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My bed Swallowed Me Up
Salvia divinorium (10x extract)
by Aspen
Citation:   Aspen. "My bed Swallowed Me Up: An Experience with Salvia divinorium (10x extract) (exp34228)". Erowid.org. Jan 16, 2007. erowid.org/exp/34228

  smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)


I have smoked salvia 4 times so far. I ordered it online (10x extract fortified leaves). I apologize for lack of timeline, it was extremely difficult to tell time, and it was usually right before bed so I fell asleep before I saw the clock.

The first time I smoked very little (I had already read how potent this stuff is, and I have a low tolerance anyways). I inhaled the small amount of smoke for about 30secs and then exhaled. I looked at my cat on the bed and immediately felt like she was communicating to me somehow. She was ridiculing me for standing up, so I said 'I'm sorry it was a mistake' then went and laid down. She laid down on my stomach and I petted her (or tried to) for about 5 min. I kept feeling sensations going up and down my body and I felt very heavy, almost like gravity was increased 10 times its normal strength. This lasted for a while, until finally my cat got up and I went downstairs to get some water. All in all it was nice, because I felt very refreshed from it, not like weed or anything else. No hangover effect at all. I was extremely happy the rest of the day and I had a good nights sleep that night.

The following evening I smoked about the same amount and got the same results.

The third time was a lot different then the first two. I've heard you need to 'break yourself in' for salvia by having 1 or 2 dud trips and I guess this is true. I smoked about twice the amount that I did the first time. I inhaled it without too much difficulty, held in for 30secs while I was putting my pipe away. I laid down on my bed and for a moment I thought 'Man, this isn't going to do anything to me at all.' I was so wrong. Time seemed to almost stop, and when I tried to move it felt like I was locked in place by some invisible force. In the corner of my vision things looked distorted a bit and pulsed with a green light. This went on for a long time and I thought a great deal of weird thoughts about my life.

The pulsing light started creeping out the corners of my eyes and went in the shape of lines from the floor up my walls and on my roof, as they crept along the lines widened and in them looked very dark and black, almost like a void or a crack in actual matter. These widened until they covered my whole walls, when they were all covered, a single point of light appeared in the center of my room pulsed a few times and then SNAP! everything disappeared completely. I was in this pitch black darkness that I had seen through my walls. I was standing alone, just staring out into this blackness.

If you've ever seen the matrix you will know the base of the matrix before they code anything into it is pure white, well this was pure black, but I could see for very long distances in it, almost like it was a great void. Out of the blackness a creature that looked like a tiger walked up to me and sat down perfectly. This tiger was so beautifully colored it almost made me cry for the sheer beauty. It was like in this void of nothingness it was the only pure and clean thing at all, and it was very bright. It wasn't lit with a light, but the color was so vibrant that I almost thought it was.

I wasn't afraid at all, I felt like I had almost expected this to happen. I started communicating with this tiger. I said something around the lines as a hello. It switched it's tail and looked at me. I still wasn't afraid that this tiger might attack me, because it felt like I knew exactly what it was thinking and it definitely wasn't thinking of lunch. I felt a very strange love, almost feeling of home with this tiger. I awaited an answer for a very long time, and finally it said (didn't actually speak, it was just direct communication) 'I was waiting for you, but for now you must leave, your not ready.' I just stared in awe at this tiger, almost like as if I was seeing my life itself condensed into an image.

This faded and I realized I was back in my room again. I opened my eyes and things were trying to pulse again, but it was obviously starting to wear off. I finally realized I had smoked some salvia. The whole time I didn't know what was happening, and I had completely forgot that I had taken a drug of any kind. I turned over and slowly fell asleep.

The fourth time I smoked salvia it blew me away. Before smoking I tried to mentally prepare myself and told myself I was going to go to the next step and not fight whatever would happen. I loaded up my pipe with about 3 times the amount I had previously smoked. I inhaled it with a little difficulty because it was so hot (next time I want to use a waterpipe). While holding it in I hid my pipe and laid back down on my bed. I started reaching for my covers, but my hand never got there.

I instantly felt this warm sensation crawling up from my toes. It crawling up the rest of my body and eventually encompassed my head. The best way I can describe it would be to say if you were looking down while your laying on your bed, underneath your body would fall away. Almost like as if the matter that makes up the universe ripped and your falling through it. It started at my toes and worked all the way up my head. While this was happening, I remember thinking 'Oh shit, I'm not ready for this yet'. The rip got wider and wider until my whole body was in it and my head was the only thing left outside of it. I was freaking out because to me it looked like my bed was literally eating me, and it was going to take one last gulp and I'd be gone from my precious world forever.

This thought scared me, so I started to fight back. I scrambled and fought with whatever was pulling me into this void, it seemed that if I wanted I could drive it away, so I kept trying with all my will power to push it away and try to get out of this hole. I had a very strong feeling something was down this hole in my room, I finally realized that whatever I was fighting with had its own will power and conscious mind. I decided to try to ask if it would let me go. Just with this simple request, it let go completely.

I had a conversation, but I can't remember any of it. It wasn't in words, it was pure ideas. Here is pretty much what it would have been if it had been in words:

Me: I don't want to go through here please let go.

Unknown: Alright.

*lets go of me*

Unknown: See, that wasn't that bad was it.

Me: No, it wasn't.

Unknown: I'm here to help, you don't need to worry.

Me: Alright.

Unknown: I wouldn't have taken you further this time.

Unknown: Your not ready.

Me: I want to now.

*unknown starts to leave*

Me: Wait, please I understand now.


Me: Please come back I need to talk with you more.

*comes back enough to understand*

Me: I'll meet you again, I will I swear, next time I'll be ready (I was worried that I had insulted it).

Unknown: Well enough.

*fades away again*

Me: WTF. That was really screwed up. *opens eyes*

Once I opened my eyes I realized the drug hadn't wore off that much, because my whole room was swirling around and around. Everything was pulsing to a beat, I think it was my heart beat. It seemed I was connected to this, because when I tried to move, I would create these sort of pulsing ripples that went in between these beats, and would move away from me in every direction. Just about now I realized why all this was happening. Up till now I had almost thought this was normal, and now I realized I had smoked salvia. It was very strange to think such a thing because my mind kept jumping between thinking this was real and that it wasn't, and it'd all be over in a while. I closed my eyes again, rolled over (with alot of effort) and slowly fell asleep.

My summary: This is definitely NOT a recreational drug. I would not do it at a party, movie, or with alot of outer stimulation. It is for exploring my conciousness and finding out things about myself. I found that by the third experience I had a relatively strong control over what was happening, I could manipulate the pulsing and summon up VERY clear images and scenarios in my mind. I also found that it increased sexual stimulation by about 100% (maybe because I could summon up images easier? buahahaha) and was a very good experience.

One thing that bothers me, is how real everything was. If I didn't believe (or force myself to) that it was just a drug, then I would seriously consider getting a psychiatrist or seeking help because it was VERY real, but I guess thats what makes it so special. Then again this is the first real hallucinagenic I have taken, only other drugs are amphetamines (stimulant), and cannabis. I really hope they keep this stuff legal.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34228
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 16, 2007Views: 15,651
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