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Neon Green Vomit
AMT, Cannabis
by nvksmt
Citation:   nvksmt. "Neon Green Vomit: An Experience with AMT, Cannabis (exp3480)". Erowid.org. Oct 27, 2000. erowid.org/exp/3480

60 mg oral AMT (capsule)


After a saturday night out, me and 2 friends decided to throw back some AMT orally in gelcaps. At about 1am I ate 60mg oral, and T & D each took 35mg oral. Around 2am we all smoked a bowl of weed, but still got fairly bad stomach aches. Me and D were sharing the computer, and when i had it i was on IRC, and when he had it he was playing counterstrike.

Around 3am, I was chatting and i suddenly had to vomit. i was coming down off the weed and the AMT was kicking in strongly... i got up and ran for the bathroom and right when i got there but before i got to the toilet it started coming. i kept my mouth closed and squirted vomit out my nose onto the floor (gross). then i managed to make it to the toilet and yorked for about a minute. it was neon green! i know this wasnt a hallucination because all 3 of us saw that, and plus, it was on my floor and tis STILL neon green (btw, all i consumed all day was dr pepper, coke, and blue gatorade).

anyway, i got back on IRC at about 3:30 and talked about how vomiting was cleansing and i loved to vomit. the vomitting really felt good, and by 3:30 my friends felt better too. we sat and talked until about 6am. me and D shared the computer and T layed on the floor waving his hands in front of his face babbling about tracers. we were really euphoric and spent the whole night laughing and talking. the AMT allowed our minds to work REALLY quickly, and our trains of thought were easily interrupted (such as, when i was chatting, D said 'masturbate' and what i said somehow came out with 'masturday' in it...). we said a few things that made no real sense also, like 'if you listen to the music, but dont really listen to it, they dont say what theyre really saying'

at around 6am T went to sleep (who knows HOW he did it) and me and D got around 1 hour of sleep each, and D & T went home. i went to work, im a bagger at a grocery store. i spent most of the time spaced out and not talking. later on when i talked i was being really nice and happy to everyone, and i wasnt even tired even though i got next to NO sleep.

i went home after work and slept.

i really enjoyed this substance, and will definitely repeat the experience, and in fact, already have... :)

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 3480
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 27, 2000Views: 5,567
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AMT (7) : Various (28), First Times (2)

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