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The Week Long Trip
DXM, Cannabis & Salvia divinorum
Citation:   Croc_HunterDM. "The Week Long Trip: An Experience with DXM, Cannabis & Salvia divinorum (exp3307)". Dec 25, 2001.

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T+ 0:00
1100 mg oral DXM (powder / crystals)
  T+ 48:00 900 mg oral DXM (powder / crystals)
  T+ 60:00 800 mg oral DXM (powder / crystals)
  T+ 63:00 200 mg oral DXM (powder / crystals)
  T+ 120:00 500 mg oral DXM (powder / crystals)
  T+ 125:00 1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)
The Week Long Trip: Sigma
Oct 7-13, 2000 Male, 20, 155 lb, good health. DXM, THC, Salvia Divinorum

I'm basically putting this together from bits and pieces of memory, and the accounts of others who were witness to what I feel is the crowning achievement of dextromethorphan use: Plateau Sigma.

Saturday, Oct 7
On this day I ingested 1100mg of pure powder (it's all pure powder, that's the only thing I use, really) by gelcap. No PEG for me this time, I wanted a 4P and I wanted it to last.

Pretty soon my vision became completely skewed and scrunched, and everything took on a surreal and yet delightful glow. I was robo-walking like mad, I'm sure, but when you're on that much DXM you really don't quite care how you get around. So I got a few stares and the occasional, 'Are you all right, man?' but I'm very good at passing off a DXM trip as just being really, really, really drunk (though I don't know of any liquor that leaves the user walking in an incredibly precise yet akward manner and allows them to say things like, 'The optical inputs on these biological specimens are very interesting')

I had a blast of a 4P! I got wild visuals, the DXM pattern, shifting effects, the whole nine yards. Smoked some killer mids and got more blown away by the effects. Here is what I posted to a message board during the peak of my 4P (I didn't correct any of my errors, just let it flow):
'Subject: I(R trippp0r

OH man,
As ai write this ti'm tripping pretty damn dharx.. =

I did trhe clalcs and it seems that DXMis 4P=1100mgfas

QWhish is what i took
la la la'

Sunday, Oct 8
Took a break as I suddenly had a horrendous hangover. I ate little this day, I think a biscuit and gravy and some OJ, but not much else. I had pizza for dinner, and I couldn't help but think this thought: In this world, the primary food source is circular bread bake. No DXM today other than what I had left over from yesterday.

Monday, Oct 9
This night was wrestling night, and since I'm a big WWF fan I ingested 900mgs and waited for it to kick in…and waited…and waited… Finally around 11pm it did start working, and I was back on the top third or borderline fourth plateau once more. The hallucinations and all visual effects were skewed, a little different, but I could tell I hadn't yet hit Sigma. By the way, Rikishi is the one who ran over StoneCold Steve Austin, if anyone cares :) Did some IRC chat and smoked more maaad reefer, and had another night of a very satisfying trip.

Tuesday, Oct 10
The longest day is sometimes the most worthwhile. I awoke with a splitting headache, some nausea, and the feeling that if I were to eat anything I should puke right away. Somehow though I got out of bed and showered and went to my class. Take it as a key lesson of my character that I never miss classes, even if I'm hung over severly! I'm not the best student by far, but I sure try. This day consisted of little food, being very tired, and having a pounding headache the whole day. Yet I was able to do my math work okay, and I was attentive and participative in class. Having eaten very little I knew my stomach was ready for my Sigma dose. Right around 6:15pm I ate one piece of bread and 800mgs of DXM. Around 9pm I wasn't noticing anything so I had another 200mgs. But then, like a flare going off in the night, I penetrated Sigma.

To describe it best would be by describing the visual effects. Normal DXM visuals consist of objects kind of moving around and shifting a little, but on Sigma my entire field of vision moved. Once again I went to my smoke spot (a contained room deep in the basement of my dorm where it's safe to light up) and was just put out of my mind by the visuals. The reefer never had so much effect, even though I smoke it constantly, as it did during this portion of the trip. It was on this day that I got onto the message board and began to type a number of things about DXM being an object of control exerted over our human evolution, and being in my darkened room with the world becoming more and more abstract, I believed it.

Somehow I made my way back up to my room around 2am and took a slug of NyQuil, though I knew that wouldn't really help me sleep all that much, even though I was exhausted from the previous days. When in my room there was a little more light than the smoke spot, and I think it was during this time, when I was about to sleep, that I truly reached Sigma. I got completely abstract and unimaginable visuals; I saw a large worm-like creature come squirming out my wall; my body shrank, it grew; my room stretched off into infinity or rose higher and higher from my site, as if I were in a large missle silo. As one would expect I remember very little about this portion of the trip, but I think it was well worth it.

