ACT Effective
Amphetamines (Adderall)
Citation:   Zoink. "ACT Effective: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp34319)". Mar 8, 2007.

50 mg oral Amphetamines (capsule)
As the next ACT testing date drew upon, I recalled my positive experiance last time I took the ACT in conjunction with adderall, and decided that I would snag some more for this time. After picking up 5 25mg capsules with the extended release granules inside, I promply went to my room. I pulled open two of the capsules and poured the granules on a sheet of paper. After trying to cut them up with a razor blade, and failing due to the fact they pops and shoot everywhere, I decided to put another peice of paper over them, and apply force on them via a rounded object. This did a good job of turning them all into powder, so I poured the mix back into the capsule and saved it for the next day.

By the way, the reason for this is because I simply wanted the Adderall to be effective for the duration of the ACT, because I had a soccer game later and any sort of amphetamine use during vigorous workout can prove to be hazardous as it constricts blood vessles, therefore putting excessive strain on the heart. And the level I play soccer is very competetive and you are running the whole time. I didn't need a heart attack.

Anyway, with act starting at 8 am, I took 2 capsules with the powdered granules at 7:10, after only consuming water and 2 Tums, the ph level in my stomach was lowered (or theorectically it was), which causes a slow breakdown and slower exit of the chemical from my blood stream, therefore potentiating the Adderall to a greater extent. Around 7:30, I felt mild effects including a surge of energy, and pretty speedy overall. I didn't know anyone there, but that was ok. I was real figety, and jerked my head back and for to look at various things, and im sure a few people may have noticed.

Around 8 am, it was starting to hit full force. I felt very energized, and anxious to take the test, which is good. Also, my thought process was much faster, and I was able to take things and break them down and comprehend and a greater rate than normal. A sense of urgency was present, which is also good since the test is timed. During the test, this helped a ton. I was able to concentrate IMMENSELY, and pretty much nothing could distract me. Occasionly I would feel a warm flush, followed by a tingling feeling running through my scalp and temples that some might describe as 'gooseflesh.' Also, small euphoric rushes came over me every once in a while, and my theighs felt these the strongest and almost felt numb, in a beautiful, relaxing way. This was pretty much an added bonus, but I also expected it since I have done this before.

Though there were no horible side affects, a few things that should be noted occurred. First off, with so much energy, my eye were about as wide open as they go, and for some reason I would stare as certain things before and between the test for large quantities of time, since nothing would really distract me enough to look away. This happened repeatedly when the test instructor talked, and I would stare at him with a look that probably seemed kinda maniac looking.

Also, my jaw was clenching like no tomorrow. If it was clencing, I made small motions that probably looked like I was chewing gum or shivering. I was also very tense muscularly, and could not stop shaking my feet up and down. Also, I was breathing harder than usual, and getting pretty sweaty.

Lastly, though I do not usually experiance any sort of compulsive anger while doing any substance like this, a few problems I just could not figure out. This pissed me off very badly, much more than it normally would. I got very mad, but told my self to skip such problems and go to the next ones. Overall it was pretty obvious I was tweaking to any one familiar with speed or this stuff, and probably looked like a physco to anyone else.

In conclusion, the Adderall helped out a lot on my ACT exam. Besides it being noticable that I was tweaking (I did not feel paranoid at all, though), adderall, or any sort of amphetamine, is a very useful tool when it comes down to situations where you must complete something in a alotted amount of time, or when you need to cram or just work hard and be motived more than usual.

I will probably continue to take Adderall or alike for things like this. Not only does it make me feel GREAT, it hotwires my brain and body into higher state of functionality. But what comes up, must go down. I personally have never come down hard, or even enough to be depressed or even notice it, but the desire to take more Adderall is VERY strong.

To feel like a king, and smarter than the rest, while making boring everyday tasks fun, is something that is just flat out awesome. This may be the perfect drug, but the potential for addiction is VERY high. Not a day goes by that I don't wish I had some or think 'Man this would be so much better if I had some adderall.'

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34319
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 8, 2007Views: 55,786
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