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I Needed to Take a Fucking Break
Citation:   Aaron. "I Needed to Take a Fucking Break: An Experience with Cannabis (exp32952)". Oct 11, 2018.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Last summer (I was 18) I graduated from highschool and it was time to have fun. I smoked pot for the first time. From about may of last summer, when I started, until about september of that same year I would fully trip every single time I smoke pot. Eventually I had increased my smoke rate about once a day and I noticed things began to change. No longer did I have the hysterical un-ending laughter that I use to have and love, no more did I have the beautiful open eye and closed eye visuals. My perception wasn't even being changed as radically as it use to. I literally feel burnt.

I love marijuana for the realms it opened for me. Now the gateways had become burnt and un accessible. I had this feeling of not being able to break through. It is terrible. After Christmas break I decided to MAKE myself take a break from it. Somewhere in january I stopped completely, I didn't even touch the stuff. When spring break finally rolled around in march I smoked again for the first time. I smoked one bowl of typical oklahoma dirt weed. It was wonderful, my tolerance was back down to where it was before I ever started, everything I experienced when I very first started was back again in full strength. The laughter, the visuals, the shear terror and paranoia (that I love even tho it is terrifying sometimes) perception was changed so radically I could literally not even move. Even loud music played clearly all around me like I hear when on mushrooms. It was crazy.

I am so happy to know if I burn myself out too badly I can always stop whenever I want to and its like doing it allover again. Weed is hard to stop myself from smoking, only because once I lose my beloved ability to experience tripping from it. It makes me think...well maybe this time I can try and prepare myself better and maybe listen to music or do something new this time while I'm high. I try to not listen to those thoughts. I'll just fry yourself more and more.

I am now a happier person having gained this knowledge, and I have even cured a stomach problem I had due to continual smoking. I had done something to my nerves somehow (I think from smoking) that made me continually feel like I had a bad case of (very painful) munchies. It would never stop, even when I was sober, and that was usually the only think I could think about while stoned was how badly my stomach hurt from munchies and how it made it hurt even more when I would eat. It literally hurt my stomach all day long everyday that would later result in a couple of hospital visits. After my break I never get painful munchies(if I get them at all) and my stomach feels fine when I'm sober as well. Just taking a week off even helps a little. I have my ability back now and life is good.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 32952
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Oct 11, 2018Views: 1,726
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