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Binge End Epiphany
Nitrous Oxide, Cannabis, Kratom & Blue Lotus
Citation:   atomic006. "Binge End Epiphany: An Experience with Nitrous Oxide, Cannabis, Kratom & Blue Lotus (exp33001)". Aug 23, 2004.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    smoked Lotus/Lily - Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea (dried)
    smoked Kratom (dried)
    repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
Set: happy mindset, its 420! Come on!
Setting: friends apartment, comfortable and familiar

This all started the previous day when I had acquired 6 boxes of nitrous, making for a grand total of 60 cartridges. I had planned on saving them for the up coming weekend but since it was 420 the next day, I ended up blowing 50 all in one sesh. I got off work at 7:30pm and ate supper, eventually making my way to my friend's apartment at around 9:30pm. When I arrive, there were about 5 other people there, all smoking up and watching movies. We all pitched in some ganja and rolled up a nice huge 5 gram blunt. The ol' stick went around for what felt like forever, and when the smoke cleared, we were all stoned on our asses. People started playing fooseball and video games, so I decided to break out a herbal smoking blend I've recently experimented with. It consists of 50% blue lily of the nile, and 50% kratom. The kratom gives me a heavier body stone and the blue lily gives me a bit of an euphoric apathy, as well as smoothing out the kratom smoke.

After smoking a 1g bowl of this mix, I lay back in my seat fairly blitzed. After sitting there for what seemed like eternity, I realised my 50 cart. Pile of nitrous was right at my feet. I promptly grabbed the charger and started hauling down shots. The people in the room soon took notice of my hysterical laughter and me falling onto the carpet, and the charger started being passed around. Round and round it went and we were all consuming nitrous like some kind of frenzied, fiendish machine. Soon we were down to 10 hits left, in no time at all. As we neared the last 2, I suddenly remembered that I had stashed away 5 more hits in a bedroom down the hall. I tried to get up but was horribly disassociated and was stumbling all over the place. I called to my buddy, 'chase me to my hideout!' and ran into the bedroom. He stumbled after me, laughing like a madman, and we tapped into the hidden stash. Now at this point I'd like to state my revelation. What I call the max nitrous peak is the point I can get to and maintain that is just before blacking out. I almost always go past this point and end up collapsing on the ground and blacking out for about 20 seconds.

But just before this, is a state of absolute pure euphoria. Its what I call putting the key into heaven's gate before turning the key, and we blackout as the key is turned, because of course we're not dead. Through the use of other substances, such as cannabis, alcohol, salvia, opium, mdma etc, I've found I can reach this n peak sooner, yet also change the feeling of the peak itself. Although it will always have its distinctive intensity, the peak can assume different 'shades' depending on what other drugs I'm on. Another interesting point is that I can never remember exactly what the peak felt like or what I thought about. All I know is that it was so blissful and I want to stay there forever. For me, this lends itself to the binge end of my nitrous use.

Well back to the moment. So the final hit is consumed and I'm at the gates and the moment is so pure and calm. Suddenly an epiphany explodes into my mind, nearly ripping it apart. I understand what this feels like. I can finally put it into words. I know. I finally know. I crawled as quickly as I could to the nearest pen and paper and wrote down the following: 'the nitrous peak is a pure golden moment of I, it is complete consciousness, the opposite of what you might feel during an LSD ego-death experience, for example. You understand and know exactly who you are, inside and out, and this gives a feeling of total completeness. Everyone in life wants to know themselves at that level, and so finally feeling it creates an immense sense of satisfaction and euphoria.' this is exactly why I want more and more when I'm in the peak, to maintain that total sense of I. Well 420 was a blast, literally, and even lent itself to accomplishment. A great night I won't forget too soon.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33001
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 23, 2004Views: 20,524
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Lotus/Lily - Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea (105), Nitrous Oxide (40), Cannabis (1), Kratom (203) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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