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Fresh Flowers
Citation:   HaggardPunxRiot. "Fresh Flowers: An Experience with Brugmansia (exp32932)". Erowid.org. Feb 8, 2006. erowid.org/exp/32932

5 flowers oral Brugmansia (fresh)
I live in Florida and here Brugmansia grows not naturally but a lot of people have it in their yards. My friends had told me that they tried it out and they totally wigged and were talking to people from work and asking people shit like if they wanted sauce with their chicken nuggets who weren't there so naturally I was amped to try out these flowers. But on my self destructive extra long period of mental instability and fatigue from tripping on shrooms and smoking embalming fluid soaked pot [Erowid Note: see related Ask Erowid question and info on 'embalming fluid'.] that I didn't bother to think or calculate that if a fully grown man twice my weight is put down by only a couple flowers that maybe I should take it easy when trying this stuff out. I found myself upon the plant while my friends begged me to get back in the car because I just about dove out. Mind you, at this time I was at no less than a slightly buzzed state. I snatched five whole fresh flowers which I guess around here is quite a legendary amount especially for someone my size because of the potency of this particular plant. I gobbled them down to the green in the car and they didn't hit me until we got to the mall.

I cruised through the mall nonchalantly, noting an intensified drunken feeling and that the ground seemed uncomforably close to eye level, I also got the worst cotton mouth of my life. Me and my friends departed, not before another friend of mine saw me and heard what I had done and demanded that I be taken to the hospital, but I felt fine at the time. We went to Taco Bell instead and I devoured a bag of those cinnamon twisty things. Then we departed again to a female friend of mine's. I couldn't focus on what was happening outside of the car, I just stared at the dashboard. When we got to her house my girlfriend was there and she noticed that I was acting strangely. I would look away, ask where she was, then gaze over and say 'There you are!' repeatedly. I got an increasingly hot fever, which got somewhere near 105 and I found it hard to breathe. My friend who had been driving and my girlfriend guided me to the car and took me to my mom's house.

On the way my ears got really really sensitive and I asked for the radio to get turned down but no one heard me and it felt like I was screaming it. The driver pointed and told me, 'This is the volume, but you can just go ahead and have fun', which at this point I couldn't understand english completely so I just kept hitting buttons on the dashboard and we finally arrived to my mom's with the windshield wipers swishing and the AC on as hot as it would go, but the volume still at the same level. When we got there my friend who had been driving told my girlfriend what to do to help me and to call the hospital if I got any worse and away he went to work. I was stumbling around and I fell and bashed my neck and the side of my head on the corner of my closet doorjam, it bled a little. Then she tried to get me into a cold tub after checking my temperature again and as she was taking off my clothes in the bathroom I couldn't grasp that she wanted to help me, and I kept asking why she wanted to have sex in the bathroom.

She panicked and called my mom and they took me to the hospital. There I was wheeled around in a computer chair, (they had no more wheelchairs in the ER) they put me in a room and started working on me. I got hysterical and annihilated a room full of large male nurses and two police officers, ripping the curtain to the right of my bed halfway down and knocking a cop down onto a bunch of tools and a whole wall of sterile towels to my left. They restrained me and put a catheter in, then tried to pump me full of charcoal, which I choked on, and when they pulled the hose I spewed it out exorcist style onto everyone, even my girlfriends mom. Then they told me to drink all of this nasty laxative shit that was green. Then I peaked and without distractions my mind fully slipped into a separate dimension. The lights that were on me were shining out everywhere like a hurricane of colors all around. Kind of like someone put kaleidoscopes over my eyes. Then I saw my hand, unbound, with a giant quill feather pen that was vividly purple. I drew all over my hospital robe with it and beautiful flowers bloomed across the fabric as I touched it.

I looked around and I saw my girlfriend to my right and my friend who had driven me earlier to my right (which was really my mom but her face looked so distorted I couldn't tell) so I spent about 20 minutes trying to fix his 'gay hair' because he looked so silly with long reddish-brown hair before the face returned to having my mothers features. Then my blood pressure thingy on my arm kept inflating and it sounded like my cell phone vibrating (which I had lost a week earlier) so I screamed on and on to my girlfriend things like 'At least pick it up and see who it is!' and 'ANSWER THE DAMNED PHONE!' Then all of a sudden I found myself amongst the swirling colors even more intensely, and in my hand was a giant red telephone. I put it up to my ear and had a conversation with it for about 45 minutes. I looked up after my girlfriend (who never left my side) shook me awake from my delusion and she had a giant goat head. Like the kind you see that is just way too cheesy to be real, like a team mascot for example. She had matching hoof gloves on too. She was talking in some sort of gibberish.

They transferred me to a different hospital for observation and took out my catheter quite painfully. The hospital people were very nice, perhaps because they didn't think I would make it. The goat returned with my food that I didn't remember ordering, and I was too terrified to eat it because I thought the goat mascot man might have poisoned it.

Then I was transferred to a mental institution because I wouldn't come down from my trip. They assigned me a psychologist from the staff who observed what I did the first twenty four hours of being there. Still in my world of swirling colors I watched the wrongest video to watch when you trip, Fern Gully. The television melted and crumbled apart right in front of me and i turned in my seat to complain to my psychiatrist person loudly, 'Do you fucking people know, that your television just melted?' which she recorded calmly onto her notepad. The walls crawled with insects at night when the lights went out, and sometimes I'd see a flash of a goat's tail out of the corner of my eye, just enough to get me scared, as I slowly came out of the strange state of mind. It took me a week to fully recover from the trip and my vision was messed up from the second day to about the fourth.

Overall, if I hadn't taken so much, I think it would have been alot more pleasureable, but oh well. I got annihilated and saw things that blew my mind and made me speak in whispered tongues at super speeds for a week all locked up until lunch time and recess in the crazy house. This plant is brutal, and is not something to fuck around with.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32932
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 8, 2006Views: 21,753
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Brugmansia (84) : Hospital (36), Overdose (29), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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