More than Meets the Eye
Nitrous Oxide
by Rapt
Citation:   Rapt. "More than Meets the Eye: An Experience with Nitrous Oxide (exp35386)". Apr 2, 2006.

  inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)

So, to start it off, nitrous is amazing, but the nitrous experience changed as I proceeded to do larger quantities more often. At first, one hit off of the cracker was all that I needed to send me into outer space for what felt like an eternity, but in reality was only about a half-minute or so. I would hear a 'waoo waoo waoo waoo waoo' noise, and music would sound more intense, and I would usually have my eyes closed just enjoying the visuals. Mixing it with weed or DXM or anything else (beer works too, only it feels like a bit more hyper)intensifies nitrous that much more. Doing nitrous while on alcohol and cocaine is a cracked out experience that I didn't enjoy at all, but I'm not partial to cocaine that much anyhow, the come down after mainlining it absolutely blows, no pun intended.

Soon just one wasn't enough. I needed two or three to get me to where one would get me before. After that stopped producing the same effects I had to up the dosage to six in a row. At the time, I thought that doing anymore than half a box in a night was insane, but it's amazing how much one's perception changes the deeper into an addiction they fall.

When first doing nitrous, I only had access to it through a friend because they had the cracker, not I. Well, I could fix that, so I went out and blew 50 dollars on a cracker. That same night was the one that would send me on the road to becoming a nitrous junkie. Soon I was doing 2-3 boxes over a span of several hours about once or twice a week. I love to listen to music while on a nitrous high, it's so much fun.

Eventually I fell in love with nitrous so much that I would go out around 8 pm, buy 2 boxes, go home and do them, go out again around midnight or so, buy 2 boxes, go out a third time around 4 or five in the morning, go home and do them, and if I hadn't passed out yet then once 10 am came around I would go out and buy another box for the it's-morning--and-I'm-exhausted-and-want-to-pass-out-but-I-have-a-serious-nitrous-problem experience.

Wow, I'm going on for longer than I expected. Let me talk about the experience of a nitrous binge for a bit. Once I got to the point of doing half a dozen boxes in a night several times a week I didn't get the 'wah wah wah' anymore. But the first hit is still the most amazing one. I would suck it in, hold it, and then lay back and feel the beauty of nitrous flood right through me. Then I would chase it with a few more hits. It got to the point where I would sit and watch sitcoms or cartoons or music videos while on nitrous, taking a hit every couple minutes or so to keep the high going 'just for the full experience.' I would almost always do nitrous in my room with a blacklight on and music or television in the background. The funny thing is that I would have some absolutely profound thoughts that made ingenius sense and then two minutes later, while I was reminding myself that I needed to remember what I was thinking about, I couldn't remember what I was thinking about at all. Also, the feeling of nitrous is so much fun that I would sometimes pass out with the cracker in my hand, wake up a little while later to find some chargers left, do those until I passed out again and this would continue until I either feel asleep completely or ran out of chargers. Sometimes I would even remedy the latter by going out and buying more!

Nitrous isn't the best thing for short term memory, and even after being clear of nitrous for awhile I still find myself having weird memory lapses. Also, the visuals are fun, and often I would experience spirit-like shapes in my room, like spirit women reaching down from on top of the TV, or other translucent people leaning against the wall sipping on beer.

Now to the fun part, which I'm not sure if I should blame it on nitrous or the brand that I was using. At the start of my binging I was using chargers that I bought from a local sex shop that was open 24 hours a day, but I can't remember the name of the brand that they sold (see? memory lapse, and I would buy the damn things on a daily basis too). Anyway, they would eventually start to give me a headache, my throat would become all scratchy, and I would feel extremely dirty a few boxes into my night. Soon I started to develop a twitch in my neck while I was using them where my neck would twitch when I was resting, but if I got up and moved around then the twitching would stop, and it would only be temporary, so of course I continued to do the whippits. A few weeks down the road the twitching would start while I was in bed trying to fall asleep (sober), and wouldn't stop. Now I'm definitely going to link it to the nitrous because if I stopped doing whippits for a week or so then the twitching would eventually go away as well, but I did find that the twitching with the sex shop brand was much more severe than when I used ISI brand.

I just hated paying the extra dollar or two per box of ISI. Anyway, then the twitching started to come while I was driving in the car (sober by the way! I would never do nitrous while driving, and I'm pretty lenient about driving around fucked up, even though I shouldn't be I suppose) or just standing around. It isn't a noticeable twitch, it's not like my head was shaking all over the place, and anyone looking at me didn't notice it, but I could feel it happening.

This is when I started to get scared and realized that I really needed to lay off the whippits or else start having some serious nerve complications. As hard as it was, I gave my cracker to my friends to hold for me, and a couple of times I've taken it back for a binge, but now it's not so much fun because it starts up the twitching again.

I could keep going on but I won't. A couple of thoughts before I stop though:
having a large and steady source of income or a nitrous tank would have made my problems a lot easier, as the chargers are about 15 dollars a box and at 15x4x7 adds up to a couple hundred dollars a week. I couldn't afford to do whippits every night of the week, but I still put a big enough dent in my credit card that I'll be paying it off for quite some time. I really feel that I've lost something beautiful in abusing nitrous the way that I have.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35386
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 2, 2006Views: 24,811
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