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Patience is a Virtue
Cacti - T. peruvianus
Citation:   Fractals. "Patience is a Virtue: An Experience with Cacti - T. peruvianus (exp34123)". Jun 4, 2004.

T+ 0:00
30 g oral Cacti - T. peruvianus (capsule)
  T+ 5:00 10 g oral Cacti - T. peruvianus (capsule)
This is more of a warning for impatient types out there. I am not generally impatient, and against my own warnings, boosted my dose after not getting enough effect.

I am a 27 year old male. My mindeset was peaceful, I was more or less looking to test the substance out, (this was my first time with cactus or mescaline). I hoped for a spiritual experience but had no preconceptions of what I might find. I ate nothing but a bowl of Ramen noodles and a Ho Ho, 2 hours before ingestion. I was at my house by myself. I usually don't try substances by myself, but seeing no bad reports, and having a fairly familiar idea of how psychedelics work from previous experience, i decided to risk it.

I took 30 grams of dried peruvian torch, crushed with a coffee grinder, and loaded into 00 capsules. This came to about 55 capsules. I ate them slowly over an period of 1 1/2 hours, or from 4:00PM - 5:30PM

By 9 o'clock I still felt little more than a mild marijuana high, and it felt like it was rapidly dissapearing. Needless to say I was disappointed. I ground up 10 more grams, and mixed it with some orange juice with the intention of waiting another hour or so before ingestion. I waited until 9:45 (almost 6 hours after initial ingestion) and chugged the 10 grams. NASTY! but oddly, very little lingering taste. I also chased the oj/cactus mix with root beer. After that I begin to feel a bit sleepy, and by 11pm I decided it was a bust and laid down and closed my eyes with the intention of going to sleep. Up until this point, I had minor visuals that I almost discounted as pure placebo, and very little change in headspace.

I opened my eyes after approx 15 or 20 minutes to find my self in a very pleasent place, things were moving, and my body felt as if I had dropped a half a tab of MDMA. I felt no nausea this entire time, and no real discomfort during the comeup. The visuals were fantastic, and really came on in darkness. Swathes of red, green and purple patches flashed in my peripheral vision, and things took on a crystalline sheen. I went outside and sat watching the clouds and the plants in my backyard for almost 2 hours, totally at peace. As with most psychedelics, I noticed some serious improvement in vision. I live in a large city, and pollution and city lights obscure all but the brightest stars. As i stared into certain spots of the night sky, the stars would make themselves much more apparant. Clouds morphed and patterns covered everything. I attempted meditating and although my mind felt absolutley sober, I obviously was on a different plane of conciousness.

I didn't meditate for long, but felt as if I understood some aspects of Zen Buddhism and Taoism, that I only understood intellectually before. I felt the wind blow THROUGH me, not around me, but through me. I felt it wash away my ego, and the constrictive dualistic thinking that makes mankind so judgemental. I stood up and looked to the purple sky and felt something that made this substance different from all others, Respect. It became obvious to me why of all sacred plants, the cactus is one of the most revered. I felt at complete peace with the world. No strange thought tangents, no mental confusion. In fact, even at the peak of the trip, I could have talked with a cop with no paranoia or fear. My girlfriend, who is sensitive to any psychological change in me, was unaware I was tripping until I told her. This was by far the best psychedelic I had ever ingested. Whereas Mushrooms can make personal problems get blown a bit out of proportion, the cactus let me deal with them with an almost sedate mentality. My thinking the entire time was clear and lucid.

The only drawback to the experience was the length, which I think was a result of the 10 gram booster dose. I think 30 grams would have been just fine. I didn't actually stop having a visual trip till almost 16 hours after i first started eating the capsules.

I went to bed at 3 am and woke up every 30 minutes or so, still tripping like I was peaking (in fact I may have been tripping harder than when I fist went to bed) at 6 am.

Also, pot didn't potentiate this for me, Because i was already lucid and clear, the pot I smoked (a few hits every couple of hours) just clouded my thoughts. It seemed to work against the mescaline.

I finally came back to baseline at 4pm the next day. At 11:00 am i was still tripping to the point that I didn't want to drive to get food and had my gf drive for me. FOOD WAS ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING, if not a bit too intense. Salt was very pronounced and fruit tasted better than any candy i have ever had.

I am sure it was the gel caps that caused the slow onset. My only complaint was the duration which i was not ready for (and im sure was partly because of my booster dose), and the next day (after an inability to get any real sleep,) i had slight stomach discomfort and my usual stiff neck I get on psychedelics. Also I had very mild diarrhea but none of these problems materialized until the trip was almost over.

This was hands down, the best psychedelic substance I have used and I have used LSD, Shrooms, Salvia, and LSA. Absolutley natural feeling, much warmer and more lovely than the above mentioned substances, in my opinion. Next time i will skip the capsules and start earlier in the day so that I don't waste any of the trip asleep.

THE ONSET IS SLOW, DO NOT BOOST YOUR DOSE. While nothing bad happened, it quite possibly could have been had I boosted with a higher amount.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34123
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 4, 2004Views: 32,557
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