Technological Trip
Citation:   Prozak. "Technological Trip: An Experience with DiPT (exp34290)". Jul 17, 2006.

250 mg oral DiPT (capsule)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)
Me and a friend, K, were sitting in his garage, trying to find something to do when we received a call from one of our buddies who had just got the DiPT that we ordered in the mail. We rushed over to his house and split the gram in half. We then weighed out 250 mg's each, put the doses in capsules, and took them eagerly. About 20 minutes after ingestion I turned to a friend and said 'I can tell I'm going to trip hard.' I had a strong good energy flowing throughout my body and felt warm.

We then decided to make our way back to K's house where we could trip without parents interfering. When we got to K's house, K started notice the effects of the drug, and we all noticed his lower pitched voice. It was similar to taking helium but low pitched...very interesting. We sat in the garage and smoked a bowl and put in Santana. When the CD began to play K looked very confused, he told me about how weird the music sounded, but I wasn't noticing any change in tone whatsoever. With envy I dipped my finger into the bag and ate a good amount more DiPT. We headed up to his room and I picked up the guitar and played everlast as K was off in his own world staring at the ceiling. He shot up and stared at me oddly, 'What the hell is that?' he asked.

I explained the song I was playing and his glace got even more awkward, and he proceeded to fall back down on his bed and stare at the ceiling. After a good 20 minutes of playing the keyboard and guitar we made it down to the basement to smoke another bowl. After the bowl was finished, ZANG, I was at a plus 3, with a loud ringing in my ears. It was splicing into my skull and I began pacing around his garage with my hands over my ears. Black Magic Woman was playing but it sounded like it was under water and very low pitched.

I looked at K, he looked pissed off. He started to talk to me about this dimension he was exploring, about waves, frequencies, and how we were traveling at a different wavelength than time, but I could only listen, not hear, what he had to say because I was scared he was a demon, as his voice sounded very demonic. I looked him in the eyes and the ringing in my ears stopped, I noticed it would change as I did different things. If I stared at the light, it would get louder. If I got near a car or anything manmade it would get louder. The closer I got to looking into his eyes, the louder it got, but a direct eye contact would stop it. We both realized this, and started speculating.

Suddenly his garage door was pouring out a fractal pattern onto the cement. It was beautiful but there was no color, just light and dark grey. We decided to go for a walk but instantly got paranoid and went back into the garage. Then some girls came over with some Salvia Divinorum. One of the girls sounded like a pig, the other sounded like a robot, and the other two sounded normal. I took a deep hit of Salvia and instantly felt like I was on stilts. The salvia was weak, but I was defiantly feeling it. K took a rising shotgun of Salvia and passed out. Upon waking up he was very confused as to what the hell was going on. 'She keeps making that noise' he said furiously as the girl who sounded like a robot talked. I laughed, but not because it was funny, but to try to lighten the mood as I thought he would psychologically snap.

After the girls came down from the Salvia they left, and we smoked another bowl, which only made me trip harder. I began to fear the drug, as I thought it and my friend were the devil. We sat inside his car and I felt as though we were going to trail off into another kind of existence, in a separate universe than our bodies, and to this day still think we might have. The time distortion became more intense. He began to write on a piece of paper, I glanced over and saw 'I'd like to write more but his ride is almost coming' I feared my life.

Suddenly my ride was there and I was on my way home, with his paper that I thought he was plotting against my life on. I was scared of the paper, I did not want to open in; it gave me horrible feeling. I then opened it, and realized it was a note to his girlfriend, and I was supposed to deliver it. Suddenly my mood lifted and I could experience the trip again.

I laid in my bed and noticed straight line colorful hallucinations coming from corners, zipping from wall to wall, completing triangles with the corners. I then closed my eyes and saw what life was like after death. It was a computer game, with different people who looked like tetris pieces in a pac-man world. I began to think about the irony of life, of many situations, the connected irony of everything, all related to 'glip glops' Glips were horizontal and represented time restraint, glops were money and represented money.

Every situation was ironic in that glip glops boxed them in making them stuck in boundaries, which was ironic because they were man made. The computer game had no glip glops and was very fun to play, but I could only play with the people that I liked and whom liked me. I realized who my true friends were as I wasnít playing with all of them. I had the urge to go out and make many friends for a more fun afterlife.

I then got up, put on some Pink Floyd, which was actually very musical, unlike Bob Marley who was an old man singing horribly to disharmonious one-tracked music at the time. I drew for hours on end, and didnít stop until the morning. I fell asleep and woke up the next afternoon feeling wonderful; completely ready to experience what life had to shoot my way, no hangover whatsoever. The bodyload during the trip was uncomfortable, an achy muscle feeling and a gurgling nauseating stomach, however the mindset was very tryptamine, clean buzz feeling.

Up to two weeks later, every time I smoked pot I had a flashback DiPT trip instead of getting high, which scared me, but eventually quit happening. I am now very sensitive to the hallucinogenic properties of weed, though.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34290
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 17, 2006Views: 10,945
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DiPT (110) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3)

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