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The Yin and Yang of Morning Glories
Morning Glory Seeds
by pH 0
Citation:   pH 0. "The Yin and Yang of Morning Glories: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp3337)". Erowid.org. Dec 24, 2001. erowid.org/exp/3337

7.5 g oral Morning Glory (seeds)


This report describes what may be my last morning glory experience. I've described my other experiences in a separate report in which I discuss various dosages and preparations. In this report I've tried to focus on describing the effects in detail.

I took 7.5 g of seeds finely ground and soaked them in Zippo fluid to get rid of toxins (it didn't!). After drying, I swallowed the powder in gel caps, which was infinitely more pleasant than drinking seed sludge like the last time I'd tried eating seeds. I spread the dose out over half an hour to avoid the nausea I anticipated, since I've been told that swallowing 18 pills is enough by itself to make many people sick, but I had no problems. I took some vitamin C just for grins.

After about and hour (counting from the first pill) I had a slight headache and felt a little strange. By T+1:22 I was definitely feeling something. My teeth felt funny and I was generally uncomfortable. At T+1:38 I had enlarged pupils, loss of balance and coordination, and an aching jaw. I was not hungry at all despite a strong interest in chewing. Gum didn't help.

At T+2:00 things started to get good. I was very confused, and as I tried to write, the shadows cast by my hand were beautiful and distracting. I sat down to listen to some Shpongle (by favorite standby), which was incredible. I felt like I wouldn't be able to talk if I needed to because I was enjoying the music so much. Eventually I had to dance, which felt amazing. I tried to read a Chinese and English edition of the Tao Te Ching. The first chapter seemed important, and all the Chinese writing seemed charged with mysterious meaning, but most of the book seemed frivolous. The overall mood of the trip was mellow despite being fairly intense. I didn't feel like I was having to fight to control it like I usually do with acid. Only the body load kept dragging my down.

At T+3:22 things were still getting stronger. Writing had become very tedious. I was glad I'd stayed home, as the body load was quite bad. I spent most of my time after this point sitting down watching TV. I saw some Hanna Barbera cartoons from 1973, and I was struck by the strangeness of the Cold War paranoid they exhibited. I also was amazed at how the characters in all the cartoons fit roughly the same archetypes, and how the plots are also quite similar.

The visuals at this point we fascinating. I especially remember my long-hair Siamese cat. The way the light caught in her fur made a beautiful aura. Things in the bathroom looked almost like an exaggerated oil painting, and everything seemed radiant and surreal. I was able to see my cats as strange alien creatures with their own motives and perceptions rather than just thinking of them as animate pillows as I normally do.

By T+4:30 I was beginning to worry. I'd been experiencing nausea for some time, and was wondering if I should vomit. I felt like I was in complete conscious control. I called a friend to ask about his morning glory experiences, but he was little help. I was afraid for my life and asked my friend to call 911 if I didn't call back for a long time. I say 'afraid', but what I felt wasn't fear. Nothing had seemed scary or disgusting during the whole trip. I knew puking would be unpleasant, but that was also very abstract. Self-preservation just felt like a responsibility I needed to live up to rather than any kind of desire.

I tried several times to induce vomiting by thinking about it but I eventually had to use my finger. It took several very strong and unpleasant heaves to get everything out. I was plagued for the rest of the day by the thought of grainy seed particles in my throat and nasal passages.

Despite the sobering effect of vomiting, I was still tripping as hard as ever. Watching TV became unpleasant because everything was either patronizing or disturbing. I eventually settled down to watch Rug Rats. Thank god for children's shows! It felt very good watching a show designed to teach children what the world is like. It was exactly what I needed.

At about T+7:00 I was feeling well enough to do some cleaning, especially since the mess in my apartment was really dragging me down. Watching TV designed to teach children not to be selfish had also infused me with a need to think about how the mess would affect my girlfriend, so I was partly cleaning up for her, too. This part of the trip and the remainder would have been pleasant if I hadn't had such a long day already.

By T+8:00 my girlfriend came up. I was very glad to see her. My trip had calmed down a lot, but I was still incoherent and by body was uncomfortable. I was able to be happy, though. I wasn't able to eat much despite not having eaten since breakfast. My pupils were still dilated and lights were painfully bright.

At around T+11:30 we finally went to bed. I normally take a long time going to sleep but my girlfriend said this time I went out like a light. I felt completely normal the next day. It's an experience I'm glad to have had, but I would not want to repeat it.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3337
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 24, 2001Views: 98,522
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Morning Glory (38) : Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1), Alone (16)

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