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Citation:   Spanky. "Cubes: An Experience with 2C-E (exp34269)". Sep 20, 2008.

15 mg oral 2C-E
I'm not that experienced in the drug world yet I jus started becoming a real stoner about 6 months ago and about 3 months ago I found drugs. I am strictly only a stoner and a tripper nothing else i wont touch any narcotics again and i usually dont even drink. the first psychadelic i ever did with the exception of weed ofcourse was mescaline in that 1 week i also did dxm and dpt about 2 times each.

after a cuople of weeks of doing lots of dxm dpt and some salvia devinorum my friend told me about 2ce and how its his favorite drug hes tried and so he got some and i did 10mg my first time then 15 my second then 15 the day after that and this is what happened that time.

it was my third time doing 2ce and my 2nd doing 15mg of it so i didnt think it would be as strong as it was. the first 2 times i did 2ce i had been moving around a lot so i didnt have rly amazing visuals, but this time we jus chilled in his room where hes designed it for the whole purpose of enhancing the trip. we were all laying down and i felt like i need to puke so i went into the bathroom and puked throught my experience

it is better jus to puke if u feel the need it'll make the whole trip more pleasent. so im sitting in his bathroom and i notice that my puke was a neon green with some blue in it so i smiled then the puke began to spin around in a circle i knew it wasn't rly happening but its what is saw the the puke made a circle in the toilet and then spun around for a sec as i started to hear sounds that were outside being distorted i decided to flush the toilet i washed up and went back into the room. nobody said anything we all jus continued to watch the visuals on the computer screen as we listened to pink floyd.

it took about a half an hour after that for something rly cool to happen the visuals were spiraling and then i notcied that the whole room around me was. it slowly stopped after i noticed it i started to stair at his posters on his wall they are all black light posters and the black light was on but they were definately brighter than usual. he has this korn poster that looks like its bleeding and i looked at that for a while well it really started to bleed the letters were dripping down it would clump up jus like blood and slowly drip down it never hit the ground once it came to the bottom of the poster the whole line of blood that followed it just dissapeared. i looked at that for a while whne i noticed that the three posters above it were not on the wall any more they were jus floating in mid air i started to giggle because 2ce is a very happy giggly drug and plus it was cool as hell to see the shit i was seeing. the 3 posters floated for a while then they turned into 3-demensional cubes and started to rotate i then again giggled they roatated for a few minutes then went flat and went back to the wall they continued this process the whole night.

after the posters went to the wall the wall itself bean to shake around all 3 walls i could see would move together the floor or anything else would not move jus the 3 walls they wentd up then down then diagnol then sideways it started off slow but eventually they were moving very fast at this time a rush went through my body all my muscles tensed and it felt like an orgasm rushed through my entire body it was amazing i had this feeling a lot that night.

i looked at the visuals for a while longer and the walls would mimic everything the visuals did. after about 4 hours of tripping i had to go home so i went and caught a bus with full knowledge that it could last another 4 hours. when i caught the bus the bus drivers face looked kinda awkward and the sides were moving around i smiled showed my buspass and went home. on my way home i saw some of the most amazing colors ever and everything was so vivid the clouds were extremely detailed and beautiful it was pretty dark though so i have know idea how i could see the clouds in the first place.

when i got home my mom noticed that i was giggly i told her i had just had a good day. she didnt beleive it for a second but she didnt say anything. everything was still moving around i didnt get much sleep at all that night because when i tried to lay down and go to bed my body would tense up and relax then tense then relax this continued almost all of the night but this was not a pleasent experience like the ones over at my friends house. after i stopped twitching and tensing my mind was racing all over and i could not sleep i finally fell to sleep after laying in my bed for about 4 hours.
2ce for now is my favorite drug but i never did experience mescaline very well i didn't do that much of it but it was an amazing body high im gonna buy some soon and maybe then ill have a trip report for that.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34269
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 20, 2008Views: 1,596
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2C-E (137) : Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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