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Citation:   Phinslit. "Erotic: An Experience with DiPT (exp33798)". Jul 14, 2004.

104 mg oral DiPT (liquid)
It was a friday night at 6pm and most of my friends had left town. I go to college in a rather small college-town, and most people go home for the weekend. My roommate was out at play practice and would be gone for a significant portion of the evening (at least until 11pm). It seemed that I would have several hours to myself and it seemed an appropriate time to take a significant dose of DiPT and possibly figure out some things in my life. At that point, I was experiencing some significant depression due to difficulty adjusting to college and living on my own. I've been having trouble coping, and I've turned to hallucinogens in an attempt to take a look at my life and figure out just what's going on. In retrospect, I'm not quite sure if I did figure anything out.

As a general background with my psychedelic experience, I've had several experiences with p. cubensis and lsd. Each trip has provided me with some significant insight into my life (both good and bad). I've also tried MDMA once, 2C-I several times, and some DXM. The latter three had less significant (and less lasting) an impact on me. Research chemicals to me have always seemed more of an on-the-side kind of drug, to be enjoyed, but not to be used as a tool for learning or growth as I find P. Cubensis or LSD to be.

I obtained 500mg of DiPT several weeks ago and since then have tried it at 25, 50, and 60mg (and shared some with friends) doses. I've experienced the lowering of sounds, disharmony of music, the addition of a 'tinny' rebound to everything (like the borg) (I played saxaphone in middle school and high school band for seven years, so I've experimented much with a piano and music). The surprising thing to me about DiPT was that the 'head trip' was pretty significant, but not overwhelming. I found the overall DiPT experience to be pleasant, mildly visual, and manageable with respect to mental effects.

At about 6:30pm, I measured 104mL of a DiPT-containing liquid from a graduated cylinder and poured it into a cup. The solution contained 1mg/mL of DiPT/water, making a 104mg dose. I ingested the dose right after. I had eaten some potato chips earlier, and within about 20 minutes I began to feel the typical tryptamine buzz. I became somewhat cold and drowsy (I usually become drowsy), and also fairly giggly. I felt a little pressure on my ears, and sounds were somewhat tinny. About twenty minutes later (T+ 0:40) sounds were significantly distorted, and I had a very intense body load, much like a stimulant. My body in general was cold and had a very erotic buzz, and my pupils were significantly dilated. Music (especially strings and brass) sounded crackly as if there was static. Time began to slow down a great deal and I lay back on my bed listening to the Requiem.

I felt incredibly intense rushes flowing over my body -- it was actually a lot like MDMA, but instead of being a sensual experience, it was very sexual. The rushes were physically pleasurable. For fifteen minutes (T+:45 to T+:60) I lay in my bed shivering from these rushes -- I was completely overwhelmed by the pleasure of the sensation. It followed a consistant sine-wave pattern, starting at my feet and then flowing through my body. It was pretty disorienting; for that fifteen minutes I was entirely unaware of anything else, even my mind was blank. This was unlike anything I had ever experienced, and especially not something I would have expected from DiPT.

Eventually it lessened, and my mental facilities returned. Closing my eyes, I tried to focus my mind on my life and I had some trouble getting there; a lot of random images and thoughts of things I had recently learned got in the way (I have the distinct memory of seeing a buckyball outline of carbon molecules). I managed to convince myself that everything would work out OK in the end -- I just need to put more effort into studying and spend less time sitting around being unproductive (which admittedly I do a fair amount of). It was a pretty simple realization, but my altered state made it much more significant a realization.

Somewhat pleased with myself, the idea came to me that I should take a shower to 'cleanse' myself. At around T+ 1:30 I undressed and got into the shower and had trouble adjusting the water so that it was comfortable. Once I did, I began to feel trapped by the curtain and I closed my eyes -- bad idea. Some fairly negative images flooded my mind. The scariest of which was that I saw myself in the shower and felt that the water dripping down my head was actually blood. I then remembered that my eyes were closed, so I opened them. Seeing the shower and the water grounded me into reality and I began talking myself down. I managed to calm myself somewhat and finish my shower (I have much more trouble on p. cubensis mushrooms talking myself down). I clothed myself and turned the light on and put on an episode of star trek to help me with a familiar setting, which took my mind off the negative images I had experienced in the shower.

I ended up watching two hours of star trek deep space 9, at the end of which I realized that I was significantly down from the peak of my experience (T+ 4:00). With most of the mental effects gone, I spent the next two hours listening to music, chatting with friends, and talking to my room mate. Although the metnal effects were mostly gone, I still had significant auditory distortion, which was pretty fun. At T+ 6:00, I was pretty tired, but I couldn't sleep because I was still too alert. I put on Back to the Future, and by the movie's end, the auditory effects lessened and I was finally relaxed enough to fall asleep, thus ending my trip. The next day I had residual pitch deepening, but I felt fairly good about myself, although my mental breakthrough was just a faint memory.

In retrospect, this was a pretty odd experience: the intense body and mind load were very overwhelming and something I had not expected from DiPT. I'm very curious to try it again and see if the body load was merely (well, not merely) due to set and setting, or if this is a specific effect which I experience at such a high dose. I find DiPT to be a fascinating drug because the trip seems to be manageable, the novel effects on hearing, and the exceptional mental effects. Unfortunately, the afterglow which I have experienced with MDMA, ecstasy, and P. cubensis seems to be lacking with DiPT -- the day after, the progress I seemed to make mentally did not 'stick' as it does with other drugs. Anyway, that about sums up my experience with 104mg of DiPT.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33798
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 14, 2004Views: 16,370
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