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Movie Experience
Citation:   Shamanix. "Movie Experience: An Experience with 4-Acetoxy-DET (exp34266)". Erowid.org. Jun 16, 2004. erowid.org/exp/34266

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 4-AcO-DET (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:00 10 mg oral 4-AcO-DET (pill / tablet)
I was in a good mood, and I haven't tried to connect with psychedelics for about eight months, nor have I done anything at all in five months. I feel very convinced that I got a strong psyche, and that I was well prepared of entering the psychedelic world again. I've meditated some very lately, where I focused about how it would be entering my mind again. I've seen this african-styled mask during my sessions, and I hoped to find it during my trip session. I went off to the nearby pizzaplace and bought a pizza, with 1.5 litre of fresh water at about 20:45 CET, and then returned to my home. I live in the suburbs of my town, and the nature isn't very remote. I hoped I could go out on a walk in nature, and focused very much on it since the very minute I decided to drop these pill-shaped 4-Acetoxy-DET.

At about 21:15 CET, I dropped 20mg orally together with some fresh water. I went out with the garbage and did several other things while waiting for the magic I'd put in my body to kick in - all to focus on something else and try to not be tensed. I was very relaxed, and started making some notes on my computer about what I was going through, and I hoped it could help me if the perception of time was going to be very unaccurate.

In the next fifteen minutes, I put on a Hallucinogen CD, since I'm a very big fan of Simon Posford's music, and I hoped it would bring me joy and calmness during my session. I started to feel tense in my muscles, especially in my hips, and I thought if it could be me being tense in general, or the chemical doing something to my body. I was still in a calm and good mood, so I thought it would be the chemical speaking to me. More and more colors were coming on, and things started to slowly move in my apartment, so I decided to take a break from being at the computer.

I was suprised about how short the onset was, and it didn't feel like a turn on/turn off thing, but still it went so fast from getting me from the onset, to the peak of the session. After about one hour, sitting in my bed trying to meditate and focus I decided to drop 10mg more. I noticed several problems with moving, as everything was in slowmotion and the tension in my hips was still there. I put the stuff in my mouth, and swallowed it with some more water. Dehydration were running strong, and I had a lot of water all the time. My vision was digitalized, and very blurry. Everything I looked at moved around, and changed colors in a very prearrenged way, at least I felt like that.

All colors were shifting, together with their gamma, and it all went through very dark colors, such as deep purple, to more playful and spacy colors. The music of Hallucinogen got to fast for my mind, and I felt that I needed to slow down in order to still manage control of my trip. I put on some Celtic Cross, celtic ambient style and it felt much better with slow music here.

Somewhere about 23:30, 23:45 CET I felt that I needed to go out and experience nature. It was like I was in a rush, that I was afraid that it would be 'over', and the trip would terminate before I would have the chance of experiencing nature. I put on my jacket, and went on a walk in the neighborhood. The world outside was like something I've never seen before. There were patterns all over the fields, and magical auras around everything. I had put on Hallucinogen again, this time in my minidisc in order to keep a good mood if something would be too strong or intense.

It all felt like a movie. The sky was shifting colors, clouds were moving very fast and as I walked the fields of grass I felt that now I really understood how the nature worked. I saw the patterns in their system, how they all co-operated in order to keep the fields green and beautiful. Everything felt like a movie, and I was viewing it on my TV. It all went slowmotion, with trails everywhere and I experienced a fish-eye perspective of the world. I continued walking, and I tried to manage control over my body, but the only thing I could do was continue walking, and at some points just stand still when the experience got too tense or too beautiful. Walking on tarmac was like travelling in space and cosmos. I saw how the tarmac was built together, and I had the quick conclusion that my session was trying to show me how the world works, how nature feels and what I could do about it to make it feel better. I had almost the same feelings the very first time I did psychedelics, the clear vision of how everything worked together and that mother nature was trying to show me this knowledge, and share it with me.

I was amazed of how stupid I was. I couldn't really think, and what was going on in my mind weren't really recreative. I like to think and play with my thoughts despite which state I'm in, and I just couldn't do that during the influence of this chemical. I learned an important lesson, and I noticed that I hadn't gone tripping for while before I experienced almost getting hit by a car when I crossed a small parking lot, and that made me feel bad, but it didn't ruin my experience. I wanted to apologize to who or what, whatever was in that car, for my dumbness, but I just continued walking while fighting this thoughts, trying to get something good out of them. Earlier, I've been so sure that I would manage to do sessions like this on my own, and now, writing this the very day after, I still feel like I can manage my sessions alone, but I would've probably not gone out walking that much if I would've been with some friends or so. I always learn something important during my sessions that is not related to the trip or mindexploration itself, I guess.

The time perception was long gone. I stumbled around watching my clock on my arm all the time, and tried to count the seconds. It seemed like they were tickin' OK, but the minutes were going so slow, and still I had this feeling that I was in a hurry, or maybe that I was chased. I decided to go home, and did so without encountering any problems. I went to my room (I live in a student quarter), and shut my door and locked it - and it feel good like, if I were going to flip out I hopefully couldn't open the door my mind told me. But still, I didn't feel that I was going to flip out, and I felt that I was doing good managing this session. I laid down in my bed watching the stringart in my ceiling, and the visuals were still strong. From there, it just slowed down, and I felt very drowsy while suffering from a strong dose of dehydration. I had a lot of water, and went to the bathroom every five minutes.

I decided to call my ex, who is still a good friend of mine, and we were speaking about what I had encountered during the session. Now I felt totally in control, and it felt good speaking with someone after being alone with my psyche for the past five hours. We had a talk for about 30 minutes in total, since we had to pause sometimes because I had to go to the bathroom, and then drink more water due my dehydration. After I finished speaking with her, I decided I was about to sleep some. I turned off the lights, and tried to sleep. My thoughts were still travelling in my mind, and I've read that people had experienced that it is very easy to sleep after the use of this psychedelic, but I think it wasn't that easy to fall asleep. I still had to go to the bathroom, which disturbed my desperate try to fall asleep even more. Later on, I managed to close my eyes and fell asleep.

Now, the very day after, I think that the visual effects and hallucinogenic power in 4-Acetoxy-DET is truly amazing. I didn't have any hallucinogenic effects in the way of seeing things that weren't really there, like magic objects and people, but I had strong visual fx instead with magical auras, patterns and playfull colors. I saw the grass grow, dance and cosmos in the tarmac, but there were just effects in stuff (objects etc), that was already there.

I do believe that the audio experience might have been a bit unbalanced. At home, I felt like the volume was very high (but it wasn't), but when I went out on the walk I raised the volume on my minidisc almost full power I think. Some people compare 4-Acetoxy-DET to mushrooms, and visually I might agree, but there were no audio effects at all really as those mushrooms give me. I guess I can't compare organic psychedelics to chemicals, and this felt very much like I had ingested a chemical into my system. I suffered from muscle tense in my hips mainly during the whole session, and I haven't seen in any other report people experiencing that.

I did also check out my pupils from time to time, and they got huge as soon as the drug kicked in. They did not respond to light at all, and did so for the first time after about 5 hours after ingestion of the first dose (20mg).

A good advice is to not take this on one's own in all cases, unless you're not an experienced psychonaut. It's legal still in this very moment, but that dosen't mean it doesn't have power and potential (as it has for sure!). Be well prepared, as I noticed how the music suprised me and was too fast for my psyche, and enjoy this very potential drug as it should be during secure circumstances.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34266
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 16, 2004Views: 13,651
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4-AcO-DET (188) : Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1), Alone (16)

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