Sheer Intensity
Citation:   Julien. "Sheer Intensity: An Experience with DiPT (exp33104)". Jul 11, 2004.

100 mg insufflated DiPT
My friend C had received the substances DPT, DiPT, and others that night and was excited to try them out. I had finished reading Daniel Pinchbeck's 'Breaking Open the Head' and was very trepidatious of DPT because it was dubbed a 'demonic molecule ' in the book. Pinchbeck described the DPT experience as terrifying, which was further upheld by internet accounts of the the drug's effects. There were four of us in total and we all agreed we'd take DiPT instead as it was supposed to be an auditory drug.

It didn't sound too involving.

C had tried smoking DPT earlier, despite our trepidations, but the tin foil pipe and deli-issue lighter didn't do the inhalation much justice. A butane lighter and glass pipe seem essential for max. efficiency. I decided to snort 100mg of DiPT.

Upon snorting it I noticed it burned my nose and throat quite intensely. The drip in my throat seemed overwhelmingly hot and unpleasant. It tasted like melted lawn furniture. Within minutes I was sweating profusely and felt nauseous. I tried laying down but I already started to hallucinate which completely caught me off guard because I thought it was simply an auditory drug. The hallucinations were building up fast, much like an LSD trip.

I had to race to the bathroom b/c I felt very nauseous. By the time I got the bathroom, I could no longer look at my girlfriend who followed me. Looking at her swirling face as it morphed into old age was too much for me. All sound had a sharp drop in pitch.All movements of my girlfriend and my appendages had a digital quality as if time was slowed. I was seeing tracers of the movements like Duchamps 'Nude Descending the Staircase'.
Any audible music coming from other rooms had a demonic metallic chime sound. It felt very icy and twisted. I was hallucinating in the most bright, flourescent colors, seeing indistinct bones and skulls lying in piles in the bathtub. I was scared because I didn't expect to hallucinate like this, and the somewhat familiar time loop that accompanies acid trips was in full effect. Many times I thought time had stopped and I was stuck for eternity. I felt the need to scream, but I had enough sense of self to avoid that as seeing a negative reaction from my girlfriend might make everything even more freaky. I simply could not talk.

Eventually, the nausea wore off a bit and I was led into the bedroom to watch VH1 Classic. Bad idea. The images coming at me seemed perfect fodder for this world's hyperspeed, shifting dimensions of demonic futurism. The videos were typical 80's fare, but the mellodrama of their content fed into my visions with precision: At times I felt rushes in my body of diving downwards, the music diving in pitch , in synch, as the images morphed into dead-end , demonic narratives, only to be rushed upwards, the sounds rising to the most subtle quivering silence.

The rushes upwards felt as if I were a needle being shot up to the heavens, hovering, listening to the slight tingle of baby crystals. My body shuddered compulsively. It was like I was in the Lawnmower Man. Then, I'd go back down to Hell again. The colors around the TV would turn red, and the whole cycle would start again, over and over. It was frightening and exhilerating at the same time.

Post peak, I was experiencing the same time loops and intense visuals, but with less fear. The pin shots to the heavans seemed more pretty and humbling, and the lows less painful.

By the time the effect started to wear off, 4 hours later, I would think it had gone away, only for it to sneak up behind me as if the effect itself was taunting me. By the time, the visual had run dry, I was still hearing the auditory effects quite strongly. Everyone's voice sounded to be underwater, with a much lower pitch. Every sound was synthesized, and as if it were blown through a metallic tube. This effect accentuated my tenitus and lasted throughout most of the next day. It gave most music a sinister sound, as if chains were rattling everywhere. It gave me the creeps.

In short, it seems my experience was all encompassing. Maybe it was my dose. Maybe some DTP was in there too, unbeknownst to us, but it was defintely stronger and more intense than any acide trip I've ever taken. Use with caution. This isn't for ev eryone. THe sheer mechanical iciness of it was scary. LSD by comparison felt completely organic.

A strange and inriguing drug. I'm not sure if I'd take it again, but recommended to experienced psychonauts.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33104
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 11, 2004Views: 20,184
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