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Childhood Memories
by Morninggloryseed
Citation:   Morninggloryseed. "Childhood Memories: An Experience with 2C-N (exp34398)". Jun 15, 2004.

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T+ 0:00
140 mg oral 2C-N (capsule)
  T+ 1:00 1 cart. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)


Sunday, May 9, 2004
140mg of 2, 5-dimethoxy-4-nitrophenethylamine

I awoke, and without prior planning I went to my cabinet to retrieve and swallow a capsule containing beautiful pumpkin-colored crystals of 2C-N hcl. I had nothing in my stomach but a little bit of an apple when I ate with the pill. This was my first time working with 2C-N. I don’t have any idea why I suddenly did this; it just seemed like a great way to start a Sunday morning. Based on what I had read, I was expecting a five-hour experience that wouldn’t be too memorable. Boy was I wrong!

I started reading my Sunday paper and within just twenty minutes, the material kicked in. I experienced a stimulating lift and that warm “phenethylamine” feeling. As the effects increased, a sense of bodily malaise also set in. I had planned on riding my bicycle to the mountains to trip in nature, but I just was not feeling well anymore and was not up to it. The effects continued to grow in intensity, as did my bodily discomfort. It reminded me of the negative body energy I get during the first-hour of 2C-E, but this was much worse. It bordered on being debilitating. Mentally I could feel a psychedelic trip developing, but it was nothing too interesting yet.

About an hour into the trip, I thought I should inhale some nitrous oxide in the hopes that I would break-through this unpleasant feeling in my body. The effect of the gas was incredible and it did indeed “break me through.” After the nitrous oxide, I was at a full plus-three and tripping very profoundly with no bodily unease. I was utterly stunned in fact. I expected that the 2C-N would not produce a state this deep. Mentally, it seemed unique but still had a feeling common to all of the other 2Cs I’ve tried. Visually, I was most reminded of 2C-B.

From about an hour in, to the four-hour point I experienced no discomfort of any sort. Just became immersed in a fantastically deep psychedelic trip. I thought about man, I thought about war, I thought about me. I thought a lot about my loved ones and girlfriend. My mind was everywhere, yet each thought came to me gently. There was none of the confusion or pushiness of LSD. Very nice state, very introspective, very meaningful, and very clear.

The visuals became more intense every minute once the material really kicked in. By the two-hour point, everything was moving and the world took on a “whirlwind” look. It was very intense. Then I really started to leave 'this' reality, as my thoughts became one with the visuals. Another way of describing this state is that I was [i]seeing[/i] my thoughts in the objects surrounding me. It was fantastically mind-expanding, and such an easy psychedelic for gaining insights. This was unlike 2C-B or 2C-C, where I have to focus to get really introspective. It was all dramatically impressing to me, and soon I thanked the Universe deeply for allowing me to experience this fantastic, profound, and beautiful state of mind. Was this a plus-four? Maybe! It was definitely not like anything I’ve experienced before on any psychedelic.

At some point, my visuals and thoughts shifted towards childhood. I was back in kindergarten. The visual effects morphed my living area into my old classroom compete with students. I did not interact with anyone, but rather I was an observer. This brought back all sorts of forgotten childhood memory. I am not sure how long this lasted, but it seemed like I reviewed my entire life as a small child. The memories were sharp and clear, and definitely of real events. Over time I guess, they got pushed back into my subconscious. Now they were clear and accessible. During some point in the experience, I stepped “out of the trip” for a second and remarked to myself how deep and heavy this all was. What a fantastic tool this is for accessing the subconscious. No psychedelic has ever brought back long-lost memories. Fantastic!

Next, I was camping outside when I was about nine-years old in Florida with my family. Again, I did not interact with anyone. But the memories were vivid. I could actually smell the salt air. And my room was transformed into a beach at night. I thought about my pre-teen years and how different I was then. The connection to myself was phenomenal. Is this [u]the[/u] tool for access to the inner self? Now, I was at a definite plus-four. I again thanked the Universe for gracing me with this privileged state of mind. Then things began to change.

I noticed pressure increasing in my intestine. I felt like a balloon blowing up with gas. Eventually, sitting in any position very uncomfortable. Soon, I was in severe pain from the bloating, just slightly moving caused me to groan in discomfort. My whole stomach was rock-hard. Then, I began to vomit up the small bit of apple as well as all this stomach acid. But the worst was not over. Next, the 2C-N produced the most severe diarrhea I have ever experienced. It lasted a solid twenty minutes and the experience resulted in some very severe pain from the bloating. I was nearly in tears, it was that bad. And this was not ordinary diarrhea; my intestines literally poured everything out. I honestly believe my whole bowels drained. Nothing was ever that painful before. I also became a bit dehydrated and nearly considered calling a friend to come and save me because I was not sure what was happening to me and felt very frail.

But the 'dirty rain' finally stopped after a solid twenty minutes of it pouring out, and I took a bath to clean myself up. Filthy from the sweat that poured from me, and all else, I had to cleanse myself. Then drank some Gatorade and took 500mg of table salt in a capsule to help with the dehydration. I felt much better but was very shaken up from the whole experience. There was nothing but a small amount of an apple in my stomach, and the night before my meal was light. I do not believe food/or lack of played any role in what happened.

After the bath, everything was better. I lay out on my couch and just thought about everything. Especially how delicate the body is, and pondered on the fact that I felt I might have died when it was happening. Once more, I thanked the Universe for life. I was grateful for having survived such a physically violent ordeal. All in all, I felt rather tired and rather “spent,” but was grateful that the worst was over. Once again, I survived.

Other than the body-malaise in the beginning, and the horrible events at the end…2C-N was fantastic. During the peak, I felt no body-issues and was brought to a fantastically deep place. In the end, it ended up being a very cleansing trip (literally and mentally.) The experience of revisiting my childhood was priceless and a true gift. I’ll always treasure the moments of feeling six and nine again. Never will I forget the events that occurred.

However, never again will I take 2C-N because, as good as the trip was, I would never willingly take a chance of putting myself in that kind of pain again. The visual experience, which eventually resulted in my thoughts becoming my perceptions, was so incredible and unique. I was somewhat upset that it was not consumed outside, but I'm glad I wasn't because I prefer to be in the privacy of my home when my bowels go into “purge” mode. It is a shame I will never return, but I am grateful for my one visit. I am very anxious to see more people try this one. If these physical side-effects are not the norm, then I feel 2C-N will make a very valuable medicine in a variety of psychotherapeutic applications. More research is needed.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34398
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 15, 2004Views: 20,996
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2C-N (317) : Alone (16), Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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