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Psychedelic Tea
Citation:   Jamshyd. "Psychedelic Tea: An Experience with 2C-D (exp33196)". May 20, 2004.

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5.0 mg rectal 2C-D (liquid)
I am seeing a trend here. All psychedelics that I have not been too excited about turn out to be amazing. This was certainly the case for 2C-T-2 and now 2C-D. Funny though, all psychedelics that I WAS very excited about turned out to be not too good, such as Iprocetyl and MDMA. The only exceptions to this so far were DPT and DiPT – I loved them both on paper, and I loved them even more after trying them.

But anyways, on to the report!

5 mg of 4-Methyl-2,5-Dimethoxyphenethylamine (2C-D) were very easily dissolved in 5 ml of water. No stirring or anything required. This was then loaded into a clean, needle-less syringe and administered rectally. I am 120 lbs, VERY sensitive to all Phenethylamines I tried, and to me, rectal dosages usually have effects equal to the double of that dose taken orally (so, in this case, the effects are the equivalent of 10 mg oral). Now, I usually take my Phenethylamines orally since that is, in my opinion, the best way to take them. However, since 2C-D isn’t very potent in relation to its price, I decided I will go with this route since it was just a ‘test drive.’

And what a test drive it was!

First, this is THE most uncomfortable compound I have taken rectally. It had a significant burn (nothing serious – certainly not like the nose burn – but still annoying). It was also trying to force itself out. But within 5 minutes the discomfort suddenly passed and I was left in a very relaxed state with a very clear mind.

And in fact, this state kept intensifying over the next hour. By 20 minutes I was most definitely feeling it. There was an almost shocking sharpening of the senses. Thoughts flowed at ease. At that time, I decided to take a walk. I took my mp3 player with me (I had music by Metric on it – great new band btw, check them out). There was unusual clarity in the music. It was as if I could dissect all the different sounds. The body felt very nice too. As a matter of fact, during the walk I decided that this felt in every way identical to 10 mg rectal DiPT, sans the sound effects. I was in a very clear and sharp state of mind, yet I also had a definite feeling of ‘yeah, I’m drugged.’ A powerful ++. There were absolutely no visuals (not even tracers) other than a very nice intensification of colours… a general “warmth.”

One thing I noticed is that I was sweating profusely. Maybe it was this particular day, however, it felt like I sweated more than I usually do at such a temperature. Otherwise, I felt really good, and I could enjoy the music a LOT. It also seemed that, though time passed real quick, I was able to “enjoy more” on a second-to-second basis, if that makes sense.

By the time I got home (around T+1:00), I decided that, although this was EXTREMELY similar to DiPT, there were some subtle differences that cannot be put into words. There was a strong stimulation but it was coupled with some sedation as well. I will be worried about this single aspect when I decide to try this substance at psychedelic levels in the future. I also became aware of neck/shoulder tensing, but this was nothing as bad as 2C-E. However, it did remain till after the comedown.

At that time I just felt like lying down and listening to music, so I popped Enigma’s Voyageur into the player and had a wonderful time just experiencing the music in all of its fine details. It was just wonderful. After that was done, I decided to make myself some tea and sit and read. By the time I started reading (and drinking), it was about T+1:30. I was definitely peaking. Actually, 2C-D also feels a lot like Tea (but more intense, of course): Stimulating and relaxing at the same time. I was in the middle of “Man and His Symbols” by Jung et al. This was not the first Jung book I read, but it was the most satisfying. The 2C-D had the effect of really immersing me in my reading, with very good free associations going on. However, I found it a bit difficult to concentrate. The tea probably made it a bit easier, but not too much.

At around T+3:00, I began to drop. The comedown is very subtle but there is a definite point where I stopped feeling ‘high.’

Wow. I LOVE 2C-D, at least at this dose. I generally do not like being ‘fucked up on drugs’ and this was a very sharp and clear and I love it. I am very excited about seeing what it does at psychedelic levels. At this dose, I will call it a ‘Psychedelic Tea’ – tea in the manner that the British stereotype drinks at 5 o’clock .

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33196
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 20, 2004Views: 26,257
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2C-D (103) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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