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A No-Time Environment
Citation:   poppabear. "A No-Time Environment: An Experience with DPT (exp33355)". Jul 18, 2013.

  rectal DPT (powder / crystals)
Well after having secured some 500mg of DPT I was overly excited to try some. Going home for a week of Easter break seemed the perfect chance to try some psychedelics. Before DPT I had been smoking DMT for about a month so I figured whatever DPT could throw at me would be cake. I even thought maybe once I was on the DPT I could always freebase some DMT...I never ended up doing that. I remembered reading online about a guy who stuck a piece of toilet paper that was soaked in some DPT liquid. He said effects were great and came on real fast. Well I decided to do the same thing one afternoon.

I put probably 10mg or less in a small gel capsule and stuck it up there. I could detect effects I about 15 min and it came on more in obver the next 30 minutes and lasted for about 2 hours. Overall I experienced some body energy and an altered focus of vision, as well as the feeling of wanting to jump out of one's skin, which I usually experience when i'm going to more fully trip. Instead it didn't go anywhere, obviously because I barely did any, what is important to note is that I did get a body high off of barely any DPT through the rear door method.

The second time I did it was the next night as I was going to pick up my friends to go to my other friend's house who's parents were out. I did an enema this time assuming this might help in absorbtion of the DPT I also did twice as much as last time maybe 20mg, keep in mind I was always eyeballing my doses, which is never a good idea.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

Anyways I got there and sat in the parking lot waiting for my friends to get their alcohol while I bugged out, watching the scenery distort and while my body majorly shaked from energy. Also all the times I did DPT I went through an hour or less of being cold and shaking. So combined with energy and shaking from seeming coldness, it was quite amusing to watch myself at times. So for the next two hours I tripped, had no profound thoughts, and found it a little hard to follow conversations, I was also very gitty and smiley. I came down right around the 2.3hour mark. Real short trip.

After each time I dosed on DPT I also noticed that the day after and so forth I felt much more positive, almost like DPT is an antidepressent or something.

Next night after Easter dinner, I dosed again up the ass with twice as much as last time, so maybe 50-70mg, who knows. It came on so much slower like 1.5hours, and my friends who dosed almost the same amounts through their stomachs only got chill, positive, happy, and speedy the whole night. Meahwhile I was really losing my shit I started loving conversations, then seeing weird hues outside, also was shaky, smiley etc. But then I really started shifting like I never saw any real visuals however everything was percieved differently. It was a little difficult to follow linear conversations as my short term memory wasn't as easily accessible. I tripped for 6 hours but really came down body and all in 9 hours. I didn't even sleep that night. And yes it is a little tricky to fall asleep at nite if you do it before sleep. My trip was unique in that I felt like I was cognitively, perceptually tripping. It was all highly mental, however mental in that my short term memory of what I was seeing or just saw disintegrated much faster, so that I felt I was interacting in a no time environmnet, where linearity was more non-existant. In this space I was realizing the insantity of perceptual reality, how people are constantly referencing their memories to fascilitate behaviors and filter what emotions they decide to let out, and what they do not. Anyways no big revelations but I will say I felt I was in a bit of a skethy environment as I didn't want some of my friends to know I was tripping, so I had some anxiety. I would say that in an outdoor environment at day or with a chill group of folks, one would feel less distracted into maintaining some normalcy. Environment could play a real huge factor in seeing what this drug can offer.

I also feel that DPT is a big mental oriented, and would work wonderfully if taken with something else more grounded and emotional/eneergetic, like even pot, or E, or other stuff like 4-aco-mipt/ho/dipt etc. or whatever brings more cushy feelings and openeness for ya. I know sticking stuff up your butt is weird for some, but when you consider that you'll get a lot more for your money, not have to deal with enzymes in your stomach that break down the potency before it reaches your brain, it's well worth it. Other than snorting or freebasing or injecting, it's probably the best way to get it into your body, plus you can eat during your trip or beforehand, and I truly feel that having food for the trip is important. Doesn't leave you as burned out as well. Well peace my friends and happy journeys.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33355
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 18, 2013Views: 5,456
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