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Intense, Painful, and a Great Experience
H.B. Woodrose
Citation:   Korefuji. "Intense, Painful, and a Great Experience: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp33922)". Dec 7, 2007.

T+ 0:00
2 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
  T+ 0:35 1 seed oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
  T+ 1:30 2 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
The best experiences seem to be with between 2-8 seeds, though the method in which they're ingested varies too. Some crush and make it into a tea. Some chew it. Some use other methods. They all work, dependent on amount and so on. So, in theory, even taking two seeds the wrong way can fuck me up. Taking a lot more, the wrong way can fuck me up for good. I'm sort of prepared for that, I've sort of done what I need to get to this point. I will only take two seeds to begin. But should I take more and it goes bad, I think I'm prepared mentally.

The five seeds were in a sealed bag. They don't look amazing. Shit, they look like droppings. Or some special exotic nut. You can grab a handful of them and you'll have about fifty or so. I wouldn't advise eating them all, unless you plan to play 'Poker' with the devil. And he'll be doing all the poking.

My nails had grown longer. I used them to scratch of the brown skin on the seeds. I took a pair of scissors and tried to cut one gently to break it's shell. Of course, it didn't have a shell. I was holding the fucking seed. I assumed the brown bit was the 'husky shell'. It didn't look husky, but it did look like a shell. How the fuck did I know? I chipped a small bit off, but it wasn't significant. I don't even know how to take these, I mean, may be it is the shell. Will I end up poisoning myself? Acid rose up my throat. haven't been feeling to great since yesterday with the whole LXD crap. I still have 12 left. I'll finish those later. I tried to crush one between my fingers, but it just slipped out and I caught it before it fell. These fuckers are hard as hell.

I read the best way to take them is too constantly chew them and place them under your tongue. To make it easier to chew, place them in a glass of water and microwave. I decided to do this. But before I did, I needed to prepare. Take a piss, turn on the fan, turn off the lights, and stick on a few episodes of Futurama. Perhaps it was fate that made buy the complete set. Perhaps it was fate that made me randomly pick out the DVD in which Bender becomes God. It put a smile on my face as I saw this when I took the shrooms. I wondered whether I would fall asleep or if I could watch it through. They're supposed to be strong. I needed colour, quick movement, and jokes. Futurama had this all. The smartest cartoon since The Simpsons, and superior in so many ways. Most Americans didn't get it, so it got the can. Shame.

Time to prepare. I went downstairs, picked up transparent glass and dropped the two seeds in. I look at them in the glass and said,

'Time to rock my babies'

I poured some of the cheap mineral water my mother buys. I decided against using Evian as I would probably waste it if this was bad. I spun the seeds around with the handle of a spoon, and watched as the seeds danced to the flow of the water, round and round they went, like some synchronized competition. I placed the glass of water with the seeds in the microwave and shut it's door. Two minutes? Naw, let's go for one first. I tapped start and it began. Pearl Jam's 'Betterman' came into my head. Good song. I decided to go for another minute. It spun again. Pearl Jam's 'Whipping' was playing now. Good song. I touched the glass after I opened the door. HOT. I grabbed the over gloves, and saw murky water with two seeds at the bottom. I was impressed thus far. I grabbed some kitchen towel and wrapped the glass, taking it to my room. I left it to cool and will take it in a moment. Back soon, unless I'm dead.

The following is after taking the seeds and during the first few hours:

Ok I wasn't sure if that went right. I drank the resin water, and tried to chew the seeds. But they broke in my mouth. I tried to keep them under my tongue, but this didn't seem to work. I expected it to be chewable but it wasn't. I was watching the episode of Futurama where they have the 'What If' machine, and Fry asks 'What if life was like a video game?' It's brilliant, as I haven't seen this episode. It's so great! These are all the classics: Asteroids, Battlezone, Space Invaders. I shed a tear and respect the makers. I'm going to take one more seed, even though I already feel something from the other two. Nothing may happen you know, though I feel lightheaded. HOLY FECK! It's Q-Bert!

The left leg feels heavy, my right shoulder is iffy and now my right foot is going. Still, one more seed eh? I'll try without the, thing. I can't remember what's called. The foot? The girl. The foot. The foot. The...chicken. Wow. Colourful episode. One more seed. SEED! Leyla looks kinky in that garb. One eyed girls aren't so bad looking.

What I learnt, what I surmised from reading the accounts of others, I did not take on board. Perhaps it was my metabolism, perhaps it was idiocy, I don't quite know. I think it was disappointment. Here I was, I had taken two seeds, extracted resin in the water and knocked them back. I had given it at least 35 minutes or so, as indicated in most accounts, and nothing had happened. Futurama was making me laugh, it was great. I was enjoying it, but nothing was happening with the Woodrose.

