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An Exfoliating Mud-bath for the Soul
by Nog
Citation:   Nog. "An Exfoliating Mud-bath for the Soul: An Experience with 2C-C (exp34841)". Jul 14, 2004.

50 mg oral 2C-C (powder / crystals)
Dose: 2C-C powder was measured at a dose of 50mg and taken orally in a gelatin capsule.

Duration: The full-blown experience lasted about 4 hours, with 3 additional hours of after effects.

Unfortunately for the reputation of this obscure but fantastic substance, I must report that my first experience with it was at an electronic music festival. It was the outdoor type of music festival, the kind that is held over an entire weekend. Eastern Canada's beautiful landscape proved to be a fantastic setting.

'N' and I both ingested the capsules at around 9:30 that summer solstice evening, catching the final glimpses of a particularily special sunset. I had read that effects could take as long as two hours to appear, but for the two of us this proved not to be true. The effects did take quite a while to fully develop, but there was a very noticable shift at thirty minutes. It was a shift that had an uneasy edge, and was accompanied by an uncomfortable but manageable degree of nausea. It should be noted that we had been seperated from our other two friends and that their absence may have contributed to our anxiety.

To shake off the nerves, I decided I would get up and do some dancing. 'N' had expressed that she wanted to remain in touch with the compound, and would sit on the ground beneath an array of black lights. It did not take long before I lost interest in physical activity. There was no special discomfort, just a feeling that I'd rather be in an observational mode than a participatory one. I obeyed the feeling.

'N' and I both retreated into what was being called the 'chill dome', a heated tent area filled with psychedelic art of all kinds, where a number of psychedelic videos were being shown on crooked TV screens, not disimilar to what can be seen on the classic 'Batman' TV show. It was in this closed environment that the effects of 2C-C began to fully reveal themselves.

2C-C is a very subtle substance. It does not impact one's overall personality, but it certainly does grant one certain extra-perceptive faculties. One can choose either to ignore the compound altogether, or allow it to greatly widen one's view on things. I especially enjoyed listening to the many conversations which were happening around me. The things other people were saying, though on the surface not immediately relevant to myself, seemed to automatically assemble themselves in my mind in the form of what can only be identified as wisdom. There was a degree of introspection to be found in just about everything I observed. Interacting with the outside world had become synonymous with exploring the inner world. This made the entire experience one of very profound and very comfortable learning. Even those issues I have with myself that I would normally have difficulty confronting appeared as harmless to me as equations on a blackboard. I was held fast in a feeling of security, of patience, of perfect self-acceptance. There was tremendous clarity, tremendous relaxation. Thank you, Dr. Shulgin.

The changes in sensory perception certainly cannot be considered the star of 2C-C's show. Much more prominent are the effects on one's personal perspective, on one's assumptions about themselves and their relationship with reality. The sensory effects of 2C-C included pleasantly mild visual distortions, ranging from 'eternal depth' (objects appearing to have unlimited inward capacity), to the shifting/breathing of objects, to the slight enhancement of colour and sound. Closed-eye patterning did occur toward the height of the experience, around the one and one half hour mark. There was a definite increase in the appreciation of music.

'N' and I completed the experience in the 'chill dome', occasionally participating in discussions with eachother, and with others, most often content just to absorb everything that was happening around us. When the time felt right, we gathered ourselves up and moved to our campsite, where we enjoyed some uniquely heartfelt and mutual sex. Sleep came without trouble, and the next morning was accompanied by a calm, refreshed feeling. It was not difficult to locate our lost companions in the daylight, who after hearing our stories expressed an interest in trying 2C-C for themselves.

Some concluding observations:

2C-C is not nearly as forceful as it's companion 2C-I. While the relation is defintely detectable, 2C-I is much heavier of an experience than 2C-C, with 2C-C offering more of an airy, spacious feeling, as though one had suddenly come upon a well-ventilated colliseum of the mind. For me, 2C-C carried many more spiritual and philosophical overtones than 2C-I did. Set & Setting did not seem to play any particular role here, as the music festival was certainly a much more fast-paced, high-intensity environment than the setting under which I had imbibed 2C-I. When exploring 2C-I, I would typically be alone with some soft music and candle light.

Provided that 2C-C proves to be a compound safe to the brain and body, I would say that it is a substance which has vast implications in the realm of psychotherapy. For this purpose, and also for the purpose of recreation, I would recommend it to anybody. It is a substance which, like most psychedelics, dissolves barriers and helps us shed the hard coating of plauqe-like conditioning we have received as members of a culture.

Alan Watts says that the extent to which a person is civilized -- that is to say the extent to which he accepts his surrounding culture as his identity -- is the extent to which he is hallucinating, mistaking his own true nature as being identical to the established values which have been imposed upon him. If this is so, then 2C-C is the sort of compound which breaks that spell, enabling a person to, as Timothy Leary put it, think for themselves and question authority. It does this perfectly and completely, without causing the individual to reel in the sort of delerium summoned by compounds such as LSD or psilocybin.

In summary, my journey inward with 2C-C was as profoundly liberating as it was soothing, quiet, and relaxing. If LSD is to be called 'anti-septic for the soul', 2C-C deserves the analogy 'exfoliating mud-bath for the soul'.


In an effort to help compile data for dosing information:

Using the one other experience report for 2C-C as a frame of reference, 50mg might be considered a hefty dose. Because this compound is so mild and unassuming, however, I do not think any oral dose could be classified as 'strong' in the same way that some doses of LSD can be classified as 'strong'. I would imagine that doses in excess of 65 to 100mg might have more unpleasant physical side effects than psychological ones. Since I have only ingested 2C-C a single time I have no experience by which to extrapolate an accurate dosage curve, but nonetheless I would imagine that doses less than 25mg would be almost indetectable, at least by me. I tested myself twice for adverse reactions to 2C-C first by ingesting 5mg, then 10mg. On either occasion no noticable shift in conciousness was observed.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34841
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 14, 2004Views: 24,570
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