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The Gatekeeper and the Alternities
Salvia divinorum (10x extract)
by DarknessRomance
Citation:   DarknessRomance. "The Gatekeeper and the Alternities: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (10x extract) (exp33980)". Jun 11, 2007.

3 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)


Alright to start this story off coherently Iíll give you some background. I'm 16 and have pretty minimal experience with psychedelics. Iíve dropped acid a few times and mushrooms once, but all of those were weak except for the first acid trip, which I need to put in a trip report someday. I've always wanted to have a shamanic trip, and I was determined that the next time I got a chance I would really prepare for it and be ready.

My friend, lets call him Mike for the sake of anonymity, called me up one day and said he had some Salvia Divinorum, but only enough for him. I asked to come over just so I could see what he was like on it and possibly then order some online for myself. When I got over there he said that actually he did have enough for not only me, but two other people! So all four of us sat around his coffee table and began our preparations. We were in a small basement room with two very thin windows. They let small amounts of moonlight into the room, giving a creepy kind of effect. Mike had scattered soft lights all over the room, and there was a stereo playing some soft trance music. There was an 18' glass water bong set up on a coffee table in the middle of the room. There were three leather chairs and one loveseat set up around the coffee table. I got comfortble in the loveseat while Mike set it all up.

NOTE: all of the following events took place in about 15-25 minutes and felt like hours.

For each of the hits he put one leaf with some 10x extract sprinkled on it. I took 3 huge hits just like it said to do online and leaned back and waited. I started feeling a pressure on the inside of my head pushing me. I sat up to tell Mike but when I did I saw that they were all gone and I was alone in the room. I think this was because they were all under blankets but I dunno. I looked at the room and realized something was different but I didnít know what. I started searching all over, trying to find the difference. I finally realized that the problem was probably the gaping hole in space and time hanging over the coffee table. I realized at this point that I was about to have one hell of a trip.

I decided I would try to go towards it, but as I did the pressure in my head increased. Finally, about a foot away from it, my head literally exploded and I was pulled apart. I fell backwards into the couch and closed my eyes, but the light from the hole shined through my eyelids. I felt my mind pulled out of my body and sucked into the hole as a stream of colors, sounds, and words rushed by my head. Everything after this is an inner journey. All I was doing during this was lying on the couch and closing my eyes. I was flying through fields of flowers and wheat, faster then anything that ever could have existed in the real world. There was a sound in the background building up. Suddenly there was a bang and everything turned white.

I looked around and realized I was still on the couch, but thatís all there was. Everywhere I looked was pure white, for as far as I could see. I decided that I was in a matrix-like world. I had watched the Matrix earlier in the day and it influences the entire trip. I tried the neo thing with a small twist 'Drugs, I need drugs!' I was informed later that I said this out loud. Huge amounts of substances rushed by me, one of everything. I saw that stretching down the row of piles, they became wierder and wierder. I realized that the wierd ones were from other worlds parallel to ours. The further away they were, the more different the worlds were. I discovered though, that no matter where I looked there was no salvia.

'Whereís the Salvia!' I yelled.

It all cleared away and a small column of smoke appeared. I somehow knew that there was a being in the smoke that was both male and female at the same time. I decided I would stick to the rules regarding entities while 'traveling.' Even though I donít believe these are real, it is a good deterrent against a bad trip. Eventually the entity spoke to me and asked if I was ready. I responded yes and the couch dropped away. I started falling through millions of alternate universes. At the beginning there were only slight differences from our universe, but after a couple of minutes they were wierd beyond description. In some of them I only stayed a couple of seconds, while in others it felt I lived whole lives. In an odd yellow world I was actually a piece of land for a couple of years, just watching these dog-like things crawl all over me.

I finally fell back into my own world and opened my eyes just as Mike was loading another hit for himself. I heard the entities voice saying 'You are not done here yet' so I thought fuck it and loaded myself another 2 large hits.

When I closed my eyes again I was back in the white room with the entity. This time it was uncovered and out of the smoke. It explained that it was the gatekeeper and it is responsible for meeting people who are dumped here by salvia. At this point it pulled out a clock and said that I had very little time. I thought about this and realized that time doesnít exist here. As I thought about it I realized I could control the world I was in. I entertained myself for five minutes by creating simple shapes and constructs, but then I began to actually construct a whole world. Somehow the entity resolved into a woman and she said that I had passed the test and was now fully allowed into the salvia world. If I hadn't passed, she explained, I would have been cast out and simply had a bad trip from then on whenever I smoked salvia. She then explained to me a bunch of different things, which I actually wrote down:

Gatekeeper's Revelations: Remembrance

1) The space I'm in is the future, but not like we think. It is called Blankspace.

2) Time is not linear, it's unmeasurable. In between each trot [some sort of measure of time] the entire universe is destroyed and recreated.

3) Blankspace is the construction ground for these new universes.

4) Since everything is empty and waiting to be rebuilt, the walls that seperate universes are completely destroyed on salvia and can be traveled through.

5) As I wait in this space I can see bits and pieces of the new worlds being built.

6) When I fell she was actually showing me time being reattached to the world, so I could live a little bit in each one.

7) There are many different entities that serve different functions throughout this blankspace, eventually Iíll get to meet them all I just have to be careful.

Suddenly the Gatekeeper acted scared and said 'Hide! The lady is coming.' I asked her why I needed to hide and said I wanted to meet her. She told me that the lady is too powerful and Iím not ready yet, I wouldnít be able to handle it. Iím not sure how this worked but I created a room for myself, went in and then destroyed the room. My consciousness just floated through but something wierd happened. When my body was destroyed that also destroyed my sense of myself. While floating I encompassed everything and everyone there was no 'me' to speak of.

I felt some sort of power descending and suddenly I regained my sense of self and a flood of warmth and love flowed over me. I felt, not saw, the Lady descend and begin speaking to the gatekeeper. They had a conversation which basically was the Lady wanted to speak to me but the gatekeeper said no, not yet. I felt that the Lady could have either forced the gatekeeper to reveal me or just found me herself but she didnít want to use force. She said fine and left.

The next thing I knew I was on the couch again, but back in the real world and holding my phone. I was still confused but I managed to call one of my friends and have a very disoriented discussion with her. To conclude, Salvia was AMAZING. I have never experienced anything like this before. I am truly hoping that the next trip will act as a follow-up to this and maybe I can meet more of these entities that I saw off in the distance. I would highly recommend this to anyone and the only advice I can give is to read lots and lots of science fiction!!! I later realized that alot of things from there probably came from my obsessive reading of science fiction books. I recognized the universe being destroyed and recreated as an idea combined from a Stephen King book and a discussion on quantam mechanics I had with my dad.

I donít actually think these things that I learned are true I just think theyíre really cool to play around with, also, the one positive benefit I took with me was the realization I had at the end that weed is pointless and is fucking up my life. In my moment of clarity I realized that while weed is fun, its really just a cheap high with no meaning and I could be spending my time on better things. Anyways GOD BLESS THE LADY S!!!

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33980
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 11, 2007Views: 6,229
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