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Brief, Beautiful Bliss
by iom
Citation:   iom. "Brief, Beautiful Bliss: An Experience with 2C-C (exp35142)". Jul 14, 2004.

50 mg oral 2C-C (powder / crystals)


I had been looking forward to trying this chemical for a while as it looked appeared to provide an experience similar to 2C-I, but with less stimulation and a shorter duration. As far as psychedelics, I have tried Mushrooms, 2C-I, 2C-E, Mescaline cacti, Ayahuasca, LSD, DIPT, 5-MeO-DMT, 2C-D, 2C-T-4, HBWR seeds, DPT, and 2C-T-21. I have had +++ or stronger experiences with 8 of the 12 listed above. I am also a regular, almost daily Cannabis smoker.

17:00/T-1:00 -- I am pleasantly surprised to learn that the 250mg container actually contains 310mg of chemical. That's one extra trip FREE!

17:45/T-0:15 -- My partner and I decide on taking 50mg each for our first times. This has me mildly paranoid, but I have had too many disappointingly mild experiences lately. Also, both of us seem to respond to drugs about equally and we are average to mildly resistant to phenethylamines (albeit a bit sensitive to tryptamines usually). We have no definite way of verifying the identity of the chemical. The sample is rather fluffy in a way that reminds me of the first batch of 2C-E I received. This 2C-C is not as fluffy as the 2C-E, but it isn't the fine white powder that 2C-I appears as.

18:00/T0:00 -- I taste-test a drop of 2C-C/H2O solution. 2C-C tastes especially bitter. The soapy taste of 2C-E is definitely not there. The sweetness of 2C-I is also not there, but the rubbery/swimming-pool aspect is there. I am feeling confident enough that this stuff is 2C-C that I'm willing to drink it. The solution tastes quite dreadful and we both require 3 separate gulps to get it down.

18:15/T+0:15 -- I finally feel the first alert. I usually feel alerts from chems including 2C-I in about 5 minutes. 2C-E often doesn't show until 20 minutes. I'm still pretty paranoid, but remind myself to have patience.

18:30/T+0:30 -- The feelings are starting to increase now. I feel more assured now as this is the point in which the nausea usually kicks in for most things. My stomach is completely undisturbed. I'm feeling less effect now than I would be with 2C-I.

18:40/T+0:40 -- Wow! This is ramping up pretty quickly now as I'm already at a mild ++. I have little reason to doubt that this isn't 2C-C. There is a 'softening' effect in the vision which is very similar to that of 2C-I. I am also feeling the delightful 'soft skin' tactile sensations that I also recognize from 2C-I but not others. Completely absent is any of the nervousness or tension that 2C-I usually provides. I feel too good and relaxed already to worry about whether or not I what I actually took was 2C-C.

18:50/T+0:50 -- We've been sitting in the living room for the last 30 minutes or so. About 5 minutes ago, the open-eye-visuals became apparent. Our tapestries are cycling in a strange manner that we try to and fail to appropriately verbalize. The body high is simply wonderful, and there are still no side-effects to speak of. Even the mucous flow that I commonly feel with psychedelics, especially 2C-I, is absent.

19:30/T+1:30 -- The trip has been gradually getting stronger. I love how relaxed and easy going it is. At this point, I am feeling the effects pretty strongly; however, I have not broken past '++' yet. The 'dirty carpet' visual phenomenon that we experience with 2C-I appears to occur with 2C-C as well. At this point, I actually volunteer to vacuum the living room floor which turns out to be a great plan. The vacuuming is completed quickly, and we are both pleased at how much nicer the floor is to look at. There is some gunk in the sinuses, but much less so than with 2C-I.

19:45/T+1:45 -- I'm still waiting to 'peak' and break-through. Smoking Cannabis seems to be in order. We trade a few hits of exceptionally high potency bud. For me this has little impact on the body, but my mind is now a bit more spaced out, and the closed-eye visuals have been rather intense.

