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Trip 2 My Lou
Morning Glory Seeds
Citation:   rusticmonk. "Trip 2 My Lou: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp34424)". Aug 6, 2022.

12.5 g oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  1 oral Caffeine (liquid)
Approx. 1:00PM I got a call from my cousin saying he was in town and he wanted to do something. I told him I had 50 grams of morning glory seeds. He had never taken them before or had any idea of what he was in store for. lol. I told him my own personal account from the weekend before, when I had taken the seeds and tripped kinda hard. After that story... he was all for it.

I busted out the coffee grinder and grinded up 25 grams of seed into a fine powder... put in one dish with a half a cup of distilled water. This was around 1:20PM. Grinded up another 25 grams equally, same amount of water and everything. Added 2 stacker 3's to the stew's and let sit. I caught a ride to the city in which my cousin was staying around 3:00PM... so I packed up the stew's in 2 tupperware bowls and wrapped up with tape to prevent leakage.

Got there around 4PM... and waited for my cousin. And waited... and waited. I had planned on drinking the stuff as soon as I had got there and trip with him... but since he wasn't there... I waited and watched TV until 10PM that night.

11:35PM- Finally the morning glory Stew was ready to be drunk. Soaked in water for over 10 hours. So... it was pretty potent at the time we drank it down... little did I know. It tasted like potato juice. And I'll tell ya... gross as hell, man. We equally drank the morning glory stew. Measured it out and everything. Drank equal parts... then went outside to chill.

About 10 minutes later... my cousin barfed all over the place... so I thought it was over for him... and assumed he wasn't going to experience anything.

12:35am- I began to barely feel a buzz. Felt like I was on E. Sweating profusely... dehydrated... and smiling. Listening to the music that was playing and talking to my cousin.

1:35am- I started to see patterns of multi-colored lights in the air and my cousin was feeling the same way. I couldn't sit still in the chair. I kept rocking outta control.... my cousin and I were talking at an uncontrollable rate about anything and everything... and constantly changing subjects every 5 minutes. Man... we were gone!!

2:35am- We had tripped into the outer dimensions of the mind and actually believed we had died and was stuck in a drug induced limbo for the criminally insane.
We had tripped into the outer dimensions of the mind and actually believed we had died and was stuck in a drug induced limbo for the criminally insane.
Thought the darkness was our only enemy... and that we were most likely never going to be able to see the sun again. We laughed the whole time... so we wasn't freaking out. We had each other and that was the best thing.

3:35am- still stuck in the other dimension. Bigfoot was seen outside the window and a crocodile did a belly flop into the grass. Nothing out of the ordinary for two people in our state of mind.

4:45am- a lot of crazy things. Can't even remember the half of it all.

5:45am- came up with the bright idea to walk up to the highway and get some breakfast. didn't go through with it.

6:45am- started raining. We went and jumped into the broken down car in the front yard... and acted as though we was driving somewhere. Didn't get anywhere.

7:45am- started walking to the highway.

8:00am- got halfway and started to get spooked by everybody. Thought they could tell by the way we looked that we was on drugs. lol. Turned around... and said... 'were not ready for society yet my friend' and ran back to where we belonged.

9:00am- got back to where we was and couldn't sleep. Thought we was coming down but couldn't feel it.

9:30am- went to sleep.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34424
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 6, 2022Views: 1,182
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Morning Glory (38) : Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4), Difficult Experiences (5), Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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