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Seductive White Lines
Cocaine, Tobacco - Cigarettes, Cannabis & Alprazolam (Xanax)
by Liberal Minded
Citation:   Liberal Minded. "Seductive White Lines: An Experience with Cocaine, Tobacco - Cigarettes, Cannabis & Alprazolam (Xanax) (exp32910)". Mar 19, 2006.

  repeated insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
  3 bowls smoked Cannabis  
  2.0 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


I've only experminted with cocaine a few times in my life. Cocaine provides a special kind of upbeat social euphoria that is not matched by any drug I've tried (while MDMA does provide a more empathy centered well being, when compared to the sometimes arrogant 'me me' effect of cocaine. The euhporia from cocaine provides such joy in me that I'm able to bond with people in a way that is otherwise impossible.)

I rarely buy cocaine, because of the steep price and unfortunate comedown, but I was told some very special and powerful coke was available. I decided that it had been long enough to try it again, so I purchased a gram with a friend who bought a half gram.

8:30 PM: We get the coke and are immediately impressed by the appearnce of the gram. The entire gram is a solid chunk that was chipped off an 8ball, with no loose powder in the bag.

I cut out a couple lines for each of us, and applied the small amount of powder left on my credit card to my gums, which resulted in a strong numbing effect. This is another good indication that my coke is of good quality. I snort one line in my left nostril and the other in my right, spacing the lines out between about 3 mintues. I immediately notice that the coke seems to be much more pleasent to snort, then some of the cocaine I have received in the past. Unfortunately some people cut their coke with products that arent exactly ideal to snort up my nose. This coke, however felt quite smooth and almost immediately provided a strong numbing senation through my throat and then mouth.

My friend, J, then proceeded to quickly snort each of his lines. He also noted that it felt quite smooth going up. By the time he had finished his lines the amazing feeling of wellbeing that occurs on coke starts to creep up on me. Before I know it we are both overcome with euphoria (definetly the best coke I've ever sampled) and start talking at about 400 words a second. The true euphoria associated with cocaine only lasts (at least in me) for about 10-15 minutes after it kicks in. This is then usually followed by about 30-70 minutes of feeling great, but in a way that is much subtler then other drugs, and therefore hard to explain. I've worked through more then a couple grudges with friends, while on cocaine. Cocaine in many ways is a truth potion. I find myself constantly wanting to apologize for times I've wronged my friends, and find myself telling them how much I appreciate their friendship.

10:00 It has been about an hour since we did our lines and mostly all the effects have faded, but I'm delighted that no real crash is expierenced from the first two lines. I ask J if he would like to do a couple more lines, but he informs me that he doesnt want to be fiending when he goes back to his parents house. Instead we decide to smoke a bowl of cannabis which completely took the edge off.

10:30 J takes me back to my car, and then he goes home. All around we had a great time on coke, it can be especially enjoyable when I stick to just a few lines or so, as I will avoid the awful crash. A room full of people who did coke all night and are now out of lines, can be an extermely uncomfortable place to be. Even the slighest thing can piss me off when I'm coming down hard, foruntely most people are too shaky and depressed to even have the energy to argue with me, much less start a fight. The scene goes like this: 5 or 6 people in a basement all sitting down staring blankly in front of them. No one is speaking, except for maybe a comment or two every 15 minutes. Half the people in the room are going to be constantly shaking, while anotehr half will be constantly swallowing and gnawing on their teeth... constantly trying to drink water to heal their incredibly dry mouths. Almost everyone will be sniffling constantly, which I might add is incredibly loud and annoying when there are 5 people in a silent room all doing it.

12:00am I'm now back in my room. It has been 3 hours since I did my lines, and I'm extremely impressed that I experienced no notable crash. Because of this lack of a crash, I ended up breaking my own rules and decided to just go ahead and do a bunch of lines and get really high off of it. It is extermely hard to have a bag of coke on me, and not use it. When I get a bag I generally like to do all that I buy at once, as the urge to do more lines when I wake up the next morning can be intense. Falling into this cycle is very dangerous, and the best way to avoid it is not to have any coke on me the next day.

I dump out whats left of my gram all on a large piece of glass that I placed on my floor. I thoroughly cut up all the coke into a very fine powder. I then seperated the pile into two equal piles, and proceeded to cut up and snort half of the bag in around 10 minutes. The intenseness of the high at this point is impossible to even explain. The euphoria was overwhelming, and my heart began to beat at an extreme rate. I listend to various songs on my computer, and had a positive conversation with my girlfriend.

1:30 High begins to fade, so I decide to snort a few lines from the second pile. At this point I've decided that I might as well just finish the rest by the end of the night.

1:45 I snort the rest of the pile , about 5 standard sized lines. I once again get extermely high, but it wasnt remotely comparable to the euphoria expierence earlier. I locate my xanax and take out a 2mg bar, I also pack a bowl to smoke. I then just lay back for about 45 more minutues enjoying the high very much.

2:30 The high has mostly subsided, so I decide to try and reduce the crash before it even happens, by smoking a bowl of cannabis.

3:00 While the pot did take off much of the edge, the effects of the cannabis simply cant compete to the come down from so much coke. I felt very edgy and sweaty by this point, but I fortunately was still feeling decent mentally. Even when smoking large quantities of strong indica bud, it is still near impossible to sleep when coming down from pot. Some people claim that drinking a few shots does the trick for them, but it tends to have the opposite effect on me and keep me up longer. Also I notice I tend to feel much worse the next morning when I try to drink myself to sleep. Fortunately, the last time I did coke, I disocverd that the crash can be completely avoided by taking Xanax. I'm reassured by the fact that I have plenty of xanax to replace the crash with a pleasent feeling of relaxtion, that will quickly allow me to sleep. I'm deciding to wait at least 2 hours from my last line before I take the xanax, as I noticed an exterme increase in my heart rate while on the coke.

4:00 I'm feeling preety uncomfortable still, but it has now been long enough for me to take my benzo. I will soon become extremely relaxed, and have a long nights sleep. Xanax is truly a life safer when I am crashing from coke. I'm now going to take the pill and lay down in bed.

Summary: While I overall had a very enjoyable time on the cocaine, I must say that ultimately its never really worth the waste of cash and the unpleasent crash.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32910
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 19, 2006Views: 19,348
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Cocaine (13) : Various (28), General (1)

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