20:00/T+2:00 -- We smoked in the bedroom, and we haven't left yet. In fact, we are enjoying ourselves quite a bit. I remark that the compound seems deeper than 2C-I because of its relaxed temperament. I am also reminded of a commonly repeated comment in PiHKAL: 'This is definitely not anti-erotic.' It sounds like a sarcastic way of stating that one simply can't get enough. This seems appropriate at this time.

The effects already seem to have dropped off considerably, but we are too busy enjoying 'ourselves' to really care. I do seem to be enjoying the erotic intimacy more than the tactile sensations. It reminds me a bit of MDMA in that way. The sensations aren't much more sexy than usual, but being with her sure feels good.

21:30/T+3:30 -- Orgasm was fantastic (as always with psychedelics and Cannabis), and we both finished together. More and more Cannabis is smoked. As I feel this wonderful state of mind slipping away, I desperately try to preserve it, to no avail: the Cannabis has very little effect. The visuals, both open-eye and closed-eye are pretty much gone. There is still some of the tactile high remaining.

22:00/T+4:00 -- We head out for a walk as a means of working out tension. Walking seems to reduce the chances of headaches in my partner who is a bit susceptible to them with phenethylamines. It is very warm and we feel quite comfortable. A train nearby suddenly puts on its brakes which provides a most unusual and fantastic sounding symphony of squeals, coming from many different directions. The walk is brief as our appetites are quickly growing despite the food we ate before our departure.

22:30/T+4:30 -- We start cutting up vegetables in preparation for dinner. We're both feeling pretty stoned. There isn't much left from the 2C-C as far as we can tell. My partner is apparently not thoroughly 'satisfied' and has to retreat to the bedroom while I finish chopping the vegetables.

23:30/T+5:30 -- We smoke more Cannabis, sit down for dinner, and enjoy thick rice noodles stir-fried Thai style with basil with salmon. The recipe was of my own creation and it was my first time attempting to prepare such a dish. The dinner turned out to be fantastic; we only wish we had been able to pick up thai-basil instead of sweet-basil at the market.

00:00/T+6:00 -- More Cannabis is smoked, ice cream is eaten for dessert, and we watch a South Park Episode followed by an episode of Red Dwarf.

01:00/T+7:00 -- We're pretty tired and head off to bed. I'm rather stoned, but feeling virtually nothing from the 2C-C. Even the open-eye visuals are no better than they would be with Cannabis alone. We both have slight headaches. We chat in bed for a bit, fool around some, and then drift off within the hour.

--- day after ---

My partner wakes up and meets her mother for breakfast. Later on, I wake up from some realistic and mildly disturbing dreams inspired by my school related anxieties. Upon waking, I immediately notice how good my body feels. I also don't have a headache, in fact I don't have anything resembling a hang-over. I'm just feeling just great today. This is very nice as 2C-I often makes me feel a bit strung-out the day after despite having a lots of energy.

We both considerably enjoyed our experiences, although I was a bit disappointed by the limited intensity and short duration. Neither of us really broke past a ++, and the more intense part of the experience lasted for about half an hour. This, along with the high dosage requirement, is the major drawback of this chemical in our opinions. I would have been much happier if the deeper part of the experience lasted maybe one and a half hours, but it was there and gone so quickly. We also felt the effects were mostly gone long before the end of 8 hours as is suggested in PiHKAL.

On the plus side, this chemical has less body load than any other we've tried, including 2C-T-21. If we were to experiment with this chem orally again, my partner and I would probably choose a dose in the 60-70mg range. Still, we doubt that we will be able to get much more out of the experience that way. Our next experiments with 2C-C will involve administering it in smaller amounts in combination with 2C-T-21. We also intend to try the rectal administration method in the interest of economy and in hopes of shortening the onset of the experience which is a bit too gradual for the measly half-hour peak that it provides.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35142
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 14, 2004Views: 37,784
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