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My 'Being' Began Blinking
by Murphy
Citation:   Murphy. "My 'Being' Began Blinking: An Experience with DXM (exp34161)". Dec 5, 2007.

4 oz oral DXM (liquid)


BACKGROUND - My friend and I were looking for a legal 'fuck-up' to do, as we are always looking to try new things. We did A LOT of research on Robo, and we definitly urge everyone to be well informed... A must. Now, read along as we share our experiences and advice. We know what we're talking about.

First trip - My friend, let's call him 'Tyler' and I split an 8 oz bottle of Robitussin DM. He weighs 300 Lbs. So I had about 3 and he had the remaining 5. We were being cautious becouse of some of the horror stories we had read... So... within 15 minutes, we could tell things were different, but we couldn't tell what. We ended up feeling more sick than anything... And split up, (as we later came to realize that it was because we had both eaten many hamburgers shorly before hand.) After we had both gotten onto the internet at our own houses, we chatted about our experiences. Tyler's 10 minute drive home had seemes like hours to him. And I felt myself lying down as my 'being' began blinking up and down about 5 inches back and fourth. It was fucked up. We hated it. And we noted that we were imaptient for our second experience.

Second trip - This time we tried a bit heavier dose. After school we decidied to try it again. We had both eaten at 11:30 in the morning, and didn't get sick at all when we robo'd at 4. THIS WAS THE LONGEST THURSDAY OF OUR LIVES. From 4 to 7, felt like three days of daylight. This time, we took to the sidewalks. We ound ourselves udderly un awair of many things: Speed, traffic, tempurature, movement. Thigs were fucked up. We knew that there were many things happening, but could only concentrate on one simple thing at a time. This became a problem when it came time to cross the street. We simply COULD NOT decipher how soon cars would cross our path, and I was almost hit once... Not cool. Next, we played tennis. We sucked. As with the cars, it was very difficult to accuratly figure out when the timing was right. Besides these complications, we had a blast. That was the funnest tennis I've ever had... EVER. The physical activity wore the robo off fairly quicky... This may be useful for y'all if you need to get straight fast.

Third trip - We took off by foot to a local college campus two blocks away from my house. This time we weren't as cautious, and ate a little snack before roboing... Bad idea. A couple lady friends of our saw us walking and came to pick us up. Because Tyler and I love T'n'A we got in... Another bad idea. The car ride accelrated the sickness hardcore. It was the worse we've ever had to deal with, too many things going on: Fast driver, Loud radio, tits, sickness, ass. (I want to concentrate on everything, but can only pay attention to onw thing.) We couldn't take it, so we made them let us out. Much better now, we took our digital camera and took pictures of beauty in everyday life.

This was the perfect activity. We found dozens of beautiful flowers, building, and even a sun dial, which I pissed on while being photographed. Everything was awesome, in the true sense of the word. From that thought, I strayed of into deep on going thought of our country... the world... the universe. I got to thinking how insignificant my life was and how it really wouldn't matter if i were to die... Not cool at all. I have a good self image while straight, and I seriously considered suicide as an option at that point. After that I went home and Tyler stayed with me to make sure I didn't do anything stupid, God Bless Him.

SUMMARY - All in all, robo is one fucked up drug. The closest comparison I can make to more familiar drugs is this: Say Jack Daniels and Mary Jane make a baby... If that baby were to have downs syndrome, it would be Robo. In your brain, Robo causes the desire to do many things, like alcohol, but the ability to only concentrate on one thing, like weed. Also, having done robo 2 aditional times since the first 3 (3+2=5), I have noticed myself degrade slightly, as has Tyler. Our decision making under pressure has declined. Sometimes we find ourselves snaping at those who interupt us when we are concentrating hard. All this from 5 experiences... so be careful.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34161
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 5, 2007Views: 8,956
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