anything I’ve ever experienced. Fucking ice-cream, and a playpen.” I laugh. K laughs with me.

K moves a little to get comfortable and she accidentally taps me on my leg. This jolts me, and I gaze upon her with sleepy eyes. I stare at her deeply, with a tinge of paranoia. She keeps her cool and stares back. She speaks and I immediately find this act of her fascinating. I ask her rather abrubtly, “Say something. Just say anything… what is my name?” She replies and I’m in awe at how apparently interesting the sound of her voice is. I now reach out my hands to hold her hands, and she holds my hands. My god, her hands FEEL SO GOOD! I tell her this, over and over. YOUR HANDS FEEL SO GOOD. I touch her hands, tap them, and then brush my right hand over her left to experiment with the feelings. I lower my forehead to her hands. I close my eyes, and sigh so deeply. THIS FEELS SO GOOD! I see a soft orange layer over her hands. Maybe it’s from the heat from her hands? I suddenly see a velvety black tunnel shooting from my forehead. It’s shaped similar to an ultra-thin layer of black rubber being pinched in the center and someone pulling on it and stretching it. This tunnel goes deep into the floor and beyond the house foundation. We sit like this for a few minutes.

I sit up, open my eyes, and scan the room again. The playpen is fading. I hold K’s hands again and say to her that it’s ending and that I’ll be back soon. I start to talk a lot to describe everything I see and saw prior. I’m trying to bridge both realities… but it’s so hard to do this. Repeating over and over and hoping I can remember it.

My left leg hurts. I’ve got pins-and-needles. I tell K this, and I slowly lay on my back. K lays right next to me rather playfully. I move my leg to circulate the blood. I look at K and smile. She smiles back. (The rest of the session consisted of K and myself having sensual experiences. The afterglow of this Salvia session lasted for several hours. This session tired both K and I tremendously. After a good rest together we went out for dinner and discussed the session).

Thanks for reading. Some advise: If you have a sitter you're close with, work up the courage to try hands-on touching and/or massaging. Being on Salvia and having my body touched felt great. Experiment with your sitter, during parts of the session your comfortable doing this, and see what you like. Enjoy.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32623
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 23, 2005Views: 90,288
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