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Superior to Alcohol
by kitchen alchemist
Citation:   kitchen alchemist. "Superior to Alcohol: An Experience with Absinthe (exp35425)". Jan 16, 2007.



There's been quite a bit written about absinthe, but there's a whole lot of info out there. I'd like to do two things with this report, first give my brief(hopefully) feelings on it, then summarize what i've found after many hours of net reading.

As a potential alcoholic with a tendency to get too drunk for the occasion, I find absinthe to be wonderful. I have yet to get drunk from it, as the effects I'm going for come much quicker than with whatever type of _just_ alcohol. Liquid & lucid thought, freedom of conversation, feeling good, social inhibition. All of these come rather quickly for me from the good fairy. And for some reason, I never get wasted, or anything close from drinking it. Maybe that has something to do with the minor hallucinagenic properties of thujone? Certainly hallucinagens tend to battle against loss of consciousness, in many different ways. For the people concerned that it might be harmful, from my experience I would say if you're planning to get wasted once or twice from a dubiously legal alcohol binge, overall there's less poisoning from absinthe. I feel I carry some weight with this argument, as I have a long history of getting uproariously drunk, and quickly.

Also, there's a pretty strong argument out there that the poisoning scares of 'absinthism' are almost entirely due to unscrupulous 'budget' absinthe makers back in the day, who cut every corner they could and would color the final drink green with some horribly toxic chemicals. No proof, but seems highly plausible to me. Somehow the rich people didn't seem to suffer this fate....

As for my summary, I could go one of four routes. I can go to an absinthe bar (they exist in the US), this is guaranteed to be hit or miss. I can order exceptionally expensive bottles on the internet. I'm thinking I get what I pay for, as when I check for high thujone levels, the bottles are high priced. Also, I could lose my money entirely if it gets caught at customs. I have not tried this route. Third, I can brew the simple method, buying the herbs online, and simply soak them in everclear. 20 bucks for the bottle, 10 bucks for the herbs, and I promise you this is as powerful as anything I can buy.....alcohol can only become so saturated by certains oils from herbs. There's no magic they can do to increase that. I just put the herbs in the bottle and let it sit for a few days or weeks, 4 days minimum. Main herb to look for is wormwood. I filter out the herbs from the bottle, use the bottle for mischief, and resoak those partially used herbs in a new bottle, possibly with a fresh herb supply in addition.

Finally, I can do the above method and distill the herb saturated alcohol. This is more involved, but is not nearly as bitter, yet keeps most of the effect. Personally I don't bother coloring the final product, clear fairy to me is just as good as the green. I care nothing for rituals. One can make a still out of some copper pipe, some ice, and a tea kettle. I spent about $80 for the materials, but most of that came from the pipe manipulating tools, which I now have for my toolbox collection and future use.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35425
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 16, 2007Views: 1,140
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Absinthe (4) : General (1), Not Applicable (38)

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