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Night and Day Trippin
Citation:   Skylined. "Night and Day Trippin: An Experience with LSD (exp33531)". Nov 6, 2019.

1 hit   LSD (liquid)
  1 hit   LSD (liquid)
My trip began early that day. It was about 11:00 a.m. when I took the first hit. Although this could have been mind over manner, I believe I felt the effects of LSD the second it dissolved in my mouth (I also felt this way almost immediately after taking shrooms). Of course, the effects weren't very strong but I noticed a slight change in consciousness. Colors began to get a lot brighter and I noticed something was different. However, I wasn't exactly sure what it was. After about an hour, I was disappointed that I didn't experience any kind of hallucination. At least it wasn't what I expected. At this point, my mind was altered a great deal and the colors were very enhanced. They were absolutely beautiful.

This is when I decided to take the sec ond hit. It ended up being a very stupid decision because I was called into work. I was a waitress, and this is definitely not something I want to be doing while I'm tripping! I went to work at 3:00 p.m. and worked until about 8. I was very uncomfortable at work because I was sweating a great deal. Perspiration was dripping from my body. One minute I was hot, the next I was cold. I also kept knocking things over. I was a very klutzy waitress. Lets just say I didn't get very good tips that night! One thing I noticed about my experience, which was similiar to shrooms, was my imagination. I would look at something and imagine myself to be somewhere else. As if I were in a movie or a different world. For example, when I looked at a table under this very bright light I imagined I was in a movie. There was a person sitting at that table smoking a bowl. When I was on shrooms, I imagined that while I was walking down the street I was actually in the ocean. I thought the lawn sprinkler was a huge wave. Anyway, let's stay on the subject of LSD....

When I finally arrived home from work, I listened to a lot of music. A lot of Pink Floyd of course, some punk rock, basically anything I liked a lot. Later that night, when I tried to go to sleep, I found that my eyes refused to shut. They would immediately bulge open. This is when things took a turn for the worse....

The nighttime part of the trip was the hardest. The shadows on my windows transformed into monsters. (I had been waiting for a visual all day, and this was what I got!) Some of them looked like skeletons. I thought I was going to die. I kept thinking that maybe I should leave a note for my mom and apoligize to her. I wanted to tell her that I loved her. I was really starting to panic. This was very scary and at one point I wanted to start crying. I did eventually calm myself down, but this took about an hour. Eventually, I did fall asleep. It was about 3 a.m. but it finally happened.

All in all the trip was amazing during the day. It was a very interesting experience. LSD is probably the strangest drug I have ever taken. The night was difficult, but I made it through. I learned that I like shrooms a lot better. I've never had a difficult experience on shrooms and this is why I like them over LSD. Every shroom experience has been highly pleasurable and a life changing journey. LSD was pleasurable at first, but difficult at the end. It wasn't the least bit life changing, just mind altering. VERY mind altering.

Exp Year: ExpID: 33531
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 6, 2019Views: 762
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LSD (2) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Various (28)

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