2C-I & Cannabis
Citation:   Fathom. "Metamorphosis: An Experience with 2C-I & Cannabis (exp34282)". May 2, 2007.

T+ 0:00
25 mg oral 2C-I
  T+ 0:25 1 bowl smoked Cannabis
Preparation: 25mg 2-ci dissolved in 1 teaspoon Bourbon. I have tried this stuff a few times and have found that if you don't mix 2-ci with alcohol it wont dissolve properly. This is also a safe method for measuring since I don't have an expensive medical scale:
for example if I have 100mg 2-ci and I want 5 20mg hits:

1) add 5 teaspoons Bourbon to your 100mg 2ci in a watertight container.
2) shake until fully dissolved - this takes 3-5 minutes
3) now I can measure out in teaspoons again, 1 teaspoon liquid is 1 20mg hit

You can store 2-ci in Bourbon for quite some time, if you don't take it all at once make sure you shake the bottle again before measuring your hits because 2-ci has a tendency to settle at the bottom of the bottle. When I take 2-ci as suggested above it will kick in within about 30-60 minutes instead of the 1-2 hours it takes in capsule form.

This is an account of the first time I tried 2-ci:
I purchased some 2-ci online and prepared it as noted above, about 25 minutes after taking it I smoked a bowl of Cannabis and started watching Big Fish which I had never seen before. I should also note that I refrained from all food for the entire day prior to taking the 2-ci at night around 7:30pm. About 10 minutes into the movie I started noticing auras around everyone in the movie, the effects seem to come on very gradually and in waves. Slowly things started breathing and crawling in intricate patterns.

45 minutes after taking the 2-ci I began to see the characters of the movie transforming, they would change ages before my eyes, become transparent or move at different speeds than the rest of the movie. One character would slowly melt into another or an actor would flicker in between their current role in this movie and one they had played before. Characters could display different emotions at the same time, different ages at the same time, they all seemed to trascend time. Time for me seemed to crawl, minutes seemed like hours.

About an hour into the movie I had a feeling that I knew the characters personally and that I was actually in the movie. I had a sense that I could control the movie and its characters like puppets. I could feel every cell in my body moving and breathing any movement was pleasureable. When I looked at the blankets that covered me they seemed to move like the ocean and I felt that I was floating in the water. I could close my eyes and be anywhere in the world, all the sights and sounds and smells everything felt so real.

After the first movie I decided to watch another Alice in Wonderland, the cartoon version of course. My entire world became a cartoon all the things in my home became colorful cartoon versions of themselves. I imagined my cat was Dina from the movie and I envisioned myself as a cartoon as well. At this point things were still transforming and melting at times the movie seemed to be more like Picasso and less like Disney. Alice's eyes would travel down her face or she would form two noses or any type of combination you could imagine.

After this movie I go to my mirror and I see myself transforming, I see myself young, old, beautiful, ugly, fat, thin. Then the mirror is like the looking glass from Alice in Wonderland, I see my world as usual on the other side but on this side things are still changing. I take the most wonderful shower I have ever taken, I can feel each molecule of water hit my skin and run down my body, things like soap and lotion feel and smell different then ever before. I think of many creative new ideas and my imagination can actually create tangible versions of what I think, I can touch them and see them as if they were really there.

After about 5-6 hours my mind starts getting exhausted, I am still peaking and at this point the experience is not all together pleasant. It takes a lot of mental effort on my part to keep my delusions positive. I have strange compulsions to clean and vaccuum, brush my teeth, fold laundry, my mind is very tired but my body is still going from the drug. The next 2 hours or so are a constant uphill battle to stay positive, I get quick flashes of frightening images but am able to will them away with considerable effort. Finally after about 8 hours I am able to sleep, I sleep for about 4 hours and I wake up fairly refreshed. The next day I am sober but I have heightened senses, I see colors as more vibrant, I observe small things about people walking on the street, I notice things in my world I have never noticed before

I have found that 2-ci experiences seem to have a 'central theme' if you will, there is usually one concept or idea that continues to present itself in different ways. For instance in my above experience the theme was metamorphosis, the entire experience lacked continuity, everything changed, nothing was what it seemed. Also each experience seems to be quite different. I will be under its influence for 8-12 hours 4-6 of those being peak hours. I am a fairly experienced psychoactive drug user and found that compared to many other drugs you have minimal control over 2-ci's effects. Unlike MDMA there is no willing myself out of the experience, there is no sobering up for a moment. An experience can easily turn into a nightmare if a positive mindset is not maintained. Many of the visuals can become frightening and I would not recommend this drug to anyone who has ever 'freaked out' on any other drug.

I had read that a 2-ci experience is supposed to fall somewhere between MDMA and LSD, I would agree but say the experience is much closer to that of LSD. There is not nearly the body buzz experienced with MDMA, most body feelings seem somehow associated with visuals. Overall this is an enjoyable drug but I would really only recommend it to experienced drug users.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34282
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 2, 2007Views: 12,339
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