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Increased Sensitivity?
Citation:   Wormwood. "Increased Sensitivity?: An Experience with 2C-I (exp35314)". Apr 5, 2005.

T+ 0:59
10 mg oral 2C-I (liquid)
  T+ 1:45   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I am an experienced neuronaut with training in South American shamanism as well as some significant natural intuitive abilities. I have experience with LSD, mushrooms, salvia, ayahuasca, 2cb, 2ce, and 2ci. I was going to be attending an opening of a student art gallery at a small university and thought that a museum level dose of 2ci would augment the experience. I was more right than I counted on, though. Is it possible that sensitivity to hallucinogens may increase over time?

6:30 PM drank 10 mg of 2ci dissolved in water and went out for a bite to eat prior to the gallery opening at 8:30. In prior experiences with 2ci, it has taken between 1.5 to 2 hours for the effects to really settle in. This time I began to feel substantial effects after 45 minutes, however. The effects were obviously going to be more intense than I bargained for, also.

7:30 PM. Still in the restaurant and experiencing +1.5. The pizza is good and I eat a little too much, something which is unpleasant later. I decide to leave the restaurant before the experience gets too intense. Sparkles have shown up in my vision and the body load is very evident. I am experiencing chills and sweats although not profuse yet. I leave and make the 30 minute walk to the gallery.

8:15 PM. The body load is getting a little unpleasant and I realize that this is going to be a much deeper trip than I had planned on. I decide to smoke a little cannabis to ease the nausea which I always experience on 2ci and the smoke helps ease the intensity of the body load. It does not ease the buzzing in my brain or the increasing dissociation or the increasing visuals which make it seem as if everything is breathing and flowing together. I try to wait in the lobby for the gallery to open but it is too intense in the crowd of young people and I am sure that my pupils are pretty large so I wait outside.

8:30 PM. The pieces displayed by the students are exceptional. (I verified this with a trip to the gallery while straight, also). The intensity of several pieces was very absorbing. I felt that I was able to fully understand the artist's intent and even their emotional state as they worked on their piece. There was a very large charcoal self-portrait of one student in which the figure was about 1/3 hidden behind a wall. This piece especially spoke to me and the intensity of the portrait's gaze was astounding. I felt sucked into the eyes of the artist and stood transfixed for what seemed a long time. It turned out to be less than two minutes. At that time I realized that I should probably leave the gallery soon. The other piece which really affected me was a simple mobile created from sticks and fishing line. The mobile was lit in such a way that the line was not visible and the sticks seems to hand and quiver in mid air, forming incredible multidimensional patterns as I walked around the mobile. Very nice!

9:30 PM. I leave the gallery and go on a long walk about town. +++ now. Fairly warm and this is rather unpleasant. The body load is very uncomfortable by now and I hope that the long walk will rid me of some of the energy. I start to feel better until I reach a particular neighborhood which is a mix of residential and commercial buildings with medium sized houses and small professional buildings such as medical offices and individual lawyers. As I approach this area, I begin to experience more nausea than I ever have in prior 2ci trips. It truly begins to seem as if the neighborhood is evil/toxic. About two blocks into the area I begin to cough heavily and then vomit several times. I can feel the negative energy entering my mind/body and I expel it through the vomit. I am obviously absorbing things that are not good for me, but I get the distinct message that I have to travel through this area to help cleanse it so I continue to walk and vomit for about 30 minutes.

10:00 PM. I have come to the end of the toxic neighborhood and feel as if I have really accomplished some good in absorbing and expelling the negative energy/spirits. I turn and walk to another street that runs parallel to the evil one. The walk feels energizing and refreshing so I assume that the rough part of the journey is over. A few block later I try to cross through the toxic neighborhood on another street and, as I enter it, I begin to cough and vomit again at a specific point on the street. I retreat and feel better. I try again. same result. I repeat the experiment. Same result. There is something really nasty here that would require multiple visits to clear. It is as if a barrier has been established to prevent me from entering again and if I close my eyes I can walk forward and feel the barrier with my third eye. This is the first time I have had such an intense empathic experience on any of the 2c chemicals! Wow!

I walk a few blocks and feel the negative enrgy dissipate and begin to walk back over to the first street on which I began. This small neighborhood is profoundly different. Smaller houses with well-tended yards and excellent gardens sheltered by old live oaks. I immediately experience small, brightly-colored 'strings' of energy flowing from the homes and gardens into me. The 'strings' enter my body and psyche and gently cleanse me of any toxic residue from the previous neighborhood. There are powerful people here who need to be awakened to their abilities. At the end of this street I feel much better and head back to my room to listen to some music. The body load has not decreased but I think I may be able to lie relatively still and let the music calm me.

10:30 PM. I begin by listening to a CD which is already in the player because it seems too much trouble to find another one and change it. The CD is Junior Brown which doesn't seem as if it would be good journeying music, but it works surprisingly well and things begin to settle down a little. After that CD, I listen to some Mozart piano concertos which always have the effect of provoking extraordinarily strong visuals with eyes closed or open. Wonderful!! I think I even sleep very lightly for about 15 minutes or so.

12:00 Midnight. Body load is more manageable and visuals have really calmed down. Still some morphing and strange patterns, but at least reality is a bit more solid. I decide to meet some friends who are regulars at a local pub. We sit and discuss the gallery opening and have a few beers until 1:30 or so and then go home.

1:30- 3:00 AM. I lie in bed listening to more music until I finally drift into sleep exhausted by the experience.

Overall, the experience was extremely valuable but not very enjoyable. Part of the reason for this is that it was so much more intense than I had expected and then I had the encounter with the toxic neighborhood. I have a new-found respect for the ability of 2ci to enhance empathic abilities and can see me using it in the future for shamanic work. It has always had a profound impact on my internal processes, but I have never experienced the openness to other energies as I did this time. I think it will become a valuable tool both in my introspective journey and in my shamanic practice. I don't think I'll eat as much pizza next time, though.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35314
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 5, 2005Views: 22,998
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2C-I (172) : General (1), Various (28)

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