I took another seed, I scraped the crap off it and stuck it in my mouth. I chewed it, without microwaving it this time, and it was tough. I felt my tooth was going to break. The saliva had softened it enough, and I could feel the jaws pressuring the seed to break. It broke, the saliva mixing with the inside of the seed, creating a potent liquid in my mouth, which I gulped down. I collected the broken seed with my tongue, pulling them back to the front of my mouth, resting them underneath my tongue. I would mix saliva at the bottom of my mouth with the broken seed, and squeeze, extracting more of the chemicals and swallowing them down to be affected. I would sometimes shew the seeds again, and once more place them under my tongue. Eventually it disappeared. Still, another thirty minutes and still no effect.

Annoyed with having waited nearly an hour and a half, watching Futurama, I was getting frustrated and bored. I lost interest and took the remaining two seeds in the same manner as I did with the single seed. I had taken the five seeds, I had consumed them all, when really I shouldn't have. Yet, it had been two hours now and no effects. I was pretty pissed off, I mean I felt more light, I had moderate changes, I could feel something, even if I couldn't tell what it was.

I watched some TV. Drank from my bottle of Evian. I was so disappointed with the experience, I thought I would end up having to tell my friends, 'You know I was going on about Woodrose and how good they are? Well, they're not man. I feel well cheated.' Of course I could write it up and say I had the most amazing experience ever, but it would have been lies, and I couldn't be fucked with lying. If I had a bad experience, why let others do the same? I would consider Morning Glory's as they supposedly work well, particularly with visual spells.

My thighs ached a little, particularly when taking a piss while standing, I could feel my bladder squeezing, and it then sending that pressure down the lower part of my legs near or around the pelvis area. It hurt uncomfortably, so I pissed slowly to ease the pain. My eyes were opening and closing a little more rapidly, and my focus was blurring a little. I put this down to tiredness and perhaps a side effect of the seeds. I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and splashed some water on my face. It was a pretty hot night by now, with the fan on full whack, and the extractor fan running.

I read if I went to sleep, the visuals would be strong, and sure enough, perhaps because I wanted them, my visuals were stronger, more abstract and completely incoherent, as soon as I had shut my eyes. Normally I sleep with music on, but I had turned everything off. I felt lousy and pissed off. I was seeing images at a rapid rate, and almost like tunneling with a fish eye lens through images, people, worlds. It was incredibly abstract and incomprehensible and I tried to get something more focused, more normal than I had experienced. I wasn't ready for abstract visuals when I had such a piss poor time with the Woodrose seeds. Work now? Fuck that, I'll fight it.

The time showed 1.00am on the clock when I went to bed. I had started early with the seeds, and I had no joy. I decided to hit the sack properly. I shut my eyes, and started to see some seriously odd shit. I went through tunnels, and, I don't know, spiritual journey's of some description. I felt I was floating, physically while exploring worlds in my head. It was good, and I enjoyed it. I seemed to quickly drift into sleep.

The following is a retrospective account several days after the experience, and was not easily forgettable:

It was rather sudden, but my eyes opened. When they did, the room was spinning around me, warping, glowing. I said to myself 'crap! NOW It hits me!'. I was annoyed because I didn't know how I could cope with it coming out of sleep. When I tried to look at the clock, I felt my body was being held down. Almost nothing was moving. I took a deep breath, and forced myself to my side. I couldn't focus on the clock with my eyes open. The world was just way too chaotic. Things seemed to be moving, swaying. Everything seemed bigger, or smaller than it's normal size.

To be honest, I was having difficulty keeping my eyes open, so I kept them shut. My bladder hurt, as I needed to take a piss. When I normally wake up from sleep, I kinda feel rough, now I was trying to wake up in a state of disorientation. I couldn't tell my left from right immediately. I had to pick up the clock, which had reasonable sized display. I closed both my eyes, staggering backwards into my bed, I opened my right eye a little and saw the time as 1.30am. I was a bit shocked, as I had only slept for 30 minutes, but I was totally screwed up.

I really needed to go to the toilet, and so I tried at first with my eyes open. But I just kept shutting them in the dark. I have a fan with a lamp on my ceiling. I went to grab the light side of the pulling lever to turn the light on. When I tried to grab it, it seemed to be drifting further away from me. By the time I gave up I was still on my bed, I hadn't actually moved, even though I felt I had. I had no focus, and things was just warping and moving way to fast for me to cope with. Sounds were louder, but I also felt quite numb physically.