Wednesday, Oct 11
I woke up with my brain pulsating against my skull. I had slept in far past my normal time (somehow, even though I had carefully set my alarm clock, it was turned off…) and headed right out for my noon class. Walking to class wasn't difficult, even though I hadn't had any coffee or breakfast. My history class meets in a large auditorium with dim lighting, to put emphasis on the lecturer. Midway through the lecture, I started to notice that the curtains were shifting. A thought, a memory, skirted my mind: Sigma lasts for quite a while once you actually get there. Suddenly I was tripping, and the world began to shift and scale once more. I was completely unable to take notes or listen at all, so I sort of sat back and let my mind fade away into nothingness. Then the class was over and I scrambled to put my supplies away, acting very slow and intoxicated. I made my way back to my dorm and ate little lunch once again. Later that night I went back to my smoke spot and still had crazy visuals and thoughts.

Thursday, Oct 12
No DXM on this day, just a day of recovery and contemplation. I believe after two rounds of sleep the effects finally wore off. I started to eat a little more food and drank lots and lots of water. I hope no one finds this too gross, but I had noticed that my urine was very dark yellow. I know DXM and DXO come out in urine in their unaltered states, so drinking water is always the best way to get something out of my system.

Friday, Oct 13
Spooky day! I awoke feeling better than before, still severly exhausted but able to function as normal. I was still not very hungry and ate little at lunch. Around dinner time I stared at the menu and decided instead to have a bagel with cheese and for desert, 500mgs of DXM. Though my over-saturated body was only beginning to recover, I knew it wanted one more little taste of Sigma. Having smoked up all my reefer I was a little hesitant, but I went and did it anyway. It took more than an hour to set in, but soon I was back once more on Sigma, with its complete visuals and overwhelming sense of awe.

Here is where the trip diverges somewhat. Since I was out of reefer I instead packed a bowl of salvia and headed off to my spot with my 8' travelling bong, 'L'il Jr.' I had heard that the DXM+Salvia combo was very interesting and always wanted to try it, so I took an extra-large, deep, hot hit of salvia (cooking it the way you're supposed to, getting the leaf very hot and all; not being able to cough helped me hold it down).
As I exhaled, though, I think I blacked out. The next thing I remembered was being in salvia-space, and having a strange command repeated over and over again in my head, 'Workers work!' I got the impression that Lady Salvia (I had only heard she existed, but now I'm sure) was trying to break through into our world just like we break through into hers. I saw Salvia space for all of its horror and irregularity. I was looking at a large factory of some sort, and a train getting ready to depart from its station. Suddenly, I was noticed: 'You will become part of us-' was now the command. To my horror I found my body to changing into some sort of machine; my arm was becoming a wheel spoke and my head was slowly collapsing. Fighting this urge with all of my might I began to 'flip out' of Salvia space and got the impression that I was moving through many different dimensions, until suddenly I was back at my smoke spot, looking at my bong in a kind of wonder. The bong had been the smokestack of the locomotive…Obviously a big subconcious connection on my part. My head reeled and suddenly I was back, the commands were being pounded into my head once more, and I was becoming part of the machinery once again! I fought it this time, and quickly found myself back in the real world, terrified and staring at the salvia in my bong as if I were looking at a pit viper. Still feeling the numbing and deleriuous effects of the Salvia I stood up slowly and with a rage tossed the remaining salvia down a drain pipe, almost near the point of crying, I was so scared of it. Just thinking about it not 13 hours removed sends goosebumps up my arms. When I got back to my room I destroyed the rest of my salvia and threw it down the trash chute. I plan to buy more eventually, but I'll go for extract. When I truly do break through I want it to be on my terms, with me in the driver's seat. As I rolled around drifting off to sleep I got more crazy visual effects, but they were somewhat muted. I remember reading that nicotine inhibits Sigma activity in a way, and I had smoked a cigar a little while after dosing, not remembering this fact. Still, I think I touched Sigma again.

Saturday, Oct 14
I woke up today feeling refreshed and with no hangover. I think it's finished, for now. Around noon I went and ate food, lots of it- Chicken, pasta, french fries, vegetables, making up for all the meals I missed in the last week. I sit here writing this trip report with a full belly, a large mug of cappucino, and a sense of satisfaction for the events of the week, even if my horrendous encounter with Lady Salvia kind of put a damper on the end of it.

Sigma is worth it! I wouldn't recommend doing it during school or anything, tho, and a trip sitter would be a good idea. Though I didn't have one per se, I was always surrounded by people who wouldn't have hesitated to help anyone in need, so I felt secure in this aspect.

The sun is shining outside and in my heart, and though I think I'm confused about the true purpose of DXM, I know for certain now that I'll need a break from it for a while. I know I said exactly two weeks ago that I wasn't taking DXM for a month, but; well, plans change. I'm aiming more for three weeks of sobriety at this point, and I think that if I hit three weeks, I can add another with no difficulty. I won't plan for a large chunk of time off, just take it one week and one day at a time. But I will return to DXM and one day far off I will once again walk in synch with Sigma, for that is the ultimate acheievement of DXM and the best purpose of binging as I did. I reached Sigma in my own way but I don't know if it would work for others. I still don't think Sigma is quite for everyone, it's really, really intense and without very good control over my trip I think I would have lost my mind quite easily.


Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3307
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 25, 2001Views: 23,702
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