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Escaping the Movie
Salvia divinorum
by shunya
Citation:   shunya. "Escaping the Movie: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp33205)". May 4, 2004.

2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)


I have had the incredibly good fortune to be shown unspeakable things and given answers to life's greatest secrets from a mysterious being that western science refers to as 'salvia divinorum'. This being, this power, has been very kind and gentle with me every time I have approached it, regardless of my ignorance. I truly feel that it is a most benevolent entity, concerned only with awakening our consciousness to the wonder and beauty of existence. I am in total awe, left completely dumbfounded and speechless with every experience. There are no words to describe the experience; even music fails at conveying it, but it comes damn close, perhaps closer than any other medium of communication...

This magnificent being has never hesitated to toss me into the depths of the cosmos, allowing me to suspend peacefully in a bodiless dimension...within seconds of taking a few hits i've already been pulled out of my body, i'm left levitating...then as i take more hits i suddenly merge with existence; all sense of 'I' disappears totally, and 'I' cease to exist; the cosmos is the only reality now. Not caring about a single thing at all, fully aware and overjoyed at realizing our sentient nature, that these bodies and personalities and egos of ours are completely aritificial, that we are just a pure, innocent consciousness that is participating in a very silly 'movie set' of sorts that is our daily world, our everyday life.

The power pulls me temporarily out of my body and out of this pseudo-reality, this pointless drama that we're busily engaged in, and makes me a witness to it, so that i can see the absurdity of it all. And even after i come back to my body, the awareness that this being bestows upon me, it stays and builds itself into my consciousness...with every other plant ally or psychedelic substance that i've tried the effects seem to wear off with the cessation of the trip...but this magical being bestows awareness and intends on you keeping it...your consciousness is permanently altered; you go home with your cosmic transforms our lives completely, revoloutionizing our consciousness, given that we're ready to make such drastic changes in our lives and perceptions.

The being communicates with me telepathically, and the communication happens instantaneously. It wants me to learn, it tries hard to teach me, to open my eyes and see, but i know that i didn't catch everything it wanted to show me...i feel sad that i just cant get it right. But the being is most compassionate and understanding and is not upset in any way; she remains so patient with me at all times...she is my true mother.

This power has shown me death. She has shown me what my own death will be like, and to me this falls under the category of superhuman knowledge... with such an understanding of death i no longer worry...i used to obssess over death constantly, worrying about whether or not i had enough 'good karma' to be free of this endless cycle of birth and death, or enough to at least get a good next birth...but this being showed me that it doesn't work that way, that consciousness is the basis of existence, that our consciousness is what matters, and that we're already all enlightened in our present state but just not aware of it we've become so identified with our roles that we've completely forgotten that it's just a movie, a play, this body being an 'after-school assignment' of sorts but not the real thing by ANY means...and so the actions that our bodies perform can have no real influence on our individual futures because our own understanding frees from all burdens...

Shes so sweet and so caring, pure love and consciousness and wants to help us find our way because we poor humans, we just can't seem to get it right...she reminds me of my real home, my true home, which is existence, the universe, and shows me my cosmic ancestery...just another phantom in this cosmic ocean on a grand adventure that has no beginning and no ending...

this being has shown me our eternal nature, our oneness with existence, and has taken me to that far-off, beautiful place deep within myself where death has no meaning, a place long forgotten about that has always existed and will always...

graceful divine entity showering love enlightened presence benevolent being cosmic journey unexplainable eternal bliss and truth melting dissolving into space absorbed by the cosmic womb mystical adventure master destroying old forms giving birth to the new face to face with infinity...the drop becomes the ocean

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33205
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 4, 2004Views: 13,221
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