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Psychedelics 101
Citation:   Lone Soldier. "Psychedelics 101: An Experience with 2C-I (exp34674)". Jun 27, 2004.

  oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
My life has gone, in the last few years, in a direction that has made it impossible to dabble with any form of illegal substances. I am a veteran psychonaut having dosed on LSD in the area of 50 -75 times, E literally between 150 - 200 times, Shrooms 20 - 30 times, 2C-B/I at least a dozen times each, and an abundance of other subs in the dissasociate family. Despite all the bombardment of chems on my brain, I have been very successfull in pursuing an education in Information Technology and currently own and operate a very successful IT consulting company. This is an important part of the reason that I now avoid anything illicit. Personally, I am a very stable preson. I have deep spiritual beliefs and a general love for my fellow human beings. I am very satisified with my life, as anyone should be if their objective is to maximize the enjoyment of any psychedelic experience (IMHO).

So why 2C-I?

My gf, SL, had never tripped before and had a strong desire to see what it would be like. I take all of my experiences very seriously and after impressing upon her that psychedelics are not subs that should be taken lightly like other street drugs, but rather to be respected and taken with care and caution, we began to make plans. 2C-I seemed like a nice starting chem (not too forceful) and was the only 2C that had what I felt (at the time) was an adequate amount of information (experiences) available to research and learn from (feel safe).

We obtained @ 100mg's of 2C-I on a Thursday morning. The powder is fine and clumps together, sticking to the side of the little brown bottle it was stored in (and anything that would come in contact with it). Since 100mg's is such an insignificant amout of substance, I didnt want to loose any of the sub that was stuck to to the inside of the bottle. I proceeded to count out 100 very steady drops of equal volume from an eyedropper I purchased at the local drug store. The water I used was distilled (Richfood brand) to maximize solubility. Much to my dismay, the 2C-I did not disolve cleanly. I proceded to boil a pot of water and, with a pair of tongs, submerged the sealed bottle in the boiling water for several 30 sec. intervals (didnt want to bust the sealed bottle) until the powder was thoroughly disolved. Worked like a charm. Now I had 1mg per drop of water. I opened a capsule from a dietary supp I purchased at GNC, dumped out the powder, put 10 drops in the capsule (all that would fit), and swallowed it. Multiple caps used to increase dosage beyond 10mg's. This method works great with every HCL I have tried it with. No anomolies in potency whatsoever.

My apartment. I live alone and my only company durring any of these experiences was my gf. I never eat within 6hrs of ingesting. I always try to get a good night sleep the night before. The music I prefer is mostly house, jungle, trance, depending on the stage of the trip or the dosage. Experiences never last longer than 8 hrs for me personally, usually with a 3 hr peak. More common is 6 hrs with a 2 hr peak. Usual activities include dancing, conversing, drawing (SL is an artist), and having incredible animal sex. Appartment is decked out with normal psychedelic gear (blights, lava lamps, etc) and decorated with many cacti (quite a few San Pedros). Great environment imho.

10mg's - 12mg's
I found this to be my personal threshhold dose. Minor visual distortions, increases in the speed and depth of my thoughts, and a definite body load. I don't find this load to be uncomfortable on any level, but some people may. Stretching is very pleasurable. I particularly enjoy dancing on this substance as music sounds very sharp and much more intense rhythmically. Muscles occasionally twitch, or rather flutter, and there can be some brief stomach discomfort. All of this is very tolerable at this low dose, but becomes more pronounced at fully psychedelic levels. SL became a little freaked out initially at this dose. She had never experienced full-blown hallucinations before this and it took her a little while to feel comfortable 'letting go'. A little guidance and she was back on solid ground in no time. After this difficulty she had what she described as the most entertaining and eye opening night of her life.

15mg's - 17mg's
This is the dose that most people are satisified with. It is fully psychedelic with amazing patterns and twisting distortions in the visual field. Music can begin to be seen at this level and it totally takes on a life of its own. What is absent in 2C-I is any form of emotional or introspective push. Not that fantastic insights and deeply emotional interaction cannot occur on this substance, it simply must be 'willed'. I have had fantastic conversations, deep revelations, and amazing sexual experiences at this dose. There just isn't any force here compelling you to enter a particular mind state (unlike LSD, Shroomz, and E). The body load becomes more pronounced at this level. I have noticed that the increase in body load is not proportional to the increase in dosage, ie. double dose is nowhere near double body load. It really only bothers me when trying to sleep (jittery).

20mg - 23mg
I must first mention that my only difficult experience was at this level. The mucus production in my sinuses quadrupled. I had noticed this effect at lower doses, but it was never anymore than an annoyance before. This time it was unbearable. I wretched, gagged, and eventually threw up as a result of the steady stream of mucus running down the back of my throat and my head felt like it was going to crack like an egg. I had enough experience to know that I would be ok - I could still breathe fine, didn't panic so heart rate remained fine, etc. But it really sucked. I laid on my back and sprayed large volumes of nasal spray into my nasal passage and after about ten minutes this worked and everything was ok. Now I just take sudafed 30mins prior to dosing and I have no problems.

As you can probably imagine, this dosage is much more intense. I found this level to be my personal favorite. Very psychedelic, incredible tactile stimulation, introspection and conversation are both very easy, and the music totally shapes the experience. It is my opinion that beyond this dosage the negatives begin to outweigh the positives. I have experimented with up to 33mgs and I stand firm that 20-23 is my favorite.

This is a great choice for someone who is new to the world of psychedelics. It is a perfect vehicle to experience the 'trip space' and still maintain self control and emotional well being. Although it is an adequate description, I do not like the term 'generic psychedelic'. I believe that this sub can be truly amazing to those who posess sufficient creativity and imagination, as it seems to follow the direction of the mind. SL was able to work through some seriously disturbing family issues and follow through on excellent resolutions in real life, something I find is hard to achieve when your mind state is controlled by the drug. It just doesn't seem as real - more like a dream.

Being in control of the experience seems to give it more validity, in turn making introspective work much more powerful and resolutions much more likely to be followed up on. Some may prefer the more pushy subs, but for a beginner, this is a great way to build confidence and comfort with these types of drugs before jumping into something less forgiving. All just mho of course.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34674
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 27, 2004Views: 35,308
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2C-I (172) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Personal Preparation (45), Sex Discussion (14), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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