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My Head Hurts
by Erica
Citation:   Erica. "My Head Hurts: An Experience with Caffeine (exp35183)". May 10, 2007.

4 tablets oral Caffeine (pill / tablet)
  0.5 glasses oral Caffeine (liquid)


***I would like to note before I go on, that this was not a planned activity. I do not recomend anyone does this! But for those who can't help but wonder, this is what happens when you have too much Caffeine!

June, Begining of July, I decided to get away from home for a while. I went over state lines, and my friend who had driven me, decided to get some No-Doz Pills. We were sitting in the parking lot, when we downed four pills each. I drank a mountain dew with that, but only half of it. I could not spend the night at his house, so I spent the night at another friend of mine's. He went home, and I would not hear from him til the next morning. But he later told me, he felt the same affects that I did.

At first, I was just hyper. I was excited to see my friends, 2 girls who were over the house at the time. It was around 9pm, besides her little brother, no one else was home. Her parents were out for the whole night. While my friends, who were under no substances played video games, and I watched, I began to get excited. My heart beat started to race, I said random things. When I asked my friend what she saw me doing that night, she responded 'All I really remember is that you were extremely hyper for the most part, at times your head hurt you a lot, you couldn't go to sleep.'

I hadn't eaten anything, which made my stomach hurt very badly. I felt as if my head was bursting around 11pm. I tried to go to sleep in an extra room, but it was as if noise was all around me, when infact the door was closed and I could not hear the video games. I became paranoid in the dark room, and decided to go back to my friends. At this point, the pain in my head was so unberable, I started to roll on the floor and say random things. I was still able to comprehend where I was, but not what I was thinking.

Around 3 am, I still layed on the floor my friends telling me to drink water, which was something I needed, as I had a dry mouth. I drank a glass of water, and the suddenly excited girls dragged me outside. I wasn't sure what was going on, but they said we were going somewhere. I couldn't walk, so I grabbed onto one girl's arm to try to stay straight. I stared up at trees which scared me, as everything seemed very dizzy. I started to laugh for a while, because I couldn't handle the irrgular heartbeat, and it was making me have a maniac behavior.

We met up with a friend, who during the course of them talking, said something to me, which I couldn't understand, and then spinned me in circles. This was the worst thing he could have ever done. Later on, he said I attacked him, and we ended up back at the house, where I puked my brains out for a good while in the bathroom. Before I knew it, it was 6 am. Now the sun was coming out, and I felt very uncomfortable on my friend's couch. I twisted and turned, not being able to handle the nervousness that my body had entered. Around 7am I passed out.

When I awoke, it was almost 9. I did not awake on my own. My friend's father had come home. He yelled in my face questioning where his son was. I had no idea why, I believe now that he was not sober when he had came home, as he soon went to bed soon after he found out where his son was - in his room. I rolled over, and my heart was still racing, but not nearly as bad as it had been. I went to the bathroom, and then drank water out of the sink. I was thinking better, but I seemed to suddenly be clumsy, and I tripped several times trying to go down the hallway to find my friends.

After one of my friends went home, the girl who lived in the house talked to me, and the boy who we had visited at 2 am came over. I ended up seeing the original guy who had given me the pills before that, he gave me back a t-shirt I had left in his car, and some cds. He didn't look so good, He said he hadn't slept at all. I believe because of his body weight, which is 145, he handled the experience better then I did. I have a weak body overall, so I think that made it worse.

By 12 noon, after eating some food at the mall, and driving around with my guy friend who came over, I no longer had the affects, and was in fact really tired. I wouldn't like to do this again, At least not that many pills. If you want to stay up, take the dose the bottle says. Don't be stupid like I was, thinking it might be more fun to take more then I should have. It wasn't the worst thing I've ever experienced, as I have tried other substances, but it was unpleasent for the most part. Espcially the hangover part of it. I slept for almost two days.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35183
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 10, 2007Views: 18,770
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Caffeine (11) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Health Problems (27), Hangover / Days After (46), Bad Trips (6), Various (28)

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