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Dont Feel Drunk, Definitely Feel Intoxicated
Butalbital, Caffeine & Acetaminophen
by Pharm
Citation:   Pharm. "Dont Feel Drunk, Definitely Feel Intoxicated: An Experience with Butalbital, Caffeine & Acetaminophen (exp33962)". Jun 21, 2018.

100 mg oral Butalbital
  80 mg oral Caffeine
  650 mg oral Acetaminophen


10:31 PM- Just ate two nice white pills containing butalbital in them, bsically generic Fioricet [Butalbital, Caffeine & Acetaminophen]. I've eaten butalbitals before, also under the name Fioricet. But they had codiene in them too, which was the whole reason I wanted to take them. Little did I know they had a miniscule amount of codiene, just enough to dull pain and encourage sleep, not nearly enough to get me any sort of opiate high. But I didnt know that then, so I suppose some sort of placebo effect contributed to me feeling a bit more doped up than I should have. Could have also been the butalbital, I'm not sure, but since those few times I ate them, I've been wanting to use barbs again, with or without the codiene. So I'm at my girl's grandfolks house last weekend and pull my usual 'I gotta use the bathroom' routine, which is just a front for me raiding old peoples medicine cabinets. Sadly, I later discovered they keep all the pills they use (i.e. Probably the good ones) downstairs, but I did manage to snatch a few butalbitals, and spotted some vicoprofins and clonazepams to grab at a later date.

10:37PM- Stomach feels a little unsettled. I ate some french fries, a salad, and a bbq samwhich around 7:30pm, with a pepsi one. Another pepsi one at around 9ish. Smoked a bowl of midgrade bud at 3 45pm, and took an adderal (30mgs XR) at about 6 am, all the effects from all those substances are pretty well long gone, but you know, gotta include them for researchs sake.

Part of the reason I like barbituates is they make it easier to fall asleep after Adderall wears off. And theyre good to stop fiending for heroin on nights I cant get any. Once the barbs kick in, I dont want to mix downers with downers, and dont care as much anyway.

10:41PM- Aha. Slight euphoric rise. I usually feel tingling from any drug in my legs first and it spreads up my body. Good lord, as I typed that sentence, I began feeling it in my temples and arms too. I'm kind of smiling for no reason.

10:43PM- Kind of hard to concentrate on writing this. I keep staring at nothing and thinking about the tingling in my body. Not verbal thoughts, more like I'm just sitting here feeling it. Feels quite nice. I think some music would complement this nicely as well, lets find out.

10:46PM- Turned on some of the slower, more chill Chili Pepper songs. They always match my mood very well on opiates. I dont feel as connected to the mood of the music as with opiates, but I keep unconsciously bobbing my head back and forth. My breathing has slowed drastically.
My breathing has slowed drastically.
The tingling remains but is subdued, now my head feels heavy, my temples kind of throb. Not uncomfortable, just makes me feel more tired, but thats part of the reason I took the stuff in the first place.

10:49- They dont just sedate, they intoxicate. Ha, I read that in some drug book about barbituates. In certain situations they do, I went to a dance kind of thing one night when I took those fioricets back in the day and had a grand old time. But a major part of a drug experience depends on the sitatuion and mood, and right now I just wanted to chill and relax, so thats basically whats happening.

10:51- Pardon my error, I do feel connected to the music now. But only if I'm not typing this thing. I can only really concentrate on one thing right now. I still keep staring off at stuff. It feels fun, and makes it easier to concentrate on my inner high. Cause remember, 'they intoxicate'. Okay, I just finished my cup of water. Time to go take care of a dogsitting job I took on this weekend. so far I can say I've had a substantial rise in euphoria, my ability to concentrate has suffered, but not my intellect or anything. Basically I feel pretty good in a chill, relaxed way. No crazy rush like heroin for me tonight. Oh well, this is still fun.

11:30PM- Approximatly one hour after dosing in and I feel great man. I went to chill with the dog for a minute but he was much too chill already, so I decided to head back home. Its only like a block from my house to the dog's house. I go halfway to my house and thought walking around my neighborhood would be fun. I changed my course and kept walking instead of going home, regardless of how my parents would feel when I got home. Lack of inhibitions anyone? During the walk, I had a lot of fun, just by myself.

At some point I walked by a dog behin a fence but couldnt see the fence at first, so when it barked I froze. I've been on countless walks around my neightborhood at night blazed out of my mind, and dogs seem to be a constant in this place. Usually the paranoia from them gets the best of me and I turn around and quickly walk the way I came from, but this time I hesitated then smiled and kept walking. More lack of inhibition. I kept walking, and was all alone, it being a bit late and all. It reminded me of a dream. Lucid dreaming or whatever. I kept seeing things and finding lots of symbolism in them, but I didnt know why or what they symbolized, only that they seemed to have some deep meaning that eluded me, which was funny for some reason. I wandered on and saw two black whores walk into this white dudes house. Crazy white dude, lost it in the war or somthing. I live in a middle-class mainly white neighborhood, but black hoes seem to be common for late night activities no matter where I go. I was stumbling a bit, nothing noticable.

People have associated barbituates with alcohol and benzodiazepines...its somwhere between the two, but not that much like either in itself. Of the three, I feel the most happy and relaxed right now. Alcohol is more of a stimulant in a paradoxial way. In high doses, barbs can be stimulating too in the same paradox. Benzos just knock me the fuck out, no fun at all. Nice to have around in case of a bad trip though. I havent used any or wanted to use any since one night I ate a bunch of valium and drank a few beers..then was dumb enough (I wonder why) to drink some rotgut wine and felt chilled out of my headhole, a little too much so. I woke up in the middle of the night covered in my own piss, as was my mattress and sheets. Not somthing I consider very fun.

Barbituates are beautiful though, I'm really enjoying this. I dont feel drunk, but I definitly feel the 'intoxication'. Typing is much more difficult. When I was walking, I noticed my limbs feel much more slack and relaxed, and theyve stayed that way. My neck wont work, my head keeps falling to the side. My eyes feel really heavy, lots of yawning. I dont feel intrested in the conversation I'm havin with my girl, and overall, I'm quickly desceding into sleep mode. I noticed my speech is kind of slurred and softer than usual. You could tell I was on somthing if I was around more than a minute, so I've been avoiding the parental factors. Anyway, this has been a lot of fun, nothing bad, decently good. Goodnight.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33962
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 21, 2018Views: 1,058
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