Staggering and feeling my around to my door, it was quite difficult to open it. I couldn't figure it out if I pushed it in or out, I felt I had sort of woken up by now. I had been awake for what felt like hours, but looking at the clock it had been 5 minutes. I was exhausted, sweating and in some pain. I eventually made it the toilet, but I just couldn't be bothered with the light. I didn't have the will. When I realised it was too dark, I just had to turn the light on. Doing so almost blinded me, and I had to shut my eyes again.

Taking a piss was a difficult job. I felt I had to clean everything out of my bladder, and when I did, I felt huge pain round my upper thighs near the pelvic region. I had to urinate slowly to reduce the pain. My legs were in further pain, and I felt incredibly drunk, incoherent, and lost. I was shaking, I felt some panic about what was happening, as I regretted taking all five now, or at least going to sleep. If I was awake I felt I would have been better prepared.

Seeing as I couldn't stay awake, as I kept edging off my chair, I decided to throw myself onto my duvet. I lay there, staggered, tired, and beaten. I couldn't describe what I was feeling other than both uncomfortable and pleasurable. I was experiencing some mind-bending visuals, the likes of which I hadn't experienced even with LSD. At points they seemed more focused, and I felt I was 'with' people. I felt surrounded by people, it was quite odd. On the other hand, I was experiencing this and not being able to comprehend or to write this down, as I wanted to, was frustrating for me. The purpose of taking this was to document on the fly. I even wanted to record something on camera, but I just couldn't do anything. I was almost paralytic, and just sweated profusely.

I gathered enough energy to get to my PC, and thought putting on some Enigma might help. I thought, 'ambient and tribal' would be suited. It just got annoying as hell, so I turned over to some heavy metal. This proved folly also, which led to everything being turned off. The only sound now remaining was the extractor fan and the ceiling fan. It was calming, but at the same time the physical and mental distress I was going through was not slowing down, but was increasing.

To some extent, I felt I had gotten through the worst of it. I was now going through the 'oh my life sucks so bad, let's re-evaluate your existence' mode, as everything I had done to date was put together like some physical jigsaw puzzle that once put together completed my life as it was now. And then I saw how I could change it, and what it actually meant to be happy and so on. The revelations came and went, and I felt better by the hour mentally.

Physically I was in trouble. I wanted to call out to my mother, and say, 'I'm fucked'. I thought about calling the ambulance service, but I had doubts as to how bad it was. Well, it was bad enough that I was hallucinating about scary demons in my room, things shifting places, the room warping and spinning, my walls glowing. Things weren't quite right I knew this much, but I thought this could only last for another few hours. I would sit it out.

Of course, I completely messed this up as it didn't last a few hours. It lasted until the next morning at 3am on Sunday, having started on Friday night. For most of Saturday I was tripping, with more control in the later day, but still barely able to open my eyes. The sounds of the bids tweeting killed my head, and it felt like having my skull drilled into while I was awake. Tweet they went, die they didn't.

I drank lots of water, and juice. I tried to get some energy back over Saturday, and I went to the toilet 20-30 times during the day. As the day went on, and I controlled my visuals more, I became a lot more chilled than I had expected. I was still tripping though. So I couldn't open my eyes too much, because the whole world changed when I did. I was slow, my motor functions reduced. Comprehension and understanding were very minimal, I was in a euphoric state of calm mentally. Physically, I was still uncomfortable and going to the toilet a lot. Even after 12-16 hours, urinating was painful.

By Sunday, I was completely relaxed. Even when I was shouting, I felt stoned, so I wasn't shouting too much. I found it difficult to get angry or experience hyper tension as I often do. At one point I felt nothing could phase me ever again, and I was pretty damn happy. I hoped I could be that way forever, sadly I remembered I had work the next day. As Sunday continued, I started to wake up again mentally and physically, resetting to my original state. I was able to eat food again, which I found difficult to do during the experience. I felt refreshed and alive, and had a good dinner and a great sleep.

Overall, I think if I was awake, the startling reaction would not have been so intense. I expect the experience would remain as intense, but I would be better prepared for it. I will probably take 2-3 seeds initially, wait for a reaction BEFORE I take anymore. Or I may take five again.

It was a worthwhile experience, and in hindsight I enjoyed every moment of it. Even the bad, because most of it was pretty visually stimulating, and the side effects were a small part of the larger experience, as I was very high for all the time, even with the periods of insanity. I admit, I felt I was going a bit mad. I have mental health issues anyway, so perhaps this added to that, but then who doesn't have mental health problems?

I would definitely do it again, but I would recommend others take 3 seeds and move upwards from there if you feel like it if you're a first timer. I don't know if it's my own metabolism which took so long to get the seeds working, but when it happened, it hit me like a freight train. I will be repeating this with a friend, hopefully at least two, and wonder if more people would accentuate the experience further.

A very intense experience lasting two and half days. I look forward to more.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33922
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 7, 2007Views: 6,167
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