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Tunnel Experience
Salvia divinorum (10x extract)
by Dave C
Citation:   Dave C. "Tunnel Experience: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (10x extract) (exp33486)". Erowid.org. Jun 3, 2007. erowid.org/exp/33486

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)


My first experience with salvia was about 2 months ago. Before that experience, I hadn't experimented with anything quite as intense. I'd smoked my fair share of marijuana, and I'd experimented with morning glory a couple times (which I loved). However, I was ready for something different. Prior to the experience, I'd researched salvia intensely.

Luckily, my parents were gone for the weekend, so I was able to use my house without the fear of being caught. Also, I had a couple of close friends for extra comfort. One of my friends had smoked salvia many times, so he was able to guide me and explain the process. Using a glass bowl, he loaded a generous bowl of 10x concentration. I dimmed the lights, sat on the coach, and mentally prepared myself for the adventure. I took the hit rather slowly because I wasnt sure how quickly I would get the urge to cough. I was able to fill my lungs with the smoke and I held for what seemed an eternity. As soon as I exhaled, the effects were instant.

It was as if someone had pressed a 'zoom out' button. Everything around me seemed so far away and I felt seperated, as if I was stuck in a portal between worlds. Then, I began to laugh hysterically at absolutely nothing. It was uncontrollable. It actually wasnt very enjoyable. It was the kind of euphoric laugh that happens after smoking marijuana. I felt embarassed because I knew that I was laughing at absolutely nothing and I knew that everyone was watching me. Then as randomly and suddenly as it began, the laughing stopped. The journey began.

Although I had been the only one making any noise with my laughing, the mood during that short period was one of hysteria and confusion. When the laughing stopped, it was as if someone had snapped their fingers and everything froze. The mood instantly changed. There was dead silence and I just stared at the wall in front of me. As I rotated my hands in front of my face, red lights shot from my fingers and formed a tunnel towards the wall. At the end of the tunnel was a bright red light. It was a similar pattern to that in the hallway at the end of The Matrix after Neo stands up and faces the agents, only instead of green, it was a soothing red.

It was my job to keep the tunnel up because it was not stable. There were hundreds of brown troll-like creatures trying to get throught the tunnel. However, my hands seemed to have a mind of their own. Whenever my hands involuntarily moved, the tunnel's flowing red pattern would be disrupted. One of the strangest things I noticed was the way I perceived everything around me. I was vaguely aware of my friends standing and watching me, but they seemed very distant. Whenever one of them talked, I would not hear the voice. I would see the voice. I could see the soundwaves ripple through the air and they would hit my tunnel, causing it to sway.

Naturally, I became annoyed at my friends, so the mood was harshened a bit, but I didn't care because the only thing I was worrying about was keeping the tunnel up. Although my time perception was greatly altered, I was told that the trip lasted about 4 minutes. I did not enjoy the 40 minutes after the trip. I felt as if everything was pushing me down from all directions and I felt suffocated. I also noticed that I was drenched in sweat. My entire body felt sharp. That's the only way I can describe it. I felt like there was an invisible mold around me, and the only way to get through it was to cut my way through it. It was as if my arms were like knives and the air had the consistency of butter, so I had to cut my way through it. After those 40 minutes, I was basically back to normal, just a little out of it.

Since then, I've done salvia once, but only a small dose. I'd like to wait a little longer before I take another full dose. I just don't feel like I'm ready to experience something that intense again. I don't want to scare people away from it, but it is a very intense experience, so just make sure you know what you're getting in to.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33486
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 3, 2007Views: 6,147
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