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Goo From The Candy Dish
Cannabis - Hash
by Lekt
Citation:   Lekt. "Goo From The Candy Dish: An Experience with Cannabis - Hash (exp34165)". Erowid.org. May 9, 2007. erowid.org/exp/34165

100 mg smoked Cannabis - Hash (extract)
I have noticed that websites teaching one how to make hash seem to be dotted quite frequently across the internet. However, I have yet to see an experience report on the success of the procedure and the quality of the product. Thus:

A few months ago a friend of my brother, P, who also happens to be my dealer, attempted to sell me half an ounce of leaf for something like $50. To most this deal would seem terrible, but just to be fair, I told him I would try it and get back to him. He gave me some meager amount like a quarter of a gram, which proved to be more than enough to roll a nice joint with. After smoking it and nearly getting caught I concluded that the leaf was so weak and smelly that it would be unsmokable. Therefore, I decided that the only possible use for the leaf was to make hash from it.

I proposed to P that he give me his leaf and I would make hash for the two of us, at which point we would split it down the middle. I volunteered to do all the work to which he acquiesced. That weekend, I went down to my local hardware store and picked up two quarts of denatured ethanol (5% methanol I believe). At home, I took the leaf, which I believe measured to 21 grams, and was in various states (from a fine powder to whole leaves) and placed it in a quart jar with a top. I covered the leaf with about half a quart of alcohol and covered it. I let it sit for several hours and shook every half-hour or so. After about 10 hours, I poured the liquid, which was now an intense, opaque, green, through a strainer into two small, rectangular, glass candy bowls. I positioned a fan over the two and let it evaporate.

While this was going on I took the used leaf and placed it back into the jar. Remembering that three times is normally the magic number with extractions, I covered the leaf again with about 750 ml of alcohol. This time, having no dishes to place the product in until the other liquid evaporated, I let it sit for considerably longer. The mixture must have sat for at least 3 days, with me shaking it frequently. At this point the liquid from the candy dishes had evaporated considerably and what was left was a centimeter or so of dark green, semi-viscous, rank smelling liquid. I again poured the liquid from the jar into the candy dish. The leaf, afterward, was almost white, and all the green from what was left was gone. I decided, thus, that another extraction would be wasteful and redundant.

The jars evaporated for another few days until all traces of the alcohol were gone. What was left was a thin layer (maybe half a centimeter, if that) of blackish-green tar that smelled sweet like a tobacco pipe. It covered the walls of the container with much thinner coating. I quickly set to work bringing the tar up with a spatula. The tar was extremely cohesive and unmanageable. It had a consistency just harder than that of molasses, and got over everything (constantly make me shake my head at the waste). When I was through I managed to grab 3.2 grams of thick, black tar on a piece of wax paper. I had employed the latter in the hope that the tar would easily come off of it, which it did not.

I kept the tar in my fridge for several weeks, which actually did not make it any more manageable. Finally, I decided to try it. I had heard that it worked well when placed in a cigarette, so taking some rolling tobacco I rolled five cigarettes with half of the tar, my share. The idea was that the hash-fag, as I am wont to call them, would not smell like weed, and I could smuggle them easily into a concert I was attending the next day. A friend of mine smoked it with me the day prior to the concert. Neither of us felt much of anything. At the concert the next day, several friends and I smoked everything we had, but didnít really feel much, so we just broke down and smoked some fair bud.

At least a month later, after I had forked over the rest of the hash to P, I still had not cleaned out one of the candy bowls. There was a tiny amount of hash on it and the spatula. Going to a party I resolved to roll a joint with some of the remaining hash. I spread the mixture on some papers and rolled the joint. Being that I donít smoke all that often, the weed we smoked was the same from the concert. It was just ok, and pretty shakey, so I didnít expect much. However, when we smoked the j, I was impressed. The weak weed produced a curiously strong joint. Similarly, talking that night to P, I found that he had done the exact same. He championed the hash (which he had not smoked with me earlier) as the greatest substance ever contrived in that one joint with hash in it had managed to get 4 big stoners high.

Though I try to make a point of not smoking more than once a week, I was finally off from school, so the next day, late that night I went to my room and collected the hash that was left. Between the cigarettes and the joint the night before, there was barely anything left. I managed to glean just about a half pea of the hash. It could have been no more than a tenth of a gram. Taking a wooden kabob skewer I rounded up the pea. I heated a butter knife until it glowed red-hot. At this point I stuck a small glob of the hash on the knife. It immediately boiled and vaporized into a smoke, which smelled only faintly of weed, but mostly of pine needles. At first I sucked it up with a piece of flexible plastic tubing. Because the tubing was hard to us, I opened up a pen and used it as a straw. I had to keep reheating the knife and pressing the skewer to it.

The smoke, as afore noted, was not like weed smoke. It was extremely easy on the lungs and tasted fine. Thus, I was able to take long hits and hold the smoke for an uncanny amount of time. Each hit must have lasted easily 10 seconds and the holds were likely longer. Each time I exhaled a cloud of white smoke came forth. I managed 3 hits of the stuff. At this point I started feeling a mild cannabis buzz. I made my way up to my brotherís room and suddenly I realized I was floating. The hash had come on slowly, way longer than weed does. The high was what I would describe as a mid high on the spectrum, however it was extremely clear-headed and nice. I was not nearly as stupid as I sometimes get on pot. Eventually I started watching TV and went to bed. The high, from what I can guess, plateaued nicely 30 minutes from when I smoked. It lasted at the plateau for likely an hour and half and I came down very nicely. I slept pretty well that night too.

After what I thought initially to be a failure, the extraction from leaf proved to be an overwhelming success. From about 20 grams of crappy leaf I was able to create over 3 grams of more concentrated material. If I would have to make an analogy, I would say that while normal weed is like beer (3-5% alcohol), the hash I made was more like vodka (35-40% alcohol). It was a lot stronger than weed is (ironically the ratios work fairly well too as in general weed is about 3-5% THC and by weight I managed to divide the weed my 7) but it isnít everclear. I found that the hash works best either in a joint, in which it greatly augments the weed there, or when hot-knifed by itself. It saddens me that I wasted 1.5 grams with no results, especially when I soon found that less that a tenth of a gram is sufficient for nice, extremely desirable high that has little fodder to get one caught. I would recommend the method to anyone, especially with use with anything you find to be unsmokable.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34165
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 9, 2007Views: 29,411
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Cannabis - Hash (93) : Preparation / Recipes (30), Various (28)

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