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Super Anti-Depressant
by The Chump
Citation:   The Chump. "Super Anti-Depressant: An Experience with IAP (exp32814)". Mar 19, 2006.

50 mg oral IAP (powder / crystals)


So this saturday night I was particularly depressed that my social anxiety denied me yet another possible social outing, which left me with a desire to get happy through chemicals. I was contemplating what to do when I remembered that lil baggie of IAP I had acquired some time ago but chickened out on doing. I quickly checked the net to read once again, as I have done many times, all about IAP, dosage, timeline, etc. then set up for the dosage.

I cut a line of ~50 mgs right on my scale (turns out my scale is useless) and proceeded to insufflate it (bad idea). I didn't get very far into the line before I could do no more because of the burning, so I washed the rest of the line down with some water.

Thinking the chemical was going to do nothing I turned off the comp and headed upstairs to turn on the tube. The depression soon dwindled away slowly as SNL came on, I noticed I was happy again and that SNL was extremely funny. The feeling slowly got stronger and stronger watching tV was just fine, and SNL was absolutely hilarious. At this point I realise it could be no placebo effect, I headed to the bathroom to take a look in the mirror and HOLA my pupils were HUGE, definitely nice effect going on so far.

Surprisingly I was right into SNL when that dork Clay Aiken came on as the musical guest. Normally I hate that kind of music, and as much as I wanted to hate it I couldn't resist liking it, it sounded absolutely great. But alas SNL ended and once again I was left with nothing to do, for some reason even in this chemical state of extreme happiness I didn't want to go down to that fucking computer that I just spent all day on. But the thought of music with the milkdrop plugin going convinced me to fire it up. Not a whole lot more to say, checked on sites I regularly visit, then I headed outside to get a good view of the night sky and spend some time with pets. I was happy to see them and they were just as happy to see me, then I spent the rest of the time at my comp.

Summary: Unfortunately I cannot compare this compound with mdma because I have not tried mdma, although I most definitely want to now. There was definitely serotonin release going on, lots of euphoria, but contrary to some reports I did not feel any lessened effect on my social state, I did not feel it was a waste being on this by myself. My heartbeat was regular the whole time but I was sweating quite a bit while feeling cool at the same time (I get the same effect with dxm). No visuals or any psychedelic effects noticed. I found myself yawning at some points, but too excited to sleep.

There was a somewhat underlying effect of a sine wave going on, that is I felt great then somewhat calm and a slight decrease in euphoria, like I was coming down, but then it would pick up again, this happened repeatedly throughout the whole experience. I did not feel the need to dance or be active, I was perfectly fine sitting at the comp staring at milkdrop in this almost stupor happy state.

A slow onset, but it comes on allot faster than the comedown, very gentle, slow comedown. I don't believe it had a particular peak.

I would say the experience lasted 5+ hours and and additional hour for it to kick in after administration.

In the days following I noticed an increase in anxiety and depression.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32814
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 19, 2006Views: 12,985
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IAP (280) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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