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What a Long, Strange Trip it has Been
Citation:   Jasper. "What a Long, Strange Trip it has Been: An Experience with 2C-B (exp34811)". Mar 4, 2008.

4 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  1 tablet oral 2C-B
  2 bowls smoked Cannabis
My friend and i were supposed to go to this gigantic rave in orange county with our fiancees- Mat and Lex were going to have an ecstacy experience together, and i was waiting for an acid order i had put in from arizona for my love and i. All four of us had multiple psychadellic experiences in the past, and had no real reservations conscerning our plans to return there. Both of our women ended up passing on the venture mere hours beforehand, and i was planning, therefore, a quiet evening at home in my studio. Mat made an unexpected appearance at my house with a free ticket in hand, and adventure in his eye. I knew we were going to have a night of it.

We bought a twelve pack of one of my favorite dark beers, and a pack of cigarettes for good measure. I always bring cigarettes along when i trip, as they bring strength in familiarity, and therefore a basis in safety (call me a baby). We drove up from my home in San Diego, drinking and sharing greivances (our unintentional cleansing ritual before our excursion into the aether), and arrived in great time. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

Still with four hours of rave left, bass thumping and lights ablaze, we stumbled our tipsy selves into a sea of costumes and energy drinks to find ourselves a guide for the night. As i approached each band of madmen, and madwomen, my greeting was consistantly 'Aciiid?...Ecstacyyy?', and their salutation was consistantly a smile and polite head shake, coupled with the occaisional embrace and good tiding. Judging from the dialated pupils and unconditionally accepting behavior, i surmised that the majority of sacrament had already been partaken of. As a last resort, i approached a kiosk labeled 'tha 420 spot', i figured this would be my best bet; we could at least score some pot. What i was greeted with was more than i could have asked for.

'Aciiid? Ecstacyyy?' and was finally rewarded with a jewel, a little white tablet with a yin yang on either side. Tat, tat, from a small green sack you might find a gram of coke, into the hand of my serendipidous shaman. 'What is it?' 'it's bees. 2c-b- you'll TRIP, fool.' Jumping out of my skin with excitement at my luck, but keepng cool for the sake of my fragile dignity, i replied 'yeah? enough for two?', she pushed back her hair 'i'm used to four, and i'd only take one of these things. Two for forty.' My companion, surprised at my having found sacrament so easily, forked over the money i had given him earlier that evening. We thanked our shaman, and asked the usual; how long till beginning, how long till middle, and how long till end.

Mat and i found a spot not far away, i explained what little i knew about the substance, and some breif history regarding it's synthesis, and implimentations in southern Africa. We counted to three, and ingested what would come to be the catalyst for quite a strange journey.

We located some friends of ours using cell phones and large arm movements, and entered into one of the gigantic dance halls overflowing with tripped- out new age hippies. We felt right at home. Random homeboy Alex busted out with a joint he had smuggled in, and as the bass thumped in our sternums, we partook of some maryjane so as to ease into this new experience. The music took me and random homeboy Alex over entirely, as he had been rolling X since earlier in the afternoon, and was just done peaking. Mat just smiled ear to ear, and took in the light show. I could tell he had begun. After a good hour or so(t+90min), we found one another in the sea, and decided that the carnival rides on the other side of the rave would be the best addition to our night.

As the scenery began to breathe, Mat and i found one another experiencing why the bees are known a 'nexus'. As i would begin a thought, he would finish, and vice versa, at every turn, . I was glad to see that telepathy is also possible in synthetics. We borded the ride, a sort of all- dimentional tilt-a-whirl, with two other gentelmen of like age and dress. As the ride whirled us in every which direction, we began conversation, as the layout of each pod in the ride is like a little dinette, with a table in the middle, and four seats around. As if performing a survey, our new acquaintences questioned as to what we were partaking of.

'y'all fucked up?' 'yeah, just dropped a bit ago' 'yah, rollin?' 'nah, came across the 2c-b. yes, very lucky' 'oh yeah? that's real good.' as he slapped his partner on the shoulder, they both smiled devilishly. The two explained to us that they own a lab nearby and that, if we had purchased 2c-b at this junction, that we, most likely, were holding his creation. We shook hands with them, and thanked them for being so adventurous, as well as offering my services in spreading such sacrament in San Diego. We exited the ride, checked Mat's watch, and decided that, rather than wait for this to wind down, and feel the emptiness of the activity as a whole, we would leave fashionably early, and go for a walk to experience what was left of the trip on more familiar terms.

The basis for the evening was that we were away from or fiancees, the symbol of love and good descision- making, and would, therefore, go out, be completely impetuous, and partake of the drugs of our choosing in order to feel the unbridled freedom we used to share in our high school days. Cheap? Yes. Childish? Of course. Illegal? All the better!

We discussed deeply interpersonal matters, as this is an incredibly intimate drug. The reason for all of this explaination of events is simply that this was the sequence of events; and they happened to us as if we were one. Besides our occaisional paranoia surrounding police involvement, which was frequent, as the trip is deeply visual, and the deviding factor that the action of doing drugs harbors in all situations, Mat and i were one as long as we had an activity (usually cigarette) to unite us. Once the cigarette was gone, though it felt superb to extinguish, our communication was uncomfortable and distant, as red white and blue lights were the predominant colors around us, heightening the feeling of being alien in an already foreign environment. What was peculiar was the looping of disdain to approval towards one another once we realised that one of us was 'trippin out'- there was not one actual police sighting the entire night until we were already back in San D.

At one point, Mat lost his cookies out the driver side door of his eclipse, and was quite embarassed at having failed me, as he interpreted this. I interpeeted it as him failing himself. neither was the case. I slapped him on the back, and we went for a walk.

Since the trip (it's been about four days now), i've found myself a bit difficult to handle in social situations, and a murky, apprehensive distance has followed me into my conversations with my lover conscerning some arbitrary quarrels we had been sorting out prior to my meeting with the bees. Unlike a descernably positive aftermath from heavy mushroom experiences, 2c-B has really only shifted my perception of myself slightly to the left, not better or worse, just slightly to the left.

I would use this only in a rave situation that would encompass the entire trip. Sexual thoughts turned into a k- hole like dissociation that is infinitely pleasureable. Lights, dancing, laughter and communication brought about inconceivable colors and manipulatable geometries to be shared with my fellow explorer(s). interpersonal connection was beautiful, yet fragile. Just waiting for the shit to wear off completely! all in al, an educational experience.

much like attending third grade, and beating my head against the wall repeatedly, the lesson from dong drugs is- once is enough. keep it natural and ritual, kids!

>know your substance, know your source, know yourself before you endeavor with no help.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34811
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 4, 2008Views: 7,099
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