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Way Too Much Paranoia!
by Jason
Citation:   Jason. "Way Too Much Paranoia!: An Experience with 2C-I (exp35334)". Oct 13, 2005.

T+ 0:00
15 mg oral 2C-I (liquid)
  T+ 0:30 5.0 mg oral 2C-I (liquid)



I should probably start with my previous drug experience and a little info about myself. I am an 18 year old male, 175 pounds, 5'9', a very stable and healthy person (both mentally and physically), and I always enjoy new experiences with almost any substance I can get my hands on. In addition to smoking marijuana habitually for about 3 years, I have tried psilocybin mushrooms, salvia extract, LSA, dimenhydrinate (dramamine), and 2C-E.

My first experience with 2C-I was my first encounter with any kind of research chemical or phenethylamine. I read alot about this substance and expected a stimulant-like trip with some fun visuals. While my expectations were met, there was more to this trip than I could have ever predicted.

(Preparation and Dosage)

Using the liquid measuring technique (2C-I dissolves very well in vodka), I initially measured out 15 mg for myself, and 20 mg for my friend 'M.' 'M' and I usually try new substances together and he has had a much higher tolerance for everything we've tried. After 30 minutes I was definately feeling the first alerts, so I thought, 'What the hell?' and took another 5 mg.

(The Trip)

The effects hit me very quickly and began with slight nausea (nothing uncontrollable) and a quick onset of visuals. As I was looking at an empty DVD rack, I noticed that the shelves were beginning to bend and, from the corner of my eye, looked like they were slowly melting. I was excited and scared all at once. Nothing I've tried has developed such effects in less than 30 minutes. This is when I decided to take my booster dose (the other 5 mg). The effects were getting more and more intense and about 45 minutes into it, I began to notice the strange body load and mindset.

'M' and I were sitting out by my pool on patio chairs with the pool light illuminating the surrounding trees. This is where the majority of the trip took place. I began to feel more and more nausea, and I knew that I would vomit soon. I sat up, walked over to the rocks, and purged violently. The vomit burned my throat and came out as a small amount of toxic looking green sludge (literally). This scared me slightly, but I read that many people get sick every time they take a 2C-compound, so I wasn't too worried.

About and hour into it, the experience became extremely weird, uncomfortable, and scary. The visuals were so intense by the time an hour had passed that I was sure we were peaking. 2C-I definitely has the most amazing visuals I've seen. As we sat by the pool, we both sat in silence, watching the trees sway like there was a fucking tornado. There seemed to be a strange connection between the trees and the substance because these intense visuals were only manifesting themselves in the trees. I looked over at 'M' for the first time in 15 minutes and he looked at me with blazing red cat eyes. I literally jumped and said, 'Oh shit, dude, you just had fuckin' cat eyes.' My friend looked bewildered and was just staring at my face, creeping me the fuck out. 'M' pointed to the tallest tree, still staring at me, and began explaining that he just saw the pyramids, a sphinx, the whole Egyptian deal, flying out of the tree toward him. We laughed about it, but there was a definite amount of strange tension between us.

I should stop and explain our frame of mind. First of all, the 2C-I was so overly-stimulating that we felt 'cracked-out.' Now, I've never tried crack but I think this is what it would feel like. Our hearts were racing (probably 110-120 bpm steadily) and everything about my body was tense and uncomfortable. While we were sitting on the patio chairs, amazed by the array of visuals, we both started to get paranoid. Not paranoid of being busted or anything like that, but paranoid of each other. We've talked about it many times since that night, and both agreed that we thought we were plotting against each other, literally. This is scary because we've been best friends for 3 years and that kind of shit just doesn't happen to us. On top of this extremely strong paranoia, the 2C-I was shitting on our bodies. My jaw was clenched the entire 6 hour trip, it felt as if every muscle in my body was tense enough to pop. It was totally uncomfortible and was putting us both on edge.

As the trip went on (by the way, we experience extreme time dilation and the whole trip seemed to last about 10 hours). We talked less and less and plotted more and more. 'M' looked at me and said 'I just wish this shit would be over.' and I replied, 'Just calm down, dude, we've got like 3 hours left... at the most.' I guess that was the wrong thing to say, because 'M' looked at me like he wanted to choke me. He sneered, 'What the FUCK is that supposed to mean?!' After that comment, we both stopped, cleared our minds and talked about how fucked up it was that we were at each other's throats, and that we should just be having a good time. It is my opinion that a substance should never take control of a person like this 2C-I did to us. It seemed unreal.

The trip was filled with this awkward paranoia until the very end. 'M' was so terrified and paranoid that he actually could NOT be in the dark. We walked into the woods by my house, and he stopped, looking horrified, and said 'What the fuck is going on here?! Dude, let's get out of here, let's go back to your house, PLEASE!' So we did. We went to my room and realized it was too cramped and crowded, making us even more uncomfortable. Leaving my room first, I flipped out the lights with 'M' behind me. As soon as the darkness hit him, he just stood there, not moving, calling for me to turn the light back on. He literally could not be in the dark. The paranoia and terror I felt (?) was nowhere near as bad as his, and I could actually almost enjoy the trip because of the cool visuals.

In fact, the only positive part of the trip was the visuals. As I said before, they were vivid, colorful, spontaneous, and just plain cool. I watched the cloudless sky above cycle through a rainbow of colors that were so bright, it almost seemed like daylight. The trees were alive, dancing around with endless energy. I watched, in both awe and horror, as my own hand grew grotesquely long fingers and sprouted werewolf-like hair. 'M's' face changed from a cat into a mutilated monster and back like it was nothing. The sky, and pretty much everything I looked at was filled with tiny blinking red lights, almost like miniature LEDs. 'M' told me that when I turned out the lights in my room, he saw a little cartoon boy pop his head out from behind my door who continuously smiled at him and wouldn't go away. What a fucking trip...


A superbly visual trip with a cracked-out body load and some paranoia. Thinking about it now, I'd say that the visuals alone were probably worth the weird paranoia that lasted throughout the trip. I've tried 2C-I since this trip at lower doses (5-10 mg) with much better, less hectic results. Hope this helped someone out... Peace.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35334
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 13, 2005Views: 23,